Annual Year End Review 2018

2018 has been the biggest year of growth for me.

I feel like that I’m growing in every aspect of my life as this is the first annual review.

The annual review helps me to plan an upcoming year as well as retrospect the current year.

If you are blogger\entrepreneur or planning to start a business, then I’m damn sure you will learn many things from this annual review.

Now onward, I will continue to write an annual review every year. Like me, I feel that everyone should write an annual review to plan the new year and retrospect the previous year.

Let’s jump in to read my first annual review.

How Growthfunda Started

It was always my dream to start own business & be own BOSS.

To become a good entrepreneur, everyone must know the aspects of ‘MARKETING

So, I started learning Digital marketing after the experiences of my previous 4 business failures.

As said, failures are the key to SUCCESS

Later, I expose to the blogging, content marketing, and affiliate marketing world.

I took a decision to convert my learning, experiences into a new business opportunity. An opportunity that will transform other lives and create awareness about leaving a job-free life by doing online business.

This is how business blog Growthfunda born on 1-Jan-2018 after continuous learning & hard work of 9–10 months 

You can learn more about my entrepreneurial journey prior to 2018 here: Job free life

What Went Well in 2018

#1. Started Blogging

During 2017,I invested 8–9 months of my time, energy, money to implement and launch my blog with 1 post while working in a corporate job.

I choose to self-host my blogging website, Godaddy for a domain name, premium WordPress theme GeneratePress(GP premium) and super-fast WordPress hosting Siteground

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Finally, business blog Growthfunda born and blogging journey started on 1-Jan-2018.

#2. Helping People to Find JOB Free Life

During my corporate life, I found that there are so many people like me struggling for FREEDOM in terms of TIME and MONEY. Everyone is running in a rat race of 9–5 jobs.

So back in the year, I left high paying IT job of Rs 80k without any backup just in pursuit of this FREEDOM.

I started and failed with 4 business, but learn sales, digital marketing, and content writing.

With all these learning I experienced that everyone can live job free life by doing online business, blogging, etc.

It helps me to choose blogging niche as – online business with more focus on quitting 9–5 job.

Throughout the year I have been helping people to identify life beyond 9–5 job & build a business.

Here are the proofs of it

#3. Learned New Skills

2018 was full of learning for me. I focused on investing in self-learning and taking action on those learnings.

I invested in buying some courses from, bought some eBooks, paid seminars and learn the insider strategies from Pro-blogger\Entrepreneurs like this

paid for eBook product success blueprint
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Here is another investment,

This is the same you can do to grow fast.

#4. Identified Multiple Sources of Income

I was fortunate enough to identify multiple sources of income and started working on them.

Some of them are

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Courses etc

#5. New Opportunities

I made an impact through writing. I started writing for publications like, Medium, Quora.

And people appreciating my work. I am getting an invitation to write for other publications, to write for blogs like this

opportunity to write for publication
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This is the beauty of blogging.

#6. Built a Community

Building the community around your business is the best way to grow business.

This was another great thing happened this year.

Around the end of this year, I have created a Facebook community wherein you can connect with many of like-minded folks who are interested in Online Business, Blogging and Escape RAT RACE of 9–5 job.

You can also connect with many other online entrepreneurs, bloggers & discuss your queries\problems with them.

The primary objective of this group is to deliver the value to fellow readers by solving online business, blogging related issues and helping everyone to walk in the right direction.

You can join my Facebook community here – Learn Online Business, Blogging & Escape RAT RACE of 9–5 job

#7. Making Money from Blogging

I fall in love with blogging as my hard work started paying me back from mid of the year.

Till mid of the year with only 4 blog posts & less targeted traffic,I have started making money by promoting an affiliate product.

Now I can say that everyone can make money if work consistently, smartly and invest time, energy on self-learning.

#8. Became a Morning Person

I have been following successful people, influencers, entrepreneurs for a year and found one common in all.

They all are Morning Person.

Early morning hours allow a brain to think actively, which boosts the functioning of the brain and you can keep more a focus on work.

So I decided to invest early morning hours on core work i.e WRITING and I am amazed by the results.

I am finishing core work of 3–4 hrs just within early 1–2 hrs.

I recommend to start reading the book The Morning Miracle and see the results gradually.

#9. Started Reading as a Habit

I found one more secret by following the millionaires,

To become a good entrepreneur, blogger & writer, you must be a good READER

So I invested time and money on buying- Recommended Books to Read, reading blogs, case studies, growth stories.

Reading gives me more clarity in my thoughts and refreshes my mind.

Result:  boost in productivity and concentration.

Pro Tips: To read more

  • Try speed reading
  • Try reading audio books
  • To read web blogs — use bookmarking apps like Instapaper

#10. Made New Connections

Believe me or not, blogging has changed my life from introvert to action taker and it’s sure shot way to transform a life.

Throughout the year I made many new friends, followers, partnerships just due to blogging.

Result: New opportunities everywhere.

#11. Long Family Vacation in @Mysore\Ooty

I was able to spend the long weekends with my family. I completed my long-awaited dream to give Airplane travel experience to my parents.

My dad’s first time traveled by Airplane after spending 64 years of his life.

#12. Addition of New Member

In mid of 2017, I lost my mom but God has filled up that gap by blessing us new baby boy in the first quarter of 2018.

So god is watching everything and keeping the balance of our life.

What Didn’t Go Well in 2018

#1. Unable to Complete Plan

It was my planned to earn a monthly 10k-15k from blogging by year-end, but I am unable to meet that.

As I focused on quality than quantity and given value to the core niche — ‘online business and quitting job’  results in only a few dollars.

I am going to add more value in the coming years and reviews of the only products that I used and helps the community of readers to build\grow an online business.

#2. Failed to Create Courses

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket.

A piece of advice i.e one should not concentrate all energy, efforts, resources, time in one area as one could lose everything.

Hence, I tried to create and launch my Skillshare courses in November-2018 along with the blogging, but unable to complete it due to some technical problems.

I might have another business opportunity if I had launched courses.

#3. Seminar and Speaking Opportunity

Similar to above, I intended to speak at different Workshops\Conferences but unable to find time to work on this.

Now this will be on priority for coming the year 2019.

#4. Demotivation Period & Lost Track

I was demotivated completely and lost momentum during mid of the year because of a time crunch. For around 2 months I have not published any blog post.

I tried to steal morning time from my hectic schedule but it didn’t work well, even I was unable to wake up early in the morning.

I killed demotivation after refreshing my inner mind by reading success stories, growth stories, and books.

#5. Less Importance to the Promotion

Due to the hectic schedule during the year, I was able to focus only on writing than promoting.

Result: Drop-in website traffic.

And it was my biggest mistake.

Suddenly I came across a Brain Dean video wherein he mentioned a secret that one should invest 80% time on promotion and 20% in writing.

Now I realized the importance of promotion hence you may find me promoting more in 2019.

#6. Unable to Automate Social Media

I tried to automate social media channels with tools like Hootsuite & others, but found there are so many features are missing in a free version.

I was not in the mood to invest in paid tools. I thought I can bring the traffic by manually posting & repurposing content, but I failed.

Result: Lost in traffic & followers.

#7. Missed Writing Schedule

The first quarter of 2018 went very well for me, I was consistently writing on Quora but lost the momentum after the 2nd quarter.

Result: Low subscribers, followers count, and targeted traffic.

Now I found the hack of writing consistently

  • Use the Pomodoro Technique.
  • Write at least 300-500 words.
  • Content repurpose and republish.

#8. Wasted Time on Admin Work

I was comparing my blog design with so many other bloggers and sooner wanted to implement a similar kind of design for my blog.

I have wasted some crucial time trying different plugins to change blog designing, layout.

This is another biggest mistake I can see that many newbie bloggers are doing.

Later I realized that I could have given this time to promotion and writing more content.

Learning: Don’t compare your blog with others, focus on content.

What Are the Plans for 2019

#1. Scale Growthfunda to Next Level

This is one of the top priorities for 2019.

With the help of guest posting, social media tool and networking I’m planning to scale Growthfunda to the next level.

My plan is to set Growthfunda as an authority blog in business and one-stop solution to the reader’s problem: Rate Race of 9–5 Job

#2. Plan for Speaking Opportunity

I‘m planning to speak at several workshops, meetups, conferences and conduct workshops.

This way my plan is to reach the community who is not aware of the online business opportunity and just doing a traditional job.

#3. Educate Community

As said one should not put all things in one basket so I’m planning to diversify Growthfunda & business across different verticals.

I may launch some products like e-Books, Freebie to educate community along with

  • Consulting
  • Courses
  • Brand partnership, etc.

#4. Grow Social Media & Community

Later during the Black Friday 2018 deal, I missed a lifetime deal on automation tool SocialBee but in the last hours, I found another tool PromoRepublic and worth to grab.

Now I’m happy to automate Social media & grow all-important channels in the coming days.

#5. Add More Passive Sources

During this 1 year of blogging, I realized that the Internet is full of opportunities to live a laptop lifestyle.

So planning to add different monetization methods on Growthfunda as well as other passive sources of income to diversify business and reduce the potential bigger risk of failure.

#6. Focus on Networking

I have already added a new category on Growthfunda called Growth Stories wherein I’m interviewing big bloggers, entrepreneurs, influencers.

I  am planning to continue working on this as a networking opportunity and give a new experience to readers.

This way, readers will also get to know about different business ideas, insider tips\tricks.

I want to become

  • Business coach/mentor: who educate the community about an online business opportunity.
  • Consultant: who helps people to move out of the Rat Race of 9–5 jobs.
  • Affiliate Marketer: It excites me when I am seeing SMS\Email saying that $$ has been credited to your account. So I want to make money on autopilot like this.
  • Internet Entrepreneur: A successful Internet entrepreneur who is having multiple online businesses.

That’s it for the day.

I hope you guys love reading my annual review.

What About Your Annual Review?

I am thrilled to start 2019, let’s see how many resolutions I can complete. I expect your support for making 2019 super excited.

By the way,

  • What are your resolutions for next year?
  • How was your year 2018?
  • What did you learn?
  • Have you written an annual review, I would love to hear your annual review?
  • What do you want to become?

If you enjoyed reading this article, kindly leave your thoughts in the comments and share it. Your share is extremely helpful to spread our message and help others like you.


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