18 Benefits of Side Hustle That Will Blow Your Mind

Everyone knows Side hustles benefits to earn extra money, but the benefits of Side Hustles are beyond that. Be it personal, professional life, Side hustles benefits in every area.

And its obvious thought that may come to everyone’s mind What are the benefits of Side Hustles?”

So in this post, I have listed several benefits of the Side hustle that you should not ignore.

In fact, these benefits answer the question,“Why a side hustle is important?” and gives you insights, “Why you should think of stating side hustles with a full-time job?”.

If you are not sure “What does side hustle mean?”, then let’s understand it.

What is Side Hustle?

Well, many individuals are still don’t know what is side hustle. They think of it as a side business, a part-time job. So let me help you understand the definition of side hustles.

Side hustles are actually any sort of different work you do apart from the day job to gain monetary benefits, satisfaction. Side hustles are often things that one passionate about apart form day job.

For example, suppose you are a full-time working engineer, and over the weekend you coach people about Yoga. So Yoga is the side hustle that helps you get monetary (financial) benefits.

Hope you got the point.

Still if not, then here is the detailed post you should refer to:

Now let’s jump into the core topic.

Benefits of Side Hustle You Should Not Ignore

1. Extra Cash & Income

Who doesn’t love passive income?

Side hustles are a great source of extra cash. You can use this extra income as a backup during your emergency time, to pay off bills, monthly expenses, and many more ways. So you should try to emphasize building side hustles Today.

Many a time, income from a day job is not sufficient and there is no security of Job these days. So everyone should have at least one side hustles along with a day job.

That’s what I teach in my course Side Hustle Beta.

You should focus on growing this Side Hustles so that you can earn more extra income.

2. Financial Goals

Throughout life, we all have some financial goals that can’t be fulfilled with just a job, so you should parallelly have a Side hustle to achieve these financial goals.

I have seen so many Side hustler who was doing part-time blogging like me and now achieved Financial goals with multiple Side hustles.

That’s the beauty of Side Hustles.

3. Help to Build Dreams

Wondering how Side Hustle benefits to building dreams?

Suppose, buying a home is your dream. But do you think you can buy a luxurious house as per your need in a metro city with the only Job as a primary source of income?

NO, definitely you are not.

You may end up applying for a loan and find that your salary does not fulfill the Loan criteria, you may have to compromise on the House, Locality, etc. Or you may need extra cash.

That’s the real challenge I also faced.

That’s where Side Hustle benefits come into the picture. You can simply pull out some cash from your side hustle when you need it.

4. Side Jobs

Side hustles can be a perfect side job too. Let’s assume you are working full time for 6 hours a day. That means you still have around 3 hours a day to do something apart from the Job.

Either, you can do a part-time job or learn something new from your day job skills. These secondary job skills are the backup for your primary job skills.

Assuming you master this game, definitely you are going to 10X your growth. And with Side Hustles, you probably gonna learn so many new skills.

5. Increase Your Creativity & Skills

Side Hustles provides an Outlet for Creativity. Trust me, due to the Blogging side hustle, my creativity has increased a lot.

I can think creatively, talk creatively, plan creatively.

I have learned so many different creative things due to side hustle, Blogging.

For example, Graphics design using Canva, Writing, Storytelling, Content Marketing, etc.

This is how Side Hustle help to learn new skills and build creativity every day.

I know you are with me on this, Correct?

6. Finding Purpose & Meaning

You are doing a job because you have some purpose, like fulfill dreams, earning respect, money, improve skills.

Similarly, a side hustle can benefit you to develop a sense of purpose. The side hustle purpose can be anything like as a backup to day job, fulfill dreams, develop new skills, build a new passive source of income, etc.

This is how the benefits of Side hustle can play a major role in developing a new sense of purpose.

7. Bring You New Opportunities

Side hustle brings new opportunities to the table. This will help in networking and eventually, it helps to 10X your growth and business.

Don’t believe me?

Look at the below screenshot. I got an invitation from a popular Singapore based publication to contribute to their platform.

opportunity to write for medium.com publication
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That’s the beauty of Side Hustle.

8. Peace Of Mind, Happiness, & Relieve Stress

The satisfaction that gets after pursuing Side hustle goals is unlimited.

I know how joyful it was when I finished & launched my Side Hustle course, Side Hustle Beta. It gave me Peace of Mind and relieved my stress from the day job and busy routine.

side hustle benefits as stressfree life
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Directly, indirectly it helps me to grow and keep my momentum high to achieve other side hustle goals.

9. Boost Confidence

Just because of side hustle achievements, nowadays I can walk, talk and network with people confidently.

I have changed a lot since Side hustle helped me to look at life from a different perspective.

It helps me to increase my confidence. I can say that everyone should Start Side Hustle as it’s a capsule for your growth.

10. Work Life Balance

As I mentioned Side hustle gives a kind of FREEDOM. In a traditional job you have to trade time as per your job, & employer commitments towards fulfilling daily targets.

Contradictory, Side hustle benefits in maintaining the Work-life balance that you don’t get in a day job.

Once you settle in Side Hustle, there are chances that you will start loving your day job. The reason is, you are getting extra income and now you can manage both Job and Side Hustles.

You can spend time with your family, friends, take a break, hang out on vacation as you want. A side hustle is a perfect medicine to Work-Life Balance problems.

11. Growth

In job life, you think only in one direction as Job is running your life. You learn skills that are limited to your job only. (I’m not talking about the skills like Speaking, Communication that everyone develops in the traditional job)

Contradictory, side hustles give ample opportunity to work on many different skills. So you get exposure to learn networking, email communication, learn totally different systems, business, you may get exposure to sales, marketing, and many more skills.

12. Help to Make New Friends & Increase Network

The broader your network, the broader your growth. Be a businessman or professional, everyone knows that networking helps in growth.

Just because of my Blogging side hustle I got a chance to network with the pro bloggers, marketers. I made so many new friends from different geography and it expanded my network.

Whenever I need any help, I just get in touch with my buddy network friends.

Due to Side hustles, opportunities will come to you. This is how hustles bring back new professional connections.

13. Income Security

The important benefit of a side hustle is financial freedom. Yes, it allows you to hit financial goals quicker. Multiple sources of income give you stability and income security. This helps in income diversification.

Once you are making consistent money from side hustles, you can use this money towards your entrepreneurial endeavors. Further, you can invest this money to expand the side hustle idea.

Once you settled and scale one side idea, try next. By doing this you can build back up to side hustles.

14. Bring You New Passion

As mentioned earlier, Side hustles relieve stress and provide peace of mind. Once you are consistent and see the results from Side Hustles, it will automatically develop a passion.

Believe me or not, since I’m working on this blog Growthfunda, I’m very much inclined towards it and it’s led me to develop a new passion, which is Blogging.

This is how Side Hustles helps in creating & discovering new passions.

15. Backup to Career, Finances, & Life

Another major benefit of starting side hustles is a Backup. It provides extra security and backup to the career, finance, and life.

benefits of side hustle
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When you face any issues in a career, there are chances that your career, finances, and life may go into the vein. That’s where income from your side hustle acts as a backup to your life and helps to recover from the worst situation.

16.  Help to Move Out of Comfort Zone

Today, the majority of working professionals are living in Comfort Zone. And that where are stuck into the RAT RACE of 9-5 Job.

On the other side, if you start a side hustle along with Job, you get a new perspective of life to live and work.

Side Hustle keeps you moving ahead, so you did not have time to go into Comfort Zone. As mentioned above, you learn new skills every day, you build passion so Side Hustle triggers a motivation to work on it.

17. Develop Foundation for Entrepreneurship

There is no educational system in the world that will help you to develop entrepreneurial skills.

That’s where Side hustles play an important role. During the Side Hustle journey, you may get exposure to touch so many aspects like managing time, resources, appointing tools and systems, utilization of finances, marketing, sales, communication.

All these new skills are the value added to your existing skills and act as a base when you plan an entrepreneurial journey.

Means, Side hustle benefits directly in building the foundation of Entrepreneurship.

18. Helps To Quit Job

I know now how risky and difficult it is to directly jump into the Business while working full time in job. So starting a Side hustle is the perfect step towards quitting your job.

You can test the side hustle ideas while working in 9-5 jobs. Once you find the perfect side hustle, you can run it like a part-time small side business and grow it to the point where you can replace a full-time job.

This is how you can mitigate the risk involved in being an entrepreneur and starting a business.

Note: Don’t be in a hurry to start & jump into the business until you find that you can live with the help of a side hustle. You can start Side hustle parallelly, test the idea, look for the results, and make the decision to quit a job. That is what I  recommend based on my experience.

Moreover, if you are not sure where, how to start a side hustle, what it is, what are different money-making side hustles opportunities there, do check out my course Side Hustle Beta (This is a perfect beginners course)


It’s very difficult and risky to start entrepreneurship while working full time in 9-5 Job.

The Side hustles offer you plenty of benefits that help to eventually escape the rat race. Side Hustle is the value addition in case you are doing it along with day job. In that case, Side hustles help you to land new opportunities and act as a backup to your Job.

Moreover, Side hustle benefits you to give freedom, money, peace of mind, confidence & grow you personally and professionally.

So one should not ignore these benefits of side hustles and start husting today.

  • Do you see any more benefits of hustling?
  • What are your thoughts on these benefits?

I would love to hear back from you.

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  1. Amol,

    I have seen many successful bloggers today, started their blogging as side hustle. Later, that helps them to free from their hectic 9 to 5 lifestyle and gives the financial freedom. You have nailed more articles and shared helpful resources about it in your recent posts. Great!

  2. Mark Henry says:


    Side hustle with real interest and passion triggers one to explore their inner abilities and skills. Making money is of course, the added advantage. Glad to see you motivating others to get started with their side hustles.

  3. It really give financial freedom. Side Hustle is a new term for me too but you define it very clearly. It is need for every person. Nice Knowledgeable Blog Amol.

    1. Thanks, Mitesh. Side hustle benefits to financial freedom and more than that it allows you to land on be own boss journey. So everyone should grasp these Side Hustle benefits and take action to grow.