Best WordPress Hosting Provider In India and Siteground Review

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And, do you have questions like below?

  • How to choose Web hosting service provider?
  • What to look for in a Web Host?
  • Which hosting is best hosting for blog?
  • Which hosting is best for WordPress in India?
  • Which is the best hosting provider for WordPress in India?
  • Which is the best blogging hosts?

And, you stumbled upon so many web hosting reviews and comparing many top web hosting companies in India with others. 

Then, this post will help you to select a WordPress hosting provider.

I’ve divided this post into two parts, to select the best web host in India.

  1. Guide on WordPress hosting and multiple hosting providers reviews.
  2. Siteground Review.

Part 1. Guide to WordPress hosting

How to Choose Web Hosting Service Provider & Decide Which is Best WordPress Hosting in India

To choose the best web hosting for WordPress in India you need to understand

1. Vital Factors of Best WordPress Hosting India

The main factors of the best WordPress hosting for blog & business

  • Server speed – Google recommends server speed around 200 ms.
  • Server uptime – 99.99% uptime needed.
  • Price – Affordable. Not too high.
  • Customer support – 24*7, Fast, Less waiting time.
  • Server location – Multiple.
  • Backup option – Must.
  • Bandwidth and Storage – Should be as per your need or unlimited.
  • Number of websites – Multiple.
  • Robust servers – Solid State Drives (SSD) than usual HDDs.
  • Check reputation – Must have good reviews and a good reputation in the WordPress hosting provider industry.
  • SSL – Must.
  • Easy site builder – Integration with WordPress and other CMS must be available.

2. How I Selected Best WordPress Hosting

Since Childhood, I have been observing Godaddy Ads on many local TV channels, Newspapers, etc.

Hence I was under impression that Godaddy is the Best Web Host in India.

Due to this even I did not check the reviews of other best hosting companies in India to build a website.

That’s where I got trapped. I made a mistake by selecting the Godaddy WordPress hosting plan without checking the Godaddy Reviews.

Later I switched to the best hosting for WordPress in India. i.e. Siteground. (Link)

For newbies like you, I have listed down below how to select the best hosting for WordPress in India.

3. What to Look for in a Web Host Provider in India?

A. Know Your Web Hosting Needs

  • No. of websites you want to host.
  • Type of Website you are building. i.e. Blog, Online Store, Business website.
  • Essential hosting features.
  • E-commerce features and support.
  • SSL and CDN availability.
  • Speed, Bandwidth, Security.
  • Storage space.
  • Backup feature.
  • Types of Web Hosting you need. i.e. Shared, VPS, Dedicated hosting for WordPress.

B. Check Benefit You Are Getting in WordPress Hosting packages

  • Speed (SSD storage hosting is best), Price, Performance in terms of load time
  • Price & Renewal price
  • Plan upgrade options
  • Customer support
  • Server uptime & response time
  • Bandwidth, storage
  • Security features
  • Add-on offers like unlimited storage and bandwidth, free SSL certificate, free domain name.

C. Understand How WordPress Hosting Pricing Works

Let me ask you one question,

Q. Is free Web hosting Good?

If you don’t know then here is the answer.

If you choose free WordPress hosting, it will cause you more money down the line.

Wondering how? 

Read this.

Initially, you will not face any problem with the cheapest WordPress hosting but as soon as your Website traffic goes up, this cheap WordPress hosting and free WordPress hosting will hamper the speed, performance.

During downtime even if you raise a support ticket with free best web hosting sites in India they won’t be able to UP your Website quickly.


You may lose potential Website visitors and business.

Note: Here the cheap hosting companies which I’m referring are the one, who sell hosting in very cheap pricing like $1-$2 per month and have very poor infrastructure.

So if you want to invest in cheap web hosting then at least choose the BEST cheap hosting provider.  To help you out refer this guide on the BEST cheapest WordPress hosting that I’m using here on Growthfunda.

And also understand how pricing of the best WordPress Hosting provider in India works.

How Web Hosting Pricing Works

Web hosting charges in India depends on what you choose.

Some best WordPress hosting in India will offer you Domain name, SSL certificate, Speed booster, Backup services, Website migration as an Add-Ons, that increase the Web Hosting Pricing.

But, some good hosting provider like Siteground offers few of these Add-Ons as a FREE of cost.

Hence, you must choose the best WordPress hosting provider in India wisely.

Disclosure: Some links mentioned in this post are affiliate links which mean that I may receive a little bit of commission if you make a purchase from this page. It won’t cost you anything extra but you get amazing deals and discounts.

How to Get WordPress Hosting Discount

I used the below strategies to get the cheapest WordPress hosting & discount on Siteground Hosting.

1. Buy for a longer duration

I bought a web hosting plan for 2 years to save money on next year’s renewal prices.

Pro Tip: Choose a hosting plan for a longer duration to lock the pricing & save money on next year’s renewal.

2. Negotiate

Post negotiation Siteground offered me a discount of $1 on monthly prices. This is how I closed the deal with Siteground strongest sales team.

Pro Tip: Offer some greed to a salesperson while on the Chat. i.e Tell them upfront that if they provide a discount you will buy Web hosting for longer duration & paying right now.

3. Festival offer\ Black Friday\ Anniversary day

Look for offers during the festival season like Labor day, Black Friday.

4. Look for the discount from bloggers, entrepreneur or organization

Check if you can find the coupon, discount from bloggers, marketers, or organizations who are affiliated partner with these hosting companies.

Get 60% Off on Siteground[Limited Period OFFER]

What Are Different Types of WordPress Hosting in India

Don’t be confused with so many different types of WordPress hosting while choosing the best WordPress hosting in India.

I have explained each type of hosting for you here.

  • Reseller Hosting – A type of Web hosting wherein owners have provision to use allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties.
  • Dedicated Hosting \ Managed Hosting – WordPress hosting service providers offer Dedicated Hosting plans where you can host a website on an entire server not shared with anyone else with FULL control on servers, choice of OS, etc.
  • Shared WordPress Hosting – This is a cheap WordPress hosting where many websites reside on ONE web server connected to the Internet. You can choose a plan like Web Hosting, Linux Hosting, and Windows Hosting & Managed WordPress Hosting.
  • VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server) – Virtual machine sold as a service by WordPress hosting provider. A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and customers have super user-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS.
  • Cloud Hosting  WordPress Web hosting on virtual servers.
  • Collocation – Here you have to purchase your own server and host it at a web host’s facilities.
  • Clustered hosting – Hosting on multiple servers to increase reliability and performance.
  • Enterprise Hosting – If you run a custom server then this is the most suitable solution.

FAQ on Best WordPress Hosting Provider in India

How WordPress hosting is different from regular web hosting?  Or What is the difference between WordPress hosting and Web hosting?

Web hosting is a shared hosting designed for different types of users who host simple HTML based websites, Joomla websites, custom PHP, Ruby-based scripts, etc on shared web hosts.

WordPress hosting is for WordPress based users and website owners.

Why to choose WordPress?

It’s most widely used Content management system in the World.

What is WordPress hosting?

 As mentioned above it is for WordPress users and website owners.

What kind of website I can create on WordPress?

All types of websites like blogs, e-commerce, business, social, etc.

Is migrating WordPress website to another host possible?

Yes, you can. Most of the best WordPress hosting sites offer migration from other hosting providers.

Should you pick local WordPress hosting providers or Global hosting providers?

It depends upon your need.

Can I upgrade my WordPress hosting plan?


Can I add more WordPress installations to an existing plan?

Yes, you can.

Can I use an external email service with WordPress Hosting?


Will WordPress be updated automatically?

Yes, if you choose an automatic update option in your hosting provider settings.

Is there a money back period for WordPress Hosting?

Most of the best web hosting companies in India provide 30 days money back period

Is multisite supported with WordPress hosting?

Yes, you can host multiple WordPress sites on one server with the same WordPress hosting but it depends on the WordPress hosting plan and best web hosting company.

e.g. Siteground offer an unlimited website with Siteground GrowBig and Siteground Go Geek plan.

Can I access the cPanel for my hosting plan?

Yes. You need to register and buy a hosting plan to get access for cPanel.

How to use cPanel for WordPress hosting?

You need to login into your admin dashboard once you purchase hosting in order to use cPanel.

Is an SSL certificate included with the WordPress hosting plan?

Some top web hosting companies like Siteground offers FREE SSL certificate with all plan but some India best-hosting companies do not offer SSL certificate.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

Hosting where you can host a website on entire server not shared with others.

Where to find the cheapest WordPress hosting in India?

You can look for a coupon or list of cheapest hosting services in India from the Internet.

Why Web Hosting Speed Is So Important

Website hosting speed is important to user experience as well as for SEO.

According to Moz, Google has indicated that site speed is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages.

Hence for good speed, you must invest in the fastest hosting in India with good uptime.

You should run a Website Speed Test to check Website speed with your best WordPress hosting provider.

Alternatively, you can refer to this guide to get 100% GTMetrix, Google Page Speed Score

Harsh Truth About Top Web Hosting Companies in World

Who Owns Best Hosting Companies?

Most of the top hosting companies now owned by the same horrible company known as Endurance Industrial Group (EIG).

You must NOT invest in EIG group of companies because they have poor hardware shared among lots of subsidiary companies to cut the cost.

Below are the web hosting companies list that owned by Endurance Industrial Group as mentioned on Wiki page.

List of EIG brand hosting companies
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You can see most of the best hosting provider for WordPress in India like BlueHost, HostGator, ResellerClub, BigRock are now owned by EIG.

Therefore, you must avoid buying web hosting from EIG companies even though they are offering discounted prices.

Non EIG Hosting Brands Best hosting in India for WordPress

Here are best hosting in India for WordPress which are Non EIG brands that you should consider

  • Siteground – Superfast speed, excellent support, 99.99% guaranteed uptime.
  • A2 Hosting – Reasonable price with fast reliable service.
  • Hostinger – Lots of server location selection options.
  • InMotion Hosting – Fast service.

Which is Best WordPress Hosting in India

After reading the above fact about EIG companies, it’s the best option to buy Siteground WordPress Hosting.

I’m using Siteground WordPress hosting since last 1.5 yrs and never face any problem hence I can proudly say that Siteground is the best hosting for WordPress in India.

You can read the detailed Siteground WordPress hosting review mentioned below in this post and click below to get Siteground discount.

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Web hosting comparison to find best WordPress hosting

Siteground Review

Only, one word is sufficient to describe Siteground “Excellent, super fast speed, 99.99% guaranteed uptime”

  • Service – Excellent.
  • Price – $3.95/mo.
  • Customer support – Excellent support with Chat, Phone, Email.
  • SSL certificate – FREE.
  • Server speed – Best.
  • Add-on features – No.
  • Siteground Website migration – Free


  • Not a part of EIG companies.
  • Best uptime and speed in the industry.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Free transfer for existing website to Siteground.
  • Free SSL.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Higher renewal pricing.

Here is a quick help to find “Which hosting plan to buy from Siteground”

Check Siteground hosting plans (60% Off)

Bluehost Review for Hosting Website

Bluehost is an older hosting player. Earlier they were best hosting companies in the World but now Bluehost owned by EIG. Since then Bluehost performance has downgraded. I am not saying that they are bad but it is not the best hosting provider.

Bluehost pays $65 commission to the affiliate marketers or anyone who refers customers and brings signup. Hence you will see Bluehost recommendation, Banner ads all over the internet.

  • Service – Average. Not better than Siteground.
  • Price – $3.95/mo for Shared WordPress hosting + Free Domain
  • Customer support – Chat, Phone, Email.
  • SSL certificate – FREE for 1st year.
  • Server speed – Average.
  • Add-on features – No.
  • Bluehost Website migration – Paid.


  • Good disk space.
  • Free Domain.
  • 30-day money back Guarantee.


  • Expensive than other web hosting service providers in India.
  • Part of EIG companies.
  • Downtime issue

Bluehost Which Plan is Best?

Bluehost Choice Plus is the best Bluehost plan compared to other best shared hosting India plans. Bluehost Choice Plus, Bluehost Plus, Bluehost Choice Pro plan offers many features as unlimited.

Inmotion Hosting Review

Inmotion is another best WordPress hosting service in India and not apart of EIG companies.

Also, Inmotion is far better than Bluehost, Hostgator & other best hosting provider for WordPress.

  • Service – Better than Bluehost and Hostgator.
  • Price – Costly $7.65/mo.
  • Customer support – Good with Email, Chat, Phone support.
  • SSL certificate – FREE.
  • Server speed – Good.
  • Add-on features – $250 Ad credit from Google and Bing, Unlimited Email Account, Free WordPress themes.
  • Website migration – Free website migration.


  • Not a part of EIG companies.
  • Good disk space, Free Domain.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • WordPress Pre Installed.


  • Expensive than other web hosting provider.

When to buy Inmotion Hosting India

If you want a reliable hosting with good customer service then Inmotion is next best WordPress hosting provider in India.

Dreamhost Web Hosting Review

You may NOT find so many Dreamhost reviews because Dreamhost pricing is higher.

Dreamhost is not a part of EIG companies hence you can buy hosting from Dreamhost.

  • Service – Best.
  • Price – $2.59/mo + one free domain hosting with the basic package.
  • Customer support – Email, Chat, Phone.
  • SSL certificate – FREE but you need to purchase dedicated IP ($5.95 per month)
  • Server speed – Good.
  • Add-on features –Free privacy protection.
  • Dreamhost Website migration – Paid.


  • Great customer service with response time of 3-6 hours.
  • Not a part of EIG companies.
  • 97-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Unlimited data storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited website.


  • Complex control panel.

When to buy Dreamhost

If they would have offered a cheap hosting plan then you can buy Dreamhost WordPress hosting.

iPage Review

iPage is the oldest WordPress hosting in India which offers quality server, good service but now part of EIG companies.

  • Service – Good.
  • Price – $3.75/mo + Free Domain.
  • Customer support – Chat, Phone, Email.
  • SSL certificate – FREE.
  • Server speed – Good.
  • Add-on features – Photo galleries (Gallery2, ZenPhoto, etc),Forums (Gbook, phpBB, SMF, etc)
  • iPage Website migration – Paid.


  • iPage India offers to host at $1.99/mo if you buy for 2 years with 1 year domain registration.
  • Unlimited disk space and email ids.
  • 30-day Money-Back guarantee.
  • Free Domain, Free online store builder.


  • No cPanel instead, they have custom software, called vDeck.
  • Part of EIG companies.
  • Renewal cost is comparatively high.

When to buy iPage

Buy if you want to start an e-commerce website with drag and drop website builder.

Hostgator Hosting for WordPress

Hostgator is cheap hosting with WordPress, which any beginner can opt. Quality of Hostgator has been degraded since they are part of EIG companies.

Don’t you trust me?

Then read this Hostgator review by famous website

  • Service – Average.
  • Price – Rs 399/mo for Hostgator hosting plans in India.
  • Customer support – Chat, Phone, Email.
  • SSL certificate – Paid.
  • Server speed – Average.
  • Add-on features – Mojo Marketplace, Jetpack Plugin.
  • Hostgator Website migration – Paid.
  • Control Panel – Complex.


  • Hostgator managed WordPress hosting with unlimited email accounts.


  • Part of EIG companies.
  • NO money back Guarantee.

When to buy Hostgator

If you are a beginner and looking for the cheapest WordPress hosting in India then buy Hostgator. (Do not expect good service)

Hostmonster Hosting

Hostmonster is unheard WordPress hosting in India & part of EIG companies. Hostmonster hosting plans start at $4.95/mo with a FREE domain name and $100 Ad credits from Google and Bing.

  • Service – Average.
  • SSL certificate – Paid.
  • Server speed – Average.

Hostpapa Hosting Review

Hostpapa offers cheap hosting plans in India, as you can build TWO websites in the basic plan.

  • Service – Good.
  • Price – Rs. 2400 per year ($37)
  • Customer support – Chat, Phone, Email.
  • SSL certificate – FREE.
  • Server speed – Average.
  • Add-on features – Jetpack security.
  • Hostpapa Website migration – Paid.
  • Control Panel – Complex.


  • Low-cost as it allows 2 website in single WordPress hosting plan.
  • Not a part of EIG companies
  • 100 GB storage, 100 email account.
  • FREE website transfer & domain.


  • Paid backup plan with the server location only in Toronto.

Namecheap Hosting Review

Namecheap India is the best domain name provider. But do you know with this cheapest web hosting service in India, you can host three websites in a single plan.

  • Service – Better than Bigrock & Godaddy.
  • Price – Rs 198.73/month + Free domain with all plans.
  • Customer support – Good with Ticket, Chat.
  • SSL certificate – FREE for 1st year.
  • Server speed – Good, not better.
  • Add-on features – Free Who Is Guard support for one year.
  • Namecheap Website migration – Manually.


  • Not a part of EIG companies.
  • Good disk space.
  • Free Domain, cheapest hosting plans in India


  • Only 14-day money back Guarantee.
  • Renewal is expensive.

Bigrock Hosting Review

Part of EIG companies but better than Godaddy.

Best for small bloggers who are looking for a domain name and hosting with all unlimited features.

  • Service – If you ask me Bigrock vs Godaddy then Bigrock is a winner here.
  • Price – Rs 249/mo + Free Domain.
  • Customer support – Bigrock Chat, Phone, Email.
  • SSL certificate price Bigrock – Paid.
  • Server speed – Slow.
  • Add-on features – Good Bigrock website builder
  • BigRock Website migration – No.


  • Better service with everything unlimited.
  • Bigrock dedicated server.


  • Downtime issue.
  • Part of EIG companies.
  • Higher price than the biggest competitor hosting prices Godaddy.

Godaddy Hosting Review

Godaddy is leader domain name provider hence its best to ONLY  buy domain name from Godaddy India hosting NOT web hosting service.

I have migrated the website from Godaddy to Siteground. I have explained below how to migrate a website from Godaddy to Siteground.

  • Service – Good.
  • Price – Rs 1200/yr.
  • Customer support – Waiting time for ticket resolution is 24 hours with high waiting over Chat.
  • SSL certificate – Paid.
  • Server speed – Slow to average.
  • Add-on features – No.
  • Godaddy Website migration – Manual.
  • Control Panel – Good.


  • Best for non-technical people.
  • Cheap Godaddy hosting plans, Free Domain.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Not a part of EIG companies.


  • Unreliable servers & slow speed.
  • Worst customer support.
  • Downtime issue.

Hostinger Review

Hostinger business hosting plan offers cheap and best web hosting services in India.

The positive side of Hostinger is that they offer a wide selection of server locations and not EIG hosting brand, hence you can buy hosting from Hostinger.

  • Service – Best.
  • Price – Rs 45/mo for Shared WordPress hosting + Free Domain.
  • Customer support – Chat.
  • SSL certificate – FREE only for premium & business plan.
  • Server speed – Best as 8 data center servers available.
  • Add-on features – No.
  • Hostinger website migration – Manual with little help from Hostinger.


  • Provide many features with web hosting at a low price.
  • Cheap domain prices.
  • User-friendly cPanel.
  • Eight data centers offer good website speed.


  • Low support.
  • Increase prices during renewal.

A2 Hosting Review

They are equal, closer to Siteground and best Siteground alternatives with very affordable prices.

A2 Hosting India Features

  • Service – Best with Free Solid State Drives (SSD) and anytime money-back guarantee (Key fact)
  • Unlimited space, unlimited websites & bandwidth.
  • Free & easy site transfer.
  • Server speed & uptime – Great impressive with typical Time-To-First-Byte below 550-ms. and 99.9% uptime.
  • Price – Rs 270.15/mo ($3.92/mo) with a free domain.
  • Customer support – Best 24/7/365 Support with Chat, Phone, Email.
  • Add-on features – No.
  • SSL certificate -Free.
  • A2 hosting website migration -Free.


  • Non EIG brand
  • Unlimited space & bandwidth, free Domain, unlimited Website.
  • Choice of four different server locations.
  • Anytime money back Guarantee.
  • Strong uptime records.


  • Nothing.

After Siteground I would love to buy A2 Hosting in the near future and here are the reasons for the same.

When to buy A2 Hosting

If you are looking for Siteground alternatives with a lower price then A2 hosting is a perfect choice.

Grab A2Hosting at 66% discounted price here

WPX Hosting Review

If you are ready to spend more money and need excellent speed then you MUST buy WPX hosting. You can host up to five websites in the basic plan.

  • Service – Super to excellent.
  • Price – $24.99/mo with NO price increase on plan renewal (Key fact)
  • Customer support – Excellent 24*7.
  • SSL certificate – Free.
  • Server speed – Excellent high-speed, custom CDN.
  • Add-on features – Free CDN, Staging Area, Email, Manual Backups, DDoS Protection, Malware Scanning & Removal, PHP 7.X, HTTPS/2.
  • WPX Website Migration – Free unlimited site migration.


  • No price increase on plan renewal.
  • Unlimited site migration, unlimited email address.
  • Not acquired by EIG.


  • Average support.

Check WPX hosting plans

Best WordPress Hosting for Bloggers

  • Siteground: Siteground WordPress Shared hosting plan & Cloud hosting is best hosting for WordPress bloggers who are willing to start multiple websites. Reliable, fast, excellent speed and support.
  • A2 Hosting: Cheaper price with unlimited Space, unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth than Siteground and best Siteground hosting alternatives for Bloggers. Cheaper than Siteground, best Siteground alternative.
  • WPX Hosting: It is for pro-blogger who have multiple online business and high budget. WPX hosting offers so many add-ons with superfast excellent speed. Superfast, costly as compare other web hosting but no price increase on renewal.
  • Inmotion Hosting: Better than Bluehost with reliable hosting & good customer, service.
  • WPEngine: This is not for beginners due to high pricing. An established business, marketer, pro-blogger can opt this excellent WPEngine hosting for good speed and Enterprise level WordPress hosting.

Best WordPress Hosting For Small Business

  • Siteground
  • A2 Hosting
  • WPX Hosting

Reliable WordPress Hosting Companies

  • Siteground
  • A2Hosting
  • WPX Hosting
  • InMotion Hosting
  • WPEngine

Part 2. Siteground Review 

Siteground Hosting Review – Best Hosting for WordPress in India

Who Owns Siteground Hosting

Siteground is an independent web hosting company based in Bulgaria, founded in 2004.

They serve users worldwide with Data Centers in London, Chicago, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

Also, Siteground is very active in the community events and they have positioned themselves as “well-crafted” hosting solutions.

Why Siteground Hosting is Different

After reading the above fact about EIG Hosting companies in the world, I recommend trying Siteground WordPress hosting.

This best hosting for WordPress in India has set the new standard when it comes to features, customer service, performance, support quality, and flexibility.

Siteground best hosting for WordPress offers excellent technology to improve the speed with 4 data center locations, free SSL and PHP 7 (upgrading as per the latest trend).

They have 2 million+ domains hosted.

And did you know?

Siteground is now officially recommended by WordPress.Org.

Siteground is wordpress official partner
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Why I (And Everyone) Loved Siteground WordPress Hosting

Initially, I used Godaddy WordPress hosting but after Godaddy worst support, and poor speed exercise, I migrated Godaddy hosting to Siteground.

Not only pro-bloggers but also many small users also suggest Siteground.

Siteground hosting is different from other hosting companies.

Here is how people around the globe love Siteground quick support.

Siteground support is awesome
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This is what I love about Siteground along with speed.

Is this Support you want?

Click here to get Siteground (60% OFF)


Siteground Features

Here are more pro features of Siteground

Siteground uptime

Siteground Speed Test Results – 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Siteground server response time

Fastest response time across ALL web hosts I have dealt with. For some location like the US, the response time is as low as 1ms.

Free Website hosting migration

SG optimizer plugin

Siteground has developed in house technology Supercacher to add several layers of caching. This results in faster loading of the Website.

Along with this, Siteground uses Speed technologies like below

  • Cloudflare CDN (content delivery network).
  • Supercacher.
  • SSDs (solid-state drives) than HDDs (hard-disk drives).
  • NGINX to boost your site loading time.
  • HTTP/2 enabled servers or boosting the performance of HTTPS websites.
  • PHP 7-  Siteground is always using the latest version of PHP.

Siteground support and customer service

24*7 hours day support with Zero hold time for both phone & chat support. For support tickets 10-minute wait for replies.

Control panel

cPanel is quite easy to use with one-click installation of WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla.

Upgrading options

Upgrading option available to Cloud Hosting & Dedicated Servers.

Free SSL certificate

Security features

  • Free automatic daily backup.
  • Use of AI platform to prevent all malicious bots.
  • Datacenter security and hack Alert.
  • Anti-malware protection.


Siteground has four Data Centers (London, Chicago, Amsterdam, and Singapore) at three continents (North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific region) that means you have more flexibility.

Additional Siteground features

  • GZIP/Brotli Compression.
  • SFTP Access.
  • Dedicated WordPress support.
  • Server-side optimizations.
  • Email management.
  • GIT integration, WP-CLI integration, among others.
  • WordPress and Joomla tool kits for all websites.
  • Premium support option.

Who should try Siteground

Siteground hosting is best for everyone i.e. from newbie bloggers to established business. Siteground Shared hosting plan for WordPress is popular all over the web.

Siteground FAQ

Does Siteground offer free domain name?


Do you need to transfer your domain to Siteground?

No, you need not have to transfer your domain to Siteground. You can configure any outside domain name with the Siteground hosting.

How to find Siteground nameserver? What are Siteground nameservers?

To use your existing domain name with Siteground you need to locate your DNS settings.
Login to “Customer Area” >> “My Accounts section” >> Click on the “Manage” button and the name servers (i.e. and will be listed there

Where are Siteground servers located?

London, Chicago, Singapore, and Amsterdam.

What is Siteground cheapest hosting plan?

Siteground’s cheapest hosting plans in India starts at $3.95/mo.

Which Siteground plan is best for WordPress?

Siteground Managed hosting solution is the best to plan for your WordPress websites

Which hosting is best for WordPress?

Hosting type depends on your need but for beginners, WordPress shared hosting is best.

Is Siteground good for WordPress?


Is Siteground better than Godaddy?


Which is better Bluehost or Siteground?


Siteground Web Hosting Review – Pros and Cons of Siteground Hosting

Good about Siteground

  • 99.99% Uptime guarantee.
  • Super fast, 24*7 hours top-notch customer support, best security, and speed.
  • Free website backups and restores.
  • Fewer shared hosting accounts on their servers means you get more resources.
  • FREE website migration, FREE CDN and FREE SSL.
  • Comparable pricing.
  • Super cacher technology.
  • Use of SSD and PHP 7.3

Bad about Siteground

  • Limited storage.
  • No free domain name.

Let us jump to the few best web hosting comparisons.

Siteground vs Bluehost Web Hosting Comparison

Parameters Siteground Bluehost
Part of EIG Company No Yes
Price $3.95/mo $3.95/mo + Free domain
Support Excellent Average
Speed & Performance Excellent Average
SSL Certificate Free Paid
Website Migration Free Paid

Siteground vs Hostgator

Parameters Siteground Hostgator
Part of EIG Company No Yes
Price $3.95/mo Rs 399/mo
Support Excellent Poor
Speed & Performance Excellent Poor
SSL Certificate Free Paid
Website Migration Free Paid

Siteground vs Godaddy

Parameters Siteground Godaddy
Part of EIG Company No No
Price $3.95/mo Rs 1200/yr
Support Excellent Poor
Speed & Performance Excellent Slow to average
SSL Certificate Free Paid
Website Migration Free Manual

Siteground vs Dreamhost

Parameters Siteground Dreamhost
Part of EIG Company No No
Price $3.95/mo $120 yr + one free domain
Support Excellent Good
Speed & Performance Excellent Good
SSL Certificate Free FREE but you need to purchase dedicated IP ($5.95 per month)
Website Migration Free Paid

Siteground vs A2 Hosting

Parameters Siteground A2 Hosting
Part of EIG Company No No
Price $3.95/mo $3.92/mo + Free domain
Support Excellent Best
Speed & Performance Excellent Best
SSL Certificate Free Free
Website Migration Free Free


Check more Siteground features here

Siteground Alternatives – Which Are They

A2 Hosting, is the best Siteground alternatives. Read my this A2hosting review to now Why A2 hosting is a perfect Siteground alternative

How to Move Your Existing Website to Siteground

Major best cheapest hosting in India are charging higher for website transfers, but Siteground caught the eyes by giving website migration service FREE of cost.

You can ask the Siteground support team for website transfer, they will guide and do it for you.

Note: For migration from any hosting provider to Siteground you just need to raise a support ticket with Siteground support team once you are a paid customer and they will do website migration free of costs.

1. Migration From Godaddy to Siteground

This is how I did.

As mentioned earlier, I have been watching Godaddy since childhood across local TV channel, newspapers and hence I started a website with Godaddy WordPress Hosting. 

I bought a domain name, web hosting from Godaddy.

Godaddy WordPress hosting and domain purchase invoice
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Godaddy WordPress hosting is best for buying a domain name but not for website hosting in India.

And I did the biggest mistake of buying Godaddy WordPress hosting.

My website performance was like a snail with so many downtimes. On top of this, Godaddy customer support service was poor.

This was the reason I decided to migrate web hosting from Godaddy on Siteground.

Chat history on how to migrate web hosting from Godaddy to Siteground
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Siteground hosting plan starts at $3.95/mo but I bought the Siteground startup plan at $2.95/mo as a one-time exception.

This is the power of Negotiation. 

Note: Siteground offer discount only on special days, occasions like Labour Day, Black Friday but that is also rare. So do not waste your time to search for Siteground coupons on the Internet.

Click below to Grab Siteground discount & migrate website to Siteground

Migrate website to Siteground now


2. Migration From Bluehost to Siteground

Once you are a paid customer, you can migrate website from Bluehost to Siteground by raising a Siteground support ticket.

3. Migration From Hostgator to Siteground

You can migrate website from Hostgator to Siteground by raising a Siteground support ticket once you are paid customer.

Best Hosting Plan in India – Siteground Hosting Packages

You can choose any web hosting plan from below Siteground India hosting services but first, understand your web hosting needs.

Siteground Hosting Plan Pricing in Comparison to Others

Siteground offers three best hosting plan, Startup plan, GrowBig plan, GoGeek plan under Web hosting, WordPress hosting, and WooCommerce hosting with the same price but little difference in Essential Features, Premium Features, Geeky Features and type of hosting you choose i.e WordPress, Web, and WooCommerce.

Siteground WordPress hosting services comparison and features

Siteground Startup Plan

Siteground GrowBig Plan

Siteground GoGeek Plan

Price- $3.95/mo. Price $5.95/mo Price $11.95/mo
1 Website Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites
10 GB Web Space 20 GB Web Space 30 GB Web Space
~10,000 Visits Monthly ~25,000 Visits Monthly ~100,000 Visits Monthly
Essential Features  Essential Features Essential Features
  Premium Features Premium Features
    Geeky Features

Cloud hosting (Scalable Cloud solutions for you)

Siteground Cloud hosting plans are too different from basic hosting plans and they are far better than the best cheapest hosting in India. If you are looking for best hosting for small business then Cloud hosting is a solution for you. Look at the below Siteground cloud hosting plan.


SiteGround cloud hosting plan
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Reseller hosting

This plan is for web designers and developers who maintain customer websites on a long-term basis. Here are Siteground Reseller hosting features

  • Price – $42/yr
  • Volume Discount on Hosting – If you purchase more accounts in bulk, then you will get more discount.
  • Special Domain Name Deals – Benefit from special domain prices starting at $14.95/year.
  • If you want to increase your revenue, resale Siteground services at any price.

Sitegrond reseller credits
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  • 10 GB Web Space.
  • cPanel & SSH Access.
  • Four server locations.
  • Un-metered data transfer.
  • Unlimited MySQL database.
  • Unlimited FTP accounts.
  • Free daily backup.
  • Free email accounts.
  • Free Cloudflare CDN.

Enterprise hosting 

If you run a website that needs a custom server working with load balancing then this is the most suitable solution for you. To get this hosting you need to Get in Touch with Siteground.

Dedicated servers 

With this host, you can set up a website on a high class dedicated machine set up that is managed by Siteground experts.

Below are the Siteground dedicated server plans.

Siteground dedicated server
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Does Siteground Offer Custom WordPress Hosting Plans

Siteground provides customized server setup for all shared hosting plans.

Also instead of offering ready-made plans, Siteground first understands customer’s business needs and then craft a whole infrastructure based on needs.

Click here to know more about Siteground hosting plan

Is Siteground cheapest hosting in India

No, Siteground is not the cheapest web hosting site for WordPress.

Siteground has very good infrastructure, quality, servers, support.

Hence they never offer Siteground cheapest hosting plan.

Siteground rarely runs a discount offer on special occasions like Labor Day, Black Friday, etc..You will not find Siteground coupon, Siteground Coupon, Siteground Discounts & Deals anywhere as Siteground is very strict with the prices.

Also, there are very fewer chances for negotiation at cheaper prices for WordPress hosting with Siteground top web hosting provider in India.

So if price and discount are your biggest concern then I would love to recommend A2Hosting, which is best alternative to Siteground.

I recommend you to read my this review of A2Hosting and grab it at 66% Off.

Why I Selected Siteground Hosting Plan Other WordPress Hosting Provider

Here is the ANSWER,

What Others Are Saying About Siteground Web Hosting Review

siteground wordpress hosting review on social media
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(Image Ref: Some of the screenshots have been collected from OnlineMediaMasters)

These are just a few examples of Siteground review.

And here is the performance of Siteground.

  • Excellent Service Quality, Speed.
  • Best Channels of customer support -Chat, Phone, Support Tickets
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Easy solution for non-tech business people – A little bit of tech knowledge is required.
  • Add-on features like Free SSL, Free Migration, SSL certificate.
  • Comparable price.

Now did you get an answer to “Why I have invested in Siteground?”

Would you love to try Siteground WordPress hosting for blog and business website?

Click here to try Siteground at 60% discounted

Is Siteground Best Web Hosting for Small Business in India?

Yes definitely, Siteground is suitable for small businesses as well as for big enterprises. Siteground enterprise hosting, dedicated server plans are useful for a big organization.

How to Start Website With Siteground

It is very easy to make a website on Siteground. You can configure your website via Siteground account setup wizard and use any tools that they have provided.

Siteground cPanel is very easy  and you can configure free website builders like WordPress and other CMS,

Once you configure WordPress you are ready to create website content.

You can refer below the tutorial to start a website with Siteground.

=> How To Start Website From Scratch (Without Knowledge) (With Less Money)<=

Conclusion of Best WordPress Hosting in India

Even though there are so many top web hosting companies in India, I’ve found Siteground has best in class uptime, support, speed, features, best hosting plans, and technical capability.

If you are looking for Siteground alternatives then,

What about you?

I am damn sure after trying Siteground you may find it best hosting for WordPress in India.

  • Which is the best web host in India as per your experience?
  • Do you find Siteground best WordPress hosting provider in India?
  • Which of the WordPress hosting service do you use?
  • Are you using Siteground WordPress Hosting?

I would love to hear your thoughts on best WordPress hosting provider in India.

Love this post? Share & leave your thoughts in the comments. 

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