Best WordPress Theme for Blog That Saved My $$$$

Are you looking for best WordPress theme for blog or business?

Are you confused while searching so many How to choose a WordPress theme?

I have one good news for you.

This WordPress theme review post will help you to find answers to below questions:

  • Which theme is best for WordPress?
  • What is the most popular free WordPress theme?
  • Which is best cheap WordPress theme?
  • Which is best premium WordPress theme?
  • What is most customizable WordPress theme?
  • Which is best free WordPress theme for blogging?
  • Which is best free responsive WordPress theme?
  • Which is best Premium Responsive WordPress theme?
  • Which is best WordPress template?
  • Which is best paid WordPress theme?
  • Which is the best WordPress themes for business?
  • How to choose a WordPress theme?
  • How to buy a WordPress theme?
  • What is the most popular WordPress theme?
  • How to save $$$$ of money on WordPress web development?

and many more like this

  • Best Free WordPress Theme for Blogging.
  • Best Premium WordPress Theme for blogging.
  • Best WordPress Theme for Digital marketing.
  • Best WordPress Theme for a new website.
  • Best WordPress Theme for eCommerce.
  • Best WordPress Theme for a Technology blog.
  • Best free WordPress Themes for eCommerce.
  • Best WordPress Theme for Affiliate marketing.
  • Best WordPress Theme for Adsense.
  • Best WordPress Themes for Business.
  • Best WordPress themes for Lifestyle blogs.

So let’s dive in to know more about the best WordPress theme.

Buying Best WordPress Theme for Blog or Business? Read This

Let’s first understand what do you need and how much money you need to build a WordPress website design.

But why you must know this?

The answer is as simple as –

  1. Money is one of the most important driving factors while buying WordPress blog templates, best paid WordPress blog themes.
  2. It will help you to make a decision to buy the best WordPress blog theme or business theme.

So let’s dive in quickly,

1. What Do You Need to Build WordPress Website?

You need –

  • Domain Name
  • WordPress Hosting
  • WordPress Theme
  • Plugins

2. What’s the Cost to Build WordPress Website?

Frankly speaking, cost totally depends on individual needs and website categorization.

Let’s break down websites development into different budget categories:

  • Building a basic WordPress website (low budget)
  • Building a WordPress website (with more features)
  • Building a WordPress eCommerce website(high budget)
  • Building a custom WordPress website(too costly)

Estimate cost break down of building a WordPress website

Building a WordPress website (low budget)

Domain name: Around $10/year

Web Hosting: Approx $4 – $5 / month.

Thankfully, I am using SiteGround WordPress hosting provider which has world-class performance, support and offering over 60% OFF on web hosting with FREE SSL.

Click here to get 60% OFF on SiteGround WordPress Hosting.

WordPress Theme: FREE or Premium( On an avg 50$/ year)

Plugins: Basic and Free.

Total = Around $100-$120

Building a WordPress website (with more features)

Domain name: Around $10/year

Web Hosting: For more features you need a powerful hosting configurations like SiteGround’s GoGeek plan which offers staging, more hosting space, faster performance & handle up to 100,000 visitors per month.

On an average $6 /month.

WordPress Theme: On an average 50$/ year.

Plugins: Premium customization plugins like Elementor page builder costing in the range of $49-$199

Total = $ 115 to $265

Building a WordPress eCommerce website

Here is a little financial burden for e-commerce WordPress website design. Two additional things you must require along with below

and those are

  1. SSL certificate – costing from $ 4 to $100 depends on the security level you choose.
  2. eCommerce plugin WooCommerce- costing around $99-$200 per year as per your need.

Total = Approx $500

Building a custom WordPress website

Custom WordPress website(as per your need) requires knowledge of CSS, PHP, and other technology. So you need to hire a developer to design a unique custom WordPress site and its cost depends on your requirements, budget and the rate of the developer or agency you hire.

A standard custom WordPress theme alone can cost you up to $500- $2000 or even more.

Now it’s clear to you, what it costs to build a WordPress website.

But here’s something we both can agree on.

3. Where Do You Spending Most of the Money?

Sometimes we are spending crazy money without knowing where exactly we are spending?

Yes, that’s True…

If I break-down above costing shortly, then you can see that spending goes here…

  • Domain Name- Yearly plan.
  • WordPress Hosting- Yearly plan
  • WordPress Theme- Regular spending (Spending so much Time and Money on customization)
  • Plugins- Major spending on plugins like custom CSS, adding copyrighting footer message, backup website setting, templates plugin and customization plugin like Elementor Page Builder.

If you choose the correct best WordPress theme for blog and business which meets all your criteria, then you can save lots of further money…

Hey, that’s correct and here’s the interesting part,

Most of the established blogger spend lots of money on WordPress theme customization and buying unnecessary plugins, which slows down the website.

Do you see how huge is the WordPress website design costing you even if you have selected best premium WordPress theme for blog and business?

It’s clear to you where do you actually spending money and down the line how it will cost in the future.

So it’s important to choose the correct best premium WordPress theme for blog which saves money as well.

What if I can help you to choose the best WordPress theme for blog and business?

Sounds interesting and good?

So let’s move and see money-saving aspects around buying the best WordPress blog and business theme.

How I saved $$$$?

(Disclosure: Some links mentioned in this post are affiliate links which means that I may receive little bit commission if you make a purchase from this page. It won’t cost you anything extra but you get amazing deals and discounts.)

How to Choose Best WordPress Theme for Blog or Business

For the sake of your simplicity, I have divided this section into below sub-points like below

  • How to choose the best WordPress theme?
  • Why I have chosen the best WordPress theme for Blog or Business?
  • How I saved money on a responsive WordPress theme for Blog?
  • Review of the best WordPress theme for Blog or Business
  • Do you really need a WordPress page builder?

1. How to Choose Best WordPress Theme for Blog and Business Website

Choosing the best WordPress blog theme for Blogging and Business Website needs some research & knowledge else you will end up choosing the wrong WordPress theme.

And it will add burden to your pocket.

So here are some parameters you have to consider while choosing the best WordPress theme for Blog or Business.

Parameters –

  • Lightweight
  • SEO friendly
  • Price (lifetime license and discount on next year renewal)
  • Highly customizable
  • Lifetime usage
  • Unlimited websites
  • Theme updates
  • eCommerce support
  • Device compatibility (Mobile,iPad, MAC, etc)
  • Secure & Stable
  • Microdata integrated
  • Translation & RTL ready
  • Fast and responsive (Go to theme preview section and check how much it takes to load)
  • Good rating and reviews
  • Good support and quick query resolution.
  • Support child theme if required

2. Why and How I Have Chosen Best WordPress Theme for Blog

Like every newbie initially, I made my hand dirty with the free WordPress theme for Blog and later upgraded to premium WordPress theme.

Here is WHY?

I did lots of experiment while designing Growthfunda website with a best WordPress theme, installed lots of customization plugins, added CSS code, etc.

And able to designed descent looking, well structure blogging website.

 But, I faced so many challenges on customization with FREE WordPress Theme. 

In terms of time, it took me 1 yr to launch Growthfunda….just to experiments different designs with FREE WordPress theme for blogging. I tried different types of themes every alternate week and end up with the frustration, confusion.

The FREE WordPress theme for blog sucked up my Web server memory space due to lots of plugins and CSS code.

It results in Website speed like Snail…

website speed is slow like snail

I used to call my WordPress developer friend Swapnil for help, again and again, every time whenever I faced a problem. During the discussion with him, I realized that premium WordPress themes provide more customization, dedicated support, and help.

And it hit me…

I went to one of the WordPress themes official website which my friend has suggested.

I amazed by lots of decent features, videos, documentation, helpful guides, and pocket-friendliness.

I decided to give a try, so raised a sales query to support the team.

You won’t believe, I was so happy with the support team reply. (Snapshot mentioned in next problem statement)

Finally, I took a decision and have done 3rd investment(after domain & hosting) for my brand business website.

Here is the proof of this action ->

gp premium best premium wordpress theme

To summarized, GeneratePress is-

  • Best Free WordPress Theme for blogging.
  • Best Premium WordPress Theme for blogging.
  • Best WordPress Theme for digital marketing.
  • Best WordPress Theme for a new website.
  • Best WordPress Theme for eCommerce.
  • Best WordPress Theme for a technology blog.
  • Best free WordPress Themes for eCommerce.
  • Best WordPress Theme for affiliate marketing.
  • Best WordPress Theme for AdSense.
  • Best WordPress Themes for business.
  • Best WordPress themes for lifestyle blogs.


  • Multipurpose WordPress Theme.
  • SEO friendly WordPress Theme.
  • One of the most highly rated themes available on
  • Most highly customizable.
  • Comes with an unlimited GeneratePress license.
  • The superfast speed with high GeneratePress performance.
  • Build unlimited Websites

I fall in love with GeneratePress (GP Premium), as I’m using it since Growthfunda launch.


GeneratePress is a FREE theme, but on top of that theme developer made GP Premium as a plugin at features level which you have to buy and install. So whenever someone says premium GeneratePress theme that means it’s GeneratePress + GP Premium.To avoid confusion I have intentionally mentioned it as GeneratePress (GP Premium) throughout this article.

Check out GeneratePress demo here


Today I feel proud that My decision of selecting the best WordPress theme GeneratePress was correct.

And here is Why?

3. GeneratePress Review – How I Save Money on Best WordPress Theme for Blog

In this GeneratePress WordPress theme review consider each case as a problem statement and how this GeneratePress review is the best solution for it.

Problem Statement 1: I have lots have many of doubts before buying WordPress theme.I end up reading lots of reviews about the best WordPress theme but at end CONFUSION.


As mentioned earlier, in order to resolve the doubts I raised a pre-sales query with GeneratePress support team.

Thanks to GeneratePress Support team as they have cleared my all doubts and queries before buying.

Here is the snapshot of that query with action,

pre sales query of responsive wordpress theme

I was impressed with the support feedback…and more on 40% OFF for next year renewal, page builders like features and so many editing options.

You must check all GeneratePress(GP premium) features, self-explanatory videos, documentation, and pricing on its official website here.

buy WordPress theme that save money and affordable

 I saved money for next year… 🙂  


Note: Never buy or download WordPress theme files from untrusted \ unsafe sources, forums, websites and friends. It may be malicious and hamper your website. Trusted sources are WordPress store OR specific themes official website.


Problem Statement 2: I want to customize my Website but I’m not technical person, don’t know coding\programming.So looking for the customizable WordPress theme which supports almost all the standard features.


Look at the below GP premium add-ons, which most of the premium WordPress themes don’t support. You need to add extra outside plugins or buy premium plugins for such features and customization.

features of best premium WordPress theme for blog

 So this was the 2nd part of big saving not on buying unnecessary plugins:)  

Isn’t it?

You must watch this GeneratePress Demo to know more about GeneratePress theme. This demo explains all GeneratePress premium tutorials.

Let’s move to the third part of saving money….

Problem Statement 3: I m planning to build a business Website. I’m looking for best one page WordPress theme to design a stunning homepage, a portfolio page and it should be responsive with the support to capture leads.


Hey, you can do that too… check my homepage built without using page builder plugin.

How I did it?

GeneratePress(GP Premium) add-ons  GeneratePress Sections helped me to do that.

Look at below one page WordPress theme design for my blog home page initial version.

premium one page wordpress theme for blog

Yes, you can easily achieve one-pager stunning professional look design using GeneratePress Sections.

You need not have to buy costly page builder plugins like Elementor, Thrive architecture or other. You can use GeneratePress without a builder.

How to use Sections:

To add GeneratePress Sections on the pages\blog posts, you have to turn ON Use Sections button when you choose Add New page\blog posts like below

sections are can be use wordpress page builder

This is how my landing page is structured with the GeneratePress Sections add-ons.

useful wordpress page builder GP Premium sections

GeneratePress Sections offer two benefits to me – first it saves my few more bucks($) on NOT buying costly page builders and second memory space.

Memory space?

Yes, memory space.

Costly page builder, architecture plugins add extra lines of code behind every pages\posts when you use it and it hampers website speed…

You can see this extra lines of code by right-clicking the page >> Select the View Page Source option >> Search for the page builder code. Also, you can view this code in WordPress editor text sections.

Wonder, how huge this saving, Money + Memory with GeneratePress(GP Premium) theme. 

Is that something you’d like for your WordPress business website.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Hold on….

I am revealing the next big saving for you…..

Let’s move on to the next problem statement

Problem Statement 4: I want the best multipurpose WordPress theme (can build multiple Website) with single premium license, responsive and customizable?


Hey, here is the deal,

You are free to use GP Premium on as many websites as you like, whether they’re for you or your clients by purchasing a single license. GeneratePress premium price from $49.95.

generatepress review and generatepress pricing

To get more clarity about GP Premium I am curating some questions which are featured on GeneratePress (GP Premium) official page.

What happens after the 1 year of updates and support?

  • You can choose to renew your license key so you continue to receive updates and priority support in our forums.

Will my website break if I don’t renew my license key?

  • No, your website won’t change. Once you purchase GP Premium, you own it for life and are free to use it for as long as you like.

Do you offer a discount on license key renewals?

  • Yes, we do! If you choose to renew your license key, you’ll receive a 40% discount.

What kind of support can I expect?

  • We take support very seriously. Active license key holders have full access to our priority support forums.

What do updates include?

  • Updates include new modules, improved features, performance enhancements, and bug fixes.

What’s your refund policy?

  • If you’re not happy with GP Premium, we’ll happily provide you with a refund within 30 days of your purchase – no questions asked!

Will my license key renew automatically?

  • No. You’ll never be billed after your initial purchase. After 1 year, you can choose to manually renew your license key.

How many sites can I use GP Premium on?

  • You are free to use GP Premium on as many websites as you like, whether they’re for you or your clients.

Now you must say thank you to me in advance but, I am damn sure you will give me a big Thanks a ton for more money-saving like this…

Move on to fifth money-saving hack…

Problem Statement 5: I am planning to start eCommerce Website but low in budget and tried different types of themes.I end up with installing so many plugins for eCommerce customization, payments, and others. Which is the best e-commerce WordPress theme?


Here is the solution for you.

GeneratePress (GP premium) offers inbuilt support of eCommerce plugin called as a GeneratePress WooCommerce.

Most of the premium WordPress themes even doesn’t provide support for eCommerce so buying responsive WordPress theme  GeneratePress is the best solution for your eCommerce store.

Look at my GP Premium dashboard below

wordpress free woocommerce themes


Note WooCommerce module activate only if you have installed WooCommerce plugin.In my case, it’s disabled as currently I am not using any eCommerce feature so WooCommerce plugin is not installed.

Sounds again good.

Wait wait, don’t go here is the next money-saving hack.

Problem Statement 6: I’m looking for a WordPress website templates but don’t have budget to buy it.Is there any WordPress theme that provides in build WordPress template?


Hey, here’s the biggest deal for you…

Site Library -An inbuilt library of best WordPress templates.

You need not worry to buy another premium WordPress templates.

Also, you can customize it with page builder if you are using a paid builder like Beaver Builder and Elementor.

If you don’t want to spend money on page builder then Site Library offers an option with No page builder support.

How to use Site Library

Go to Appearance >> GeneratePress >> Hover to the Site Library Tab >>Select any template and click on Details button >> Read the Theme Options and Plugins >> Click on Get Started.

Booooom, You are done…

Look at below descent WordPress templates with No Page Builder option.This is how you can use GeneratePress without builder.

best wordpress templates for blog

How awesome is that? So,

Give a Try to Best WordPress Theme for Blog or Website
You can download GeneratePress theme to give it a Try.

Click here to Try GeneratePress

Let’s jump to the next money-saving hack…


Problem Statement 7: I am not technical person.I want to customize my Website as per my preference using some code. Website designers are charging more money to add some code like CSS, PHP, etc. I don’t know how to edit the theme. What’s the solution?


WordPress Hooks are the solution for you (Hooks are functions that can be applied to an Action or a Filter in WordPress)


Either you have to run behind your developer and pay the cost for it OR buy some costly premium WordPress custom hooks plugin to do work for you….

Isn’t that risky and costly for you.?

Would you like to go for it?

I’m sure NO.

Then there is an inbuilt solution for you, GP Hooks i.e GeneratePress Hooks.

GP Hooks – An inbuilt custom GeneratePress hooks.

How to use GP Hooks  Go to Appearance > GP Hooks >> Insert CSS, Shortcodes, PHP code etc >> Check Execute PHP box >> Save.

Boom it’s done. So easy…

 Note: In the latest version, GeneratePress hooks are now a part of GeneratePress Elements module. 

GP Hook dashboard looks like below –

wordpress custom hooks

GP Hooks supports below fields customization –

wordpress hooks gp hooks

Sounds good?

then move on to last money-saving hack

For more info on GeneratePress Hooks, you can watch GeneratePress tutorial or documentation on this official page and try GeneratePress

Problem Statement 8: I want to show a big header on pages, posts, categories, media, formats, search result, etc and it should be responsive across all the devices. How to do it or Which is the best WordPress plugins for header customization.


Hey, you don’t need to waste your time and money on other WordPress plugins for header customization.

You can create dynamic Page Headers with GeneratePress Page Headers.

gp premium page header best wordpress header plugin

Yes, you heard correct.

GP Premium Page Header will work perfectly for you. It can be added via separate option available at dashboard Page Headers >> Add New.

Below are the global locations where you can customize and put your header.

GP premium custom header wordpress plugin

Bonus Tip

GeneratePress offers very good Affiliate program so whenever you refer someone you will earn 35% commission on every sale you refer. No extra charge to your referral person & they have up to 60 days to purchase something for you to get credit for the sale, so

Buy GeneratePress & Start Referring


4. Features of GeneratePress (GP Premium)-Best WordPress Theme for Blog or Business

Let’s see what are the other features premium GeneratePress (GP Premium) provide along with above explained

  • Import\Export -Import/Export module allows you to backup WordPress theme setting.

In the current version of GeneratePress(GP premium) this can be achieved via Appearance >>GeneratePress and you can export import WordPress theme.

backup wordpress theme settings for generatepress
  • Backgrounds – Customize background.
  • Blog – Customize blog page.
  • Copyrights – Add copyright message at the footer
  • Colors – Change colors across the theme.
  • Disable Elements – like Top Bar, Header, Primary – Secondary Navigation, Featured Image, Page Header, Content Title, Footer
  • Menu Plus – Customize menu options like slide-out navigation, primary /secondary menus across desktop, mobile and iPad devices.
  • Secondary Nav
  • Spacing – Add spacing across layouts.
  • Additional CSS – This is one of the coolest features I like most which saves my efforts on adding custom CSS. No need to buy custom CSS WordPress plugin.

You can add custom CSS WordPress code directly from customizing Dashboard >> Additional CSS option like below

how to add custom css wordpress


Tip -Use plugin SiteOrigin CSS to generates CSS code with Visual Editor and then copy paste that code into GP Premium Additional CSS section
  • Typography – Change fonts and other typo settings across pages,content,headings,links,body etc.
  • Homepage Settings – Change Homepage Displays settings, set a specific page as Homepage or Post page.
wordpress homepage settings

5. Pros and Cons of GeneratePress (GP Premium)

  • Lifetime usage.
  • Unlimited websites
  • SEO Friendly
  • Secure & Stable
  • Lightweight & Fast
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Responsive
  • Easy to use
  • Updates & support
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Full access to the Site Library
  • Affiliate Option
  • Compatible
  • Schema Optimized
  • Lots of Add-On
  • Developer Friendly
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Quality Support by Developer
  • Great Documentation
  • Perfect For Any Type Of Website
  • That would be nothing

I hope you like this GeneratePress Review along with the problem statement.

What Others Are Saying About This Best WordPress Theme for Blog

After using and exploring such cool features of GeneratePress (GP Premium), I must say that it was my correct decision to buy and use GeneratePress – best WordPress theme for blog and business.

I fall in love with GeneratePress.

Like me, top Indian blogger Kulwant Nagi founder of Blogging Cage also find GeneratePress(GP Premium) WordPress theme very useful hence he can’t resist to post this on Facebook and mentioned it as –

Most versatile WordPress theme in the industry so far.

Look at his post below

best responsive wordpress theme for blog

After this post, I can even more confidently say that it’s the best choice to have GeneratePress for bloggers.

Astra Vs GeneratePress – Who Wins?

This was a very tough call for me to choose between GeneratePress vs Astra WordPress theme as both themes are close in terms of features and customization.

I focused on the below main factors while choosing between them and found GeneratePress is a clear winner among all of the other WordPress themes.

PriceFree + $49.95$59/year, $ 169/year, $249/year
Money-back guarantee30 days14 days


Without license upgrade, you will miss on the updates & support


Without license upgrade, you will miss on the updates & support

Renewal discount40% off20% off
Modules enable/disableYesYes
Site Library

Available with 3 inbuild option 1.No Page Builder 2. Elementor 3.Beaver Builder

Available but need to install separate Astra Sites plugin with only Elementor page builder.

Import/Export optionsYesYes
CustomizationExcellentVery Good
SupportVery goodGood
No. of WebsiteUnlimitedUnlimited
ROICheap & affordable.Worth to buy for all kinds of websites from blog to business and for everyone from the individual to an agency + Unlimited license + Single pricing  + 40% off on next renewal + SEO optimized + Superfast + Extensive customization available.Costly compared to GeneratePress

The clear winner is GeneratePress

Check GeneratePress demo here


GeneratePress Vs Genesis – Who Wins?

PriceFree + $49.95$59.95 one time for the Genesis framework. You need to purchase another child theme package. Pro Membership – $499.95
Money-back guarantee30 days30 days

Annual. Without license upgrade, you will miss on the updates & support

Unlimited for the framework. Theme need to renew every year.

Renewal discount40% offNA
Modules enable/disableYesNA
Site Library

Available with 3 inbuild option 1.No Page Builder 2. Elementor 3.Beaver Builder


Import/Export optionsYesLittle bit
SupportVery goodGood
No. of WebsiteUnlimitedUnlimited for Framework.
ROICheap & affordable.Worth to buy for all kinds of websites from blog to business and for everyone from the individual to an agency + Unlimited license + Single pricing  + 40% off on next renewal + SEO optimized + Superfast + Extensive customization available.Costly as compare to GeneratePress and need to invest in child theme.

Clear winner is GeneratePress

Check more GeneratePress features here


GeneratePress Vs OceanWp – Who Wins?

PriceFree + $49.95Free + $39 – for 1 site, $79 for 3 sites, $129 for the unlimited site.Lifetime for $159 for 1 site with limited features.
Money-back guarantee30 days14 days

Annual. Without license upgrade, you will miss on the updates & support


Renewal discount40% off30%
Modules enable/disableYesNA
Site Library

Available with 3 inbuild option 1.No Page Builder 2. Elementor 3.Beaver Builder


Import/Export optionsYesLittle bit
SupportVery goodGood
No. of WebsiteUnlimitedLimited for Single license pack.
ROICheap & affordable.Worth to buy for all kinds of websites from blog to business and for everyone from the individual to an agency + Unlimited license + Single pricing  + 40% off on next renewal + SEO optimized + Superfast + Extensive customization available.Costly as compare to GeneratePress as you have to buy a different plan for personal, business website and unlimited usage. Also, less customization available + slower in speed compared to GeneratePress.

Clear winner is GeneratePress

Try GeneratePress & Start Referring


GeneratePress Free Vs Premium – What to Choose?

GeneratePress is available in both free and pro version.

Free version :

The free version is basic if you are not looking for extra customizations. You need to customize your site with either CSS code or plugins.

If you don’t want to use a Free version to compromise the speed due to heavy CSS code and extra customization plugins, I recommend you to go for a premium version i.e GP premium.

Premium version:

After purchase, you have to install GP premium plugin and enter the license to get access to additional features and customization like below –

  • Backgrounds
  • Blog
  • Colors
  • Copyright
  • Disable Elements
  • Elements
  • Menu Plus
  • Secondary Nav
  • Sections
  • Site Library
  • Spacing
  • Typography
  • WooCommerce

Learn more about GeneratePress Premium

Do You Really Need WordPress Page Builder?

After reading above GeneratePress review and hacks you may be thinking that do I really need to buy & use WordPress Page Builder?

I’m sure really not.

You can use GeneratePress without a WordPress Page Builder builder.

The dark side of using Page Builder is that it adds extra code to your every page and post whenever you use it.


You will get good design but slower speed after spending money on costly page builder.

And the bad side is, you end up losing traffic and business.

Don’t spend money on unnecessary things if you really not required even though I am saying to buy GeneratPress. Buy the tools and resources which serve your criteria, benefits your business and saves a penny.

Give a Try to Best WordPress Theme For Blogging or Business Website
You can download GeneratePress theme here

Click here to try GeneratePress

Free vs Premium WordPress Theme for Blog

After reading this I am damn sure you will be able to finalize your responsive WordPress theme for blog or business but still, if you have confusion on what to choose among FREE vs Premium version then here is my take…

I personally do not recommend users to download and install any free themes that are distributed by unreliable sources and references.

Let’s hover to some pros and cons of Free Vs Premium WordPress theme.

Common Things Among Premium and Free WordPress Theme

Every WordPress theme has a strict review process to get it approved on the WordPress official repository so Free themes also have to go through some review process.

Pros and Cons of Free WordPress Theme

  • No burden on pocket.
  • Minimum features.
  • Not much optimized.
  • The developer gets chance to release the theme for large user base where people can use it, give feedback, and suggest improvements.
  • Limited support.
  • Fewer resources to get help.
  • Less documentation.
  • Fewer features and customization.
  • Rarely updated to the latest version
  • No obligation and no warranties- if something goes wrong then you are the owner of your mistakes, not much support from the theme developer.
  • Theme from untrusted sources may cause serious security issues.

Pros and Cons of Premium WordPress Theme

  • More features and customization options
  • Regular support
  • Regular updates with new features and optimization.
  • Secure and SEO optimized.
  • More Unique.
  • Access to lots of documentation and help from the theme developer.
  • Premium license.
  • One to one support.
  • Error-free.
  • Dedicated account dashboard to communicate with community and theme developer.
  • Rarely any

If you are still confused then you must ask below questions to yourself before choosing best WordPress blog theme among FREE and Premium version.

  • Am I able to solve, debug, troubleshoot WordPress issue on own?
  • Do I need a professional theme or a basic one?
  • Do I need lots of features, customization, supports and help for developing your WordPress website?

Overall GeneratePress Review

  • Value For Money – 5/5
  • Easy Of Use – 5/5
  • Customization – 5/5
  • Support –5/5
  • Overall Rating – 5/5


After exploring and lots experiments on GeneratePress(GP Premium) I must say that I am very happy using GeneratePress(GP Premium) – most versatile WordPress theme at Growthfunda.

Money saved is money earned.

So if I conclude the math for buying the best WordPress blog theme here are the results –

Rather buying individual feature add-ons for an average price of $7-$10, why don’t you think of buying a bundle of features at a good discounted price which saves your lots of $$$.

Most of the GeneratePress(GP Premium) features are must to have and there are almost 13 add-ons so here is the final price if you buy individual add-ons of GeneratePress(GP Premium)

13 * $10 = $130

However, buying an individual add-on is a brilliant idea and gives you great flexibility in choosing what options you need but the …theme developers did the math to save money and provided good customization of GeneratePress(GP Premium) with 13 add-ons bundle for a grand total of $49.95 (instead of $130).

Do your maths and you’ll find that if you need more than 3 add-ons, buying premium WordPress theme GeneratePress(GP Premium) makes better financial sense with

  • All premium modules
  • Full access to the Site Library
  • Unlimited websites
  • Lifetime usage
  • 1 year of updates & support

Also if you’ve searched for best premium WordPress blog and business themes, you’ll come to know that most of the WordPress themes are costing anywhere between $40 to $100+.

So paying a one-time $49.95 fee for a best WordPress theme GeneratePress (GP Premium) for you website\blog make a sense.

Try Best Responsive WordPress Theme and Save Money & Time

Click here to try GeneratePress

I’m damn sure you loved this GeneratePress review as its best premium WordPress theme.

I’d love to hear your thoughts

  • Which WordPress theme you are using?
  • How much money did you spend after buying the best WordPress theme and on unnecessary plugins?
  • Does your WordPress theme support major customization?
  • Which WordPress blog theme you are using?
  • Would you love to use GeneratePress WordPress theme?
  • Do you find this blog post helpful to take a decision on buying the best WordPress theme for Blog or Business website?

If you have any queries, doubts on GeneratePress(GP Premium) setup, customization then leaves your share your thoughts in the comments.

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Written By Amol Chavan Amol Chavan founder of growthfunda & online business coach Amol Chavan is an online business nomad, blogger, founder of Growthfunda where he helps individuals to build online business & quit 9-5 job. He loves to write about online business, make money online, quit a job, side hustle, etc. Would you love to be a part of his journey? Join this FREE group of like minded people.

16 thoughts on “Best WordPress Theme for Blog That Saved My $$$$”

    • Glad to know that you like an article. Yes, GeneratePress WordPress theme is so popular among bloggers, marketer. This is the only theme provides lots of customization options like GeneratePress Sections, GeneratePress Elements, GeneratePress site library with excellent speed and can be used on the unlimited website with single license purchase.

  1. Very clear and detailed review, i am already using Generatepress for one of my ongoing web development for my client. With your review i am convinced to convince my client to try out the premium version, keep up the good work you are good.

    • Glad to know that my blog post helped you to convince your client. And yes GeneratePress is one of the best WordPress theme for blog and business that I found on the WordPress planet.

  2. Hi Amol,

    You recently left a comment on my site and that’s where I found about this masterpiece. Honestly, it’s a great review and shows how much effort you’ve put into it.

    You solved all the question one might have (ever) before buying GeneratePress theme. I, myself, am a big fan of GP and use it on almost all the websites.

    Shared with my social circle. Keep it up 🙂

    • Thanks Shafi, for your kind word.I also gone through your post “45 Blog promotion sites to share blog post” and found it very useful. I have shared it on my social channels

  3. What an amazing post. You have mentioned everything about selecting best premium themes in wordpress with lots of other information like hosting, development charges etc. Thank you for sharing the details. Really helpful for beginners.

    • Pleasure Jason. I have shared whatever I implemented and learn. This is the main objective of Growthfunda.
      Yes, this is very useful for beginners and even established a business while choosing a WordPress theme. I recommend everyone to use this best WordPress theme-GeneratePress (GP Premium)

  4. Thanks for sharing such a geat in details article for startup blog theme. I have lack of knowledge of some of the parts on the GeneratePress theme. Today I understand clearly about after reading your blog post. And I highly recommend new people who start their blog to use GeneratePress.

    • Thanks Raid,I am glad to see that my article clarify your understanding. The Premium version of GeneratPress(GP premium) has taken care of almost every small need.I suggest upgrading to it if you are not. Do let me know if you face any problem in customization,I am glad to help you.
      And ,yes it’s very useful theme to all blogger,startups,business and any other custom business need.Also it’s one the most versatile and rated under TOP 50 WordPress theme.

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