5 Recommended Books to Read That Get into Habit of Reading

I thought I should answer a question which is appearing in your mind that there are many such recommended books to read but why still I am curating the list of such best selling books?

And I know after picking up the below interesting books to read you will get into a habit of books reading.
Here are the answers why I am curating the list of such recommended books to read.

 When I have started following many entrepreneurs and millionaire, I have seen that many of them have one thing in common… 

Guess what?

Money, Success, Growth, Transformation…….

No, the common thing is Books.

Yes exactly, they have their own books published and best books all time to read.

They are habitual and been continuously reading books to learn, motivate, refresh mind, rejuvenate and identify inner potential to grow.

 That’s why google shows up this high search volume result when I have search for keywords like books to read, recommended books to read, top books to read like that.. 


Google Search for term Books to Read
Books to Read Google Search


 But it’s very hard that get into the habit of books reading until you have good books to read and which interest you else you feel bored. 

Then I thought why should not I try reading books and then share feedback on my experience with you guys…

All below-mentioned books are very interesting, best books all the time and I have already started reading these popular books.

Here is the proof of post on my Facebook Page Growthfunda

So here are the books which I am curating for you guys which get you into the habit of reading books.

Let me break it down handpicked interesting books to read for you..

Here Are the Books to Read Now

1.Who Moved My Cheese

who moved my cheese book image

Author- Dr Spencer Johnson

This book sold more than 26 million copies worldwide in 37 languages and remain one of the best selling books by Dr Spencer Johnson which is showing an amazing way to deal with change in your work and in your life.

As per the interesting name, author Spencer narrating change in work and life with help of two mice and two little people story.

Both mice and little people live in a maze, which is a representation of one’s environment, and look for cheese which is nothing but representative of happiness and success.

Author comparing mice mindset, as they are prepared for the situation and work hard to find the solution.

On the other hand different human mindset like negative mindset person to react the situation with attributes like angry, annoying, demanding & always asking the question “Who moved my cheese?” and positive mindset person with characteristics like “When you move beyond your fear, you feel free” trying for the solution like Mice.

As mentioned, Cheese(representative of happiness and success) will not last forever and it’s not free but you have to drill down your Maze(representation of one’s environment), put the efforts to find it and be happy.

Some of the best lines from the book as mentioned in the wiki

Change Happens

They Keep Moving The Cheese

Anticipate Change

Get Ready For The Cheese To Move

Monitor Change

Smell The Cheese Often So You Know When It Is Getting Old

Adapt To Change Quickly

The Quicker You Let Go Of Old Cheese, The Sooner You Can Enjoy New Cheese


Move With The Cheese

Enjoy Change!

Savour The Adventure And Enjoy The Taste Of New Cheese!

Be Ready To Change Quickly And Enjoy It Again

They Keep Moving The Cheese.

Book has a very good review and rating on Amazon.You can buy a copy directly from below link.

2.Fish! A Proven Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results

image of book Fish! A Proven Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results

Author:- Stephen Lundin’s

The author focuses on the attitude towards work and how employees in the workplace will be happier in their lives if they have the power to change their own attitudes about their work, creating a positive environment that will be more productive.

This is a great book, which is sold over 5 million copies and suggests maintaining a positive approach to the business, life and career is: “choose your attitude.”

You are the one who has control over attitude you bring to the work every single day. If you stay positive, you’ll find that it is easier every day to become a person that you want to be.

This book is famous for management in the words of the four elements of the Fish! philosophy which breaks down as follows:

  1. Choose your attitude
  2. Play
  3. Make their day
  4. Be present

Content inside the book is resonating with anyone who is at any career level, willing to take life to next level.

FISH! will help you to discover the amazing power which is already inside you to make a positive difference-wherever you are in life.The book is self-explanatory once you start reading you will love what you are reading.

Grab your copy of Fish! from here

3.The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich

image of The 4 Hour Work Week book

Author – One of my favourite and very famous book by Timothy Ferriss who is a master at writing self-help books which got an appearance on The New York Times bestseller, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller lists.

Tim mentioned very good tips and tricks like a virtual assistant, automation to bring result and get work done quickly and easily.

It advocates that how to deal with a long-term career and take a short break, escape from daily life.Also, the author points out on old age concept of retirement and then subsequent relaxation or travel.

Growth hacks mentioned by Tim are very good to escape from RAT RACE of 9-5 and live life like own boss.

Tim has transformed his hectic life of 80 hours per week and $40, 000 Per Annum to 4 hours per week and $40, 000 Per Month with his growth hacking tips, tricks and tools which he has mentioned in the book.

Tim shows the art of eliminating 50% of your workload in mere 48 hours.

That’s why RAMIT SETHI founder of I Will Teach You To Be Reach saying that

The book that changed my life in 2 hours: The 4-Hour Workweek

This book is divided into 4 main sections: Definition, Elimination, Automation, Liberation i.e DEAL.

  • Definition replacing self-defeating assumptions related to needs, fears, the expectations of society.
  • Elimination – how to use time effectively and learning to ignore what is unimportant in order to have more time available for important things.
  • Automation- Tim shown importance of putting the majority of the things on automation like cash flow, to generate income and live the life you want.
  • Liberation point out on creating freedom of location.

Those who are willing to start a business or doing business, willing to learn how to manage work and do it effectively, looking for career advice by applying author Tim’s tips and trick, I recommend buying this book.

I bought it from here

4.The Mind Map Book

book image of the mind map book

Author-Tony Buzan the mind mapping guru.
This is another effective book showing new ways of using memory, concentration, and creativity.

Techniques mentioned by Tony Buzan throughout the book helps in planning and structuring thought on all levels, in order to accelerate the ability to learn, remember and record information.

Tony shows the emphasis on mind mapping technique which is currently being used by many MNCs, major universities, artists, Students all over the world.

Through Mind mapping book Tony Buzan shows the potential of the human mind, how people can maximize their brain power.

This book reveals exciting new ways to improve memory, concentration, creativity, ability to learn.

This book is also very helpful for student, programmer, critical thinker, organization and to all level of professional person to maximize their brain potential to achieve success.

Without a doubt, you will learn a lot by reading this book.

So don’t wait to pick a copy of The Mind Map Book.

Tony Buzan also releases below Mind Mapping book for Kids.You can directly grab a copy of it from below link.

Mind Maps for Kid: An Introduction (Mind Maps for Kids)

5.You Can Win

image of book you-can-win

Author– Shiv Khera – an Indian origin author whose self-help books are helping to realize an individual’s true potential.

This is one of the international bestseller books by Shiv Khera.

Author mentioned

Working hard is not only needed for the success but inspiration, motivation also plays an important role

Motivation, inspiration is the core part of this book through which one can easily sort out their daily life problems with simple yet effective solutions.

Author has mentioned seven steps towards positive thinking, which solve many problems like one will be able to attain mutual trust and respect from people near and all the barriers to will also start fading with positive thinking.

This book is best for the those suffering from low esteem, lack confidence and must-read books of all time.

So that’s it for the day..

Before heading to the conclusion directly I want to put something like below which is very important.

Hack That Will Get You into the Habit of Reading Books

To get into the habit of reading you must know below growth hacks that will change your way of reading.
Below are some of the hacks

  1. Pick up the right and interesting books to read.
  2. Initiate a SINGLE try and pick the best selling books and recommended books to read.
  3. Read almost every day, your little 10-15 mins also makes difference.In this way, you can finish up books very fast. To master reading try “The Speed Reading Book: Read more, learn more, achieve more” by Tony Buzan.
  4. Don’t pick up books when you are tired and feel anxious.
  5. Timing matters – early morning is the best time to read but it depends on every single person.
My intention behind writing this post is not just to bring motivation, but to bring entrepreneur in you, to take corrective action towards your goals and start today rather than thinking will do it later or someday because that day will never come.

I am damn sure above suggested books to read will transform your way of thinking and mindset.

I will add these books review to my another post in near future till the time continue reading this post as all are the interesting books.


Picking up the book and finish it reading is like eating in full plate meal and still, it’s not finishing which is sometimes difficult unless you have good digestive power.

As mentioned above you can think of those hacks, as it will increase your reading capability and power.

I tried to curate best of best interesting books to read for you, to pick up the book right now and read now.

So start reading books now and do little favor me with below

  • Which books are you currently reading?
  • What is your current year book reading resolution?
  • Is there any other book you would like to mention?
  • Which is your best books all the time to read?
  • Tell me about your books reading the plan?
  • What do you think of reading books to grow?

Please leave a comment and let me know if you have any stories or questions.

If you like my post and you feel my efforts are useful for you then share a comment to Growthfunda that will motivate me to write more for you.

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    • Yes, Agree. “Who moved my Cheese” and “You can Win” are really worth reading.
      I am damn sure you will love others 3 as well….

  1. Great selection of books, Amol, thanks! The one that had the greatest impact on me is Tony Buzan’s Mind Map book – I use mind maps for virtually everything that I write. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks, Rob for your kind words it really motivates me to write more.I am also enjoying your stuff.
      Yes, Mind Map book is really awesome.

    • Thanks, Vernon. I am glad you like it. Don’t forget to explore the FREE list of 30+ books. Happy reading. 🙂

  2. These are the must read books. In fact, I have read almost all the books you have mentioned over here. I am too fond of reading and strongly feel that books help us lot in finding meaningful way of living. Thanks for bringing this list up. See ya !

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