A2 Hosting Review: Cheap and Best Hosting

In this A2 Hosting Review, I tried to solve your problem of finding cheap and best hosting.

Top Reasons Why You Should Try A2 Hosting

Let’s have a quick sneak peek at some key features that will help you to take the decision to move to A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting Features

Still, thinking a lot & confused between other hosting providers? To help you out, you should check the below comparison between A2 hosting and other hosting providers.

A2 Hosting vs Siteground

Note: Whatever price and images you see in this post, are based on the discount applicable at that time. A2Hosting Shared Hosting plans start actually at $2.99\month.

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A2 Hosting vs Bluehost

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A2 Hosting vs GoDaddy

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A2 Hosting vs Hostgator

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Did you see how A2 Hosting is the affordable, cheap, and best hosting web hosting company among others?

How To Choose Cheap and Best Hosting As Per Your Need?

Errors like “500 Internal Error“are common with the cheapest WordPress hosting services. Hence you should not focus only on low price hosting & cheap WordPress hosting. Along with cost, you should look for support, speed, performance, and security in cheap and best WordPress hosting.

Which Hosting Should You Buy

There are many types of web hosting like, Shared web hosting (Linux-based Shared web hosting provides strong security over Windows hosting), Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting, etc. So based on your need you should choose. For a personal blog, website, Share Web Hosting is good. Nowadays, all major Hosting provider offers the Shared Hosting (With Linux)

Factors To Look In While Buying Web Hosting Plans

This is where my favorite A2Hosting cheap and best hosting in India meet all the above criteria.

What Is A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting is a Non-EIG, independent founder-owned, reliable, and cheap web hosting company. Bryan Muthig founded A2 Hosting in the year 2001.Bryan’s goal was to create, maintain a good web hosting company.

Original A2 Hosting name has changed due to its location in the town where it began i.e. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since start 2001 company grown till 2003 and had gained a lot more clients than expected.

Major top cheapest Web hosting companies like BlueHost, Hostgator are part of EIG. Endurance International Group is a larger organization that has acquired many smaller companies.

Hence all of these cheap server hosting companies are using common shared resources and that results in a poor performance like website downtime. Look at below list of EIG owned top web hosting companies

List of EIG brand hosting companies
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This is where A2 Hosting a cheap and best domain hosting stands out.

Which A2 Hosting Plan Should You Buy

As mentioned above one can start a website with a Shared WordPress hosting plan. A2 hosting offers below 4 affordable shared hosting plans options with Linux as a platform.

Note: Whatever price and images you see in this post, are based on the discount applicable at that time. A2Hosting Shared Hosting plans start actually at $2.99\month.

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How To Buy A2 Hosting?

Note: Whatever price and images you see in this post, are based on the discount applicable at that time. Actual A2Hosting Shared Hosting plans start from $2.99\month.

Steps to buying A2 Hosting:

  1. Visit A2 Hosting.com (special link to grab a discount on all plans.) Scroll little down and Click on Compare Plans from SHARED HOSTING.
a2 hosting plans earth week sale
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On the next page, you’ll see A2 hosting plans like below.

2. Select any plan. Let’s say Startup plan and click on Get Startup.

a2hosting shared hosting plans
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3. The next page will navigate you to choose your domain name.

shopping cart of best cheap web hosting in India
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3. After clicking on the Use button above, next you will see the below page. Wherein you need to select the Billing Cycle.

Pro Tip: If you want to save money on renewals, then I recommend choosing a billing cycle for more than 12 months.

Next, you will see whatever discount is there, the coupon code gets automatically applied.

a2hosting share plan purchase in earth week sale
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6. Select the nearest Server location, Let’s encrypt free SSL, and Auto-Installation as None.

As the discount code is automatically applied, you need not have to enter the A2hosting promo code again.

7. Click on the Continue button.

8. Enter your payment details on the next page and continue.

BOOM, Once payment is successful, Login into your A2 hosting account and set up your website.

Pros Of A2 Hosting

  • Global multi-currency payment option saves money on currency exchange rate.
  • Monthly billing cycle & any-time money back guarantee
  • A2 Hosting servers are secure with FREE “HackScan,” that scans for malware and other attacks 24/7.
  • Protection against Denial of service attack (DDoS).
  • FREE features like Server rewind backup, CloudFare CDN, and so on.
  • Advanced features like staging areas or a server-side caching.
  • FREE server rewind backups provide freedom from accidental deletion, mistakes & data corruption.
  • Global data centers server locations.
  • 100 GB or Unlimited storage
  • FREE website migrations.
  • Extra bonuses
  • 24*7 Support

Cons Of A2 Hosting

  • Nothing as such

FAQ About A2Hosting a Cheap and Best Web Hosting in India

What is the cheapest way to host a website?

The cheapest way to host a website is to buy a domain name, web hosting, and build a website using it.

Is free hosting good?

No, free hosting providers are not good and they are prone to security threats so DO NOT use try them.

Which is the best website hosting in India?

I recommend two best web hosting services in India for beginners i.e. A2 Hosting & Siteground.

How much does web hosting cost in India?

Cost depends on factors like hosting provider, hosting plan & extra services you choose. Web hosting cost in India starts between ₹ 99.00/mo – ₹ 230/mo (i.e. $1.5 – $3.5 /mo) or goes higher.

What is A2 Hosting cheapest hosting plan?

A2 Hosting cheapest hosting plan is a STARTUP plan that costs $2.99 /month.

Is A2 Hosting good and reliable?

You can trust them because, they are not a part of EIG companies, the only company that offers an anytime refund policy, offer reliable & scalable hosting services.

Is there any coupon or discount on A2 Hosting?

Yes, you can grab A2 Hosting at a discounted price using this link.

Final Words

If you want me to rate A2 Hosting then I would love to rate it as a 4.9 out of 5. 

A2 Hosting is for you if you are looking:..

A2 Hosting isn’t for you if…

I hope you found this review of cheap and best hosting in India useful.

  • Which cheapest hosting for WordPress are you using?
  • How much money are you paying for the cheap and best hosting in India per year?


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  1. You gave us details information for us. Well, content is written. I loved this article. Thanks for that.

  2. Hello Amol Brother,

    You have described everything amazingly. A2 Hosting is a good alternative to Siteground.

    You have mentioned everything clearly. After the price hike of Siteground, everyone is looking for a perfect alternative of Siteground. And A2 hosting is one of the best alternatives to Siteground.

    Sayem Ibn Kashem

    1. Toatally Agree Sayem. A2hosting is cheap and best hosting in india along with that it’s best alternative of Sitegroud. The another best part is it’s anytime money back plicy and unlimited plan.

  3. Dear Amol,

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful post. I loved every paragraph of this post. You have covered all the major points. The good thing about your post is you have even covered the payment option which most of the bloggers forget to mention. I loved your post, and Yes, Siteground is too costly for starters. I want to see more such posts like this on your blog.

    regards Santosh Gairola

    1. Thanks Santosh and glad you like this A2hosting review. Yes, Siteground is costly for starters and now they have announced new price hike for all plans which every newbie can not afford. So I recommend all to give a try to Siteground alternative, i.e. A2hosting.

      And Yes, definitely I will try my level best to share such good post in the future.