Elementor Review: Why 5 millions+ Websites Are Using This Best Page Builder?

Elementor Review

Elementor is the best page builder and best alternative for Thrive Suite (Thrive Architect), Divi and Beaver Builder. The reasons behind it are as below.

Elementor Review and recommendations by top influencers
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In this Elementor Review, I have covered everything that you need to know about Elementor free and Elementor pro. At the end of this Elementor theme builder review, you will be in a position to choose the best WordPress Page builder.

This Elementor pro review also covers key features, benefits of Elementor, pricing info, etc.

So let’s jump on to the Elementor page builder review, but before Elementor plugin review, let’s see what is Elemenetor & how it works.

What is Elementor

Elementor is the most popular & best page builder for WordPress. It was launched in 2016, and now captured the majority of WordPress page builder market in the WordPress community.

How Elementor Interface Works: Installation & Enabling Page Builder in WordPress

Let’s first understand How Elementor Plugin Works.

1. Elementor Installation & Activation

Pre-Requisites: in order to enable\activate Elementor on your website, you must first installl Elmentor Free Plugin version and then activate license of Elementor Pro. version.

Steps To Active\Enable Elementor Page Builder:

  1. Go to Elementor Official Website >> Pricing. Purchase any plan of Elementor. During the purchase you need to register to Elementor Website.
  2. Once you purchase, Go to Elementor website > My Account and Login into your accout.
  3. From My Account Page, Download the Pro version of Elementor and install it on your WordPress Website.
  4. Now You need to activate your License. so for activation, go to Your WordPress Site Dashboard > Elementor > License > and Click on Connect & Activate.
  5. Next, You’ll be redirected to Elementor site to log in into your account. So Click on Connect. Once you log in, your license will be activated automatically.
Elementor License Settings
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Elementor adds two menu items in your WordPress Site, “Templates” & “Elementor” once it’s successfully installed as shown below.

Elementor settings and templates
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A) Templates Menu: Under this, you will see Saved Templates, Popups, Theme Builder, etc.

B) Elementor Menu: This section covers below options:

  • Settings: As shown in the above screenshot here you can enable or disable post types, Disable Default Colors & Fonts.
  • Custom fonts: To upload custom fonts.
  • Custom icons: To Upload custom icons.
  • Role Manager: With Role Manager you can grant Two permissions 1. Access to edit content only 2. Access to editor
  • Tools: This section provides options to sync library, safe mode, debug bar, replace URL, Regenerate CSS, version control, and also maintenance mode.
  • System info: Your Website system info.
  • Getting started: covers helpful links with to documentation and videos
  • Get help: Its contains link and information regarding help.
  • License: Place to enter License key.

2. Elementor Interface: How it is Divided

The visual, drag-and-drop WordPress page builder plugin Elementor allows you to create custom designs without code.

Once you launch the Elementor interface, you will see the live preview of your design on the right and a sidebar on the left.

Below sreenshot depicts how Elementor Interface is divided. It contains:

  • Content area: The main content aread outside of Elementor. i.e. Default Theme Content Area. In the grey dotted line, you will build own design in very less span of time.
  • Elements/Widgets: These are building blocks for your design.
  • Settings is where you will preview your design on different devices, undo, etc.
Elementor interface
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Elementor Interface Key Areas: Elementor Sections and Columns (inside a section) are the key areas of the Elementor Interface as shown below.

Elementor Interface Key Areas
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To add a new element to a section or column, you need to just drag it from the left sidebar onto the visual preview of page as shown below. For styling elements, columns, or sections, click on your desired content and then use the tabs in the sidebar:

Elementor Widgets and Elements
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Elementor Features: Benefits Of Elementor Page Builder

This Elementor Review Sections contains Elementor Features & Elementor Advantages over other page builders.

Elementor benefits:

  • Revision History & easy undo/redo
  • Clean code: If you deactivate Elementor, it will automatically clean all the backend code. That is where most of the other page builders are lacking.
  • Mobile previews and responsive design controls: You can see Mobile previews of design while building pages. All the page\templates created with Elementor page builder are mobile responsive.
  • You can easily set padding & width of sections, widgets, and columns by just dragging
  • Inline text editing allows you to type & edit text on your page rather than using a popup like some other page builders.
  • With Global widgets, helps to resue existing same element on multiple pages.
  • Supports third-party extensions to extent the Elementor functionality.
  • Build WordPress theme with Elementor.
  • Elementor template library; has many pre-designed templates that can be install, reuse & customize further.
  • Export Pre-Designed Pages\templates: One of the best time-saver and most liked feature of Elementor.

Elementor Free Vs. Elementor Pro : Which One To Pick

Elementor is a freemium plugin. The free version of plugin has limited number of customization options, elements, and some basic functionalities. Elementor free version helps you to make changes to the content part only but Elementor Pro version, allows you to edit the whole site.

Another major difference between Elementor free vs pro is pricing and features. Elementor is Free plugin whereas Elementor Pro comes with advanced functionality with the different Elementor pricing plans. (I have covered pricig in upcoming paragraphs).

Here are some Elementor Pro features:

  • Lead generation Popup builder.
  • 300+ Elementor pro templates & blocks.
  • 85+ Elementor Pro Widgets.
  • Global widget feature.
  • Dynamic content
  • Theme builder
  • Third-party Integrations with other software.

So grabbing Elementor Pro would be the best deal. You should read this complete comparison of Elementor free vs pro, here on this page.

Elementor Pro Review

Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Pro Page Builder contains;

  1. Elementor Theme builder
  2. Elementor Templates
  3. Dynamic Content
  4. Elementor Popups

Let’s jump to Elementor theme builder review.

1. Elementor Theme Builder

By using Elementor Theme Builder, you can fully design WordPress theme with Elementor’s drag-and-drop interface and customize any area of your website like Website headers, footers, archive pages, single post pages, and other areas of your site with powerful drag and drop functionality.

If you are short of time then you should check this quick overview on the official site here Elementor Theme Builder.

The biggest benefit of Elementor Theme builder is Templates and their re-usability.

For example, suppose you design the single blog post template, then you can automatically assign that template to each single blog post you publish.

You can apply templates across every blog post, category, pages, and entire website where you want.

Theme builder provides ability to create unlimited Elementor templates like:

  • Header, Footer, Section
  • Single, Archive blog posts
  • Section
  • Search Results
  • Error 404
Elementor Template
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Building templates with Elementor involves:

  1. Choosing Templates type like; header, footer, single post page, or archive page.
  2. Enter\Add the content or dynamically display content using Dynamic Content.
  3. Set the conditions where you want to display Templates.

2. Elementor Templates

This Elementor review is incomplete without mentioning pre-made Templates. Elementor free version offers 150+ and pro version offers 300+ Elementor Pro Templates.

Best part, Elementor Templates Library contains templates for multiple different niches for home pages, contact pages, landing pages, portfolios, team pages and many more.

Elementor Templates Library
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The best part, you can import any template into your page and also save any of your own pages as templates and then either reuse Templates on another page or share with your team.

Elementor Library Impot and Export
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Check All Elementor Templates

3. Dynamic Content

Elementor expands its benefits with Dynamic content. So let’s jump to Dynamic content for Elementor review.

Dynamic content for Elementor helps you dynamically insert content from anywhere on your WordPress site. Dynamic content could be anything like; Numbers, Text, Images. Dynamic content functionality is available with almost all the major elements like below.

You can refer to this Elementor blog post explaining Elementor dynamic content in detail.

Elementor Dynamic Content for Element review
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4. Elementor Popup Builder\Elementor Popups

The benefit of Element popup builder is to help you capture Lead. That means you need not have to use other lead capturing tools like OptinMonster, Thrive Leads, etc for capturing the leads.

The best part, Elementor offers a library of pre-designed Elementor popups, that literally save time in designing the Lead Popups.

You can check all pre-designed Elementor popups here.

Elementor Popup builder offers below functionalities:

  • Opt-in popups, Login/registration popup, Social sharing popups, Prevent closing on overlay, Show close button, Disable page scrolling, Avoid multiple popups

Customize the popup size and entrance animation means you can:

  • Full-screen fillers, Centered popups, Notification bars, Slide-ins, etc

Once you design and publish popup, next you can set Conditions & Trigger rules to apply your popup to certain content on your site:

Elementor Popup conditions settings
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The Trigger rules include: Exit intent, On click, After inactivity, Scroll depth, Time on page functionalities.

Elementor Popup Triggers settings
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Next, Advanced Rules tab offers more options for targeting popups like below:

Elementor Popup Advanced Rules
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That’s it about Elementor popups.

After using it, I found popups are reach in feature, flexible similar to other WordPress popup plugins.

Elementor Pricing

Elementor is a freemium plugin. Recently, Elementor pricing plans has been updated. The major difference between all plans is about website usage and pricing.

For single website, you can go with the Essential Plan, but if you are into Web design and agency then you should get either Expert or Agency Plan.

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Elementor Pros and Cons

After knowing the benefits of Elementor, now you should also know about the Elementor Pros and Cons


  • Free version.
  • Excellent Pre- Designed Template Library
  • Variety of high-customizable widgets.
  • Excellent popup builder to capture leads.
  • Theme & Page builder.
  • Customize any part of the website.
  • Easy to use navigation and user interface.
  • Regular updates with reach new features
  • WooCommerce builder
  • Supports all WordPress theme
  • Support of 3rd party plugins available.
  • Global Widgets.


  • Lacking some marketing-oriented features.

Elementor Alternatives

The obvious question that everyone has, How does Elementor compare to other page builders? There are several Elementor alternatives in the market which sometimes creates confusion while choosing page builders. So to help you, I tried to cover the comparison of Elementor with major page builder in short as below:

Elementor vs Thrive Themes

The major Elementor competitor is Thrive Architecture (Recently name changed to Thrive Suite). It offers many other tools along with basic page builder Thrive Theme. This is the uniqueness of Thrive Suite. Click here to explore more Thrive Themes\Suite

Elementor vs Divi

With Divi, you don’t have option to use it with any WordPress theme. You have to use it with Divi’s own theme. That is where Elementor is a perfect choice that can be used with any WordPress theme. Hence Elementor is popular among all bloggers, agencies, and businesses

Elementor vs Beaver Builder

The downside of Beaver Builder is that, it sells some of the features separately as an Add-On (e.g. Beaver Themer). That is where Elementor excels.

FAQ on Elementor Pro Review

Is Elementor Pro free?

No, Elementor Pro is not free. It is the extension of Elementor Free version.

What is the difference between Elementor and Elementor pro?

The major difference between Elementor and Elementor pro is pricing and features. Elementor is Free plugin whereas Elementor Pro comes with advanced functionality with the different Elementor pricing plans. Also, Elementor free version helps you to make changes to the content part only but Pro version, allows you to edit the whole site.

You can check comparison between free and pro here.

Is Elementor Pro worth it?

Yes, Elementor pro is worth it if you want to use some extensive customization Widgets, & features.

Does Elementor slow down your site?

No, not that much. Elementor impacts very little on the website speed. Elementor mentioned the reasons for a slow website could be anything like; servers, third-party scripts, media, plugins, no CDN.

Is Elementor better than Gutenberg?

Yes. Not only, Elementor is better than Gutenberg but also with almost all the plugins. Elementor offers more customization options, features and flexibility than ay other page builder.

Is there any Elementor discount code?

Elementor hardly provides discount code. They runs discount during Black Friday or any other festive seasons

Can I use Elementor with any Theme?

Yes, you can use Elementor with any theme. Elementor supports all WordPress Themes.

Conclusion: Elementor Review 2021

There are many other page builders there, but after experiencing most of them, I found Elementor a king of all page builders.

I would love to conclude this Elementor review by mentioning below benefits that I liked most.

  1. Speed and Clean Code: Many page builders badly impact the Website loading speed and leaves the code behind to your WordPress site if you deactivate them. Significantly, Elementor outranks them in all.
  2. Save Money: With Elementor you need not have to use multiple pluginsfor the purpose like social share, lead generation, notification bar, contact form.
  3. Elementor reusable design feature and collection of pre-designed Template Library

I believe you are with me on this.

After reading this Elementor website builder review if you are in need of best WordPress page builder plugin, then you should go for Elementor Pro.

I hope you like this Elementor review. Do let me know if you have any queries.


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  1. Hi Amol, It’s an excellent review for elementor, I’m using this tool for the last few years. I can say is you nailed this one. Not only that, I also loved your recommendations.

    Keep it up!

    1. Thanks Shehraj for kind words about Elementor Review. I have been also using this Elementor page builder & I can say that anyone can customize website with it that way they want.