Freedom Breakthrough Review: Can You Make Money With It?

Struggling to make money online? Stuck in a 9-5 Job? then there is no other better option than affiliate marketing. Then this Freedom Breakthrough Review is for you. Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 is Affiliate Marketing training by Johnathan Montoya.

Don't know What's Affiliate Marketing?
In simple words it is a marketing strategy in which a company pays certain percentage of commision to third-party publishers\website owenrs to generate sales to the company's products or service.

Freedom Breakthrough course teaches effective affiliate marketing strategies which helped many people to make $1000/month or even more from affiliate marketing. It’s not only training but step by step actionable plug-and-play plan that you can execute and make lots of money. ❤️

Yes, you heard it right. Don’t believe it?

You can get access to mini version of the course for Just $7.

This mini version of the Freedom Breakthrough is called as 3 Days Freedom Breakthrough Challenge which allowed Jonathan Montoya to leave his engineering job and become a full-time affiliate marketer.

How Freedom Breakthrough will help you make money? Well this is an obvious question that can trigger to anyone’s mind. Here is a simple answer to it. “This course teaches you how to make money with Affiliate Marketing. As soon as you enroll in the course you can apply to become an affiliate of it. Once you get the approval you can make money by promoting and making sales of it. The best part, You can make up to $1122.75 per sale. ❤️”

Freedom Breakthrough Review

Affiliate Disclosure: I want to be honest with you. The links for Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 in this article are my affiliate link. Means, if you purchase Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Breakthrough Course from any of the links from this article then I’ll get a small commission without costing you anything extra. This helps me to run this blog successfully. By the way thanks in advance if you are purchasing a course from this article.

First, let’s look at the quick summary of Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 by Jonathan Montoya

Name of the CourseFreedom Breakthrough 2.0
Course CreatorJonathan Montoya
TypeAffiliate Marketing Course
Total Video Content100+ Videos inside the course (You can watch it at your convenience)
Course Demo Watch 3-days Challenge Videos
Price of Full Course $1497 (One Time Payment) or $597 (3 Installments)
Mini 3 Days Challenge Course3 Days Freedom Breakthrough Challenge (Just $7)
Money-Back Guarantee 14 Days (Note: In order for money back, you need to prove that you have watched the course & took action on what you have learned)
Affiliate Program75% Commission of $1497 (i.e $1122.75 per sale Join Here)
Is it a Scam or Worth it? It’s not a Scam. You Check real users results from here
Freedom Breakthrough Summary

What Is 3 Day Freedom Breakthrough Challenge?

This is not another old-age course about affiliate marketing, but a step-by-step video course that shows you all the proven strategies to build an affiliate stacking ecosystem and make money. 3 Days Freedom breakthrough challenge is nothing but a 3 days training version of the main course Freedom breakthrough 2.0. It’s like a crash course.

The best part, you can get access to this challenge for just $7 😀

Inside 3-days mind-blowing challenge, Jonathan Montoya explains proven tips to do affiliate marketing & get high ticket affiliate sales easily. Also, he showcases the exact framework, funnels he is using with all the technical aspects of it.

Isn’t it great?

Wait, the real game-changer is Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 full course where you will get the below things:

  • 10+ Modules videos training (Total 100+ videos) and Bonus training from 4 super affiliates experts.
  • Weekly coaching call and personal support from Jonathan Montoya.
  • 75% Affiliate commission of $1497 for the life. ❤️
  • A White Label Rights to 3 Days Freedom Breakthrough challenge. Means you can sell his course and keep 100% commission.
  • Access to YouTube Ads breakthrough Full Course.

Now you understood how powerful & beneficial this course is.

But what about the results, Amol? 🤔

Don’t worry I covered it for you.

Look at the below results of Jonathan students who enrolled in Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Full Course:

Deniel chou freedom breakthrough 2 course student result
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Deniel chou freedom breakthrough 2 student result
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As an Affiliate, Jonathan Student Daniel Chou makes $1000+ per day
nathan 3 days freedom breakthrough 2 student result
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Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 student result
yamini gaba freedom breakthrough 2 student result
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While celebrating festivals, Yamini Gaba is making money as an affiliate of Jonathan Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Course
3-days freedom breakthrough challenge student result
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As you can see above, there is no doubt that Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 challenge has helped many others to escape 9-5 jobs and become full-time Affiliate marketers. This course is really a great deal if you want to make huge money and need financial freedom.

Are you with me on this?

If yes, then what’s stopping you to make money online?

Who is Jonathan Montoya?

I know this was in your mind, who is the creator of this course? Jonathan Montoya is a popular Affiliate Marketer and YouTuber. (Channel name “Passive Income Lifestyle”) He started his Affiliate Marketing journey 2 years back while doing 9-5 jobs as an engineer which was paying him $80k/mo.

Within 9 months, he started making a ton of money with affiliate marketing, which is why he quit his engineering job to make affiliate marketing his full-time job. Now Affiliate marketing has allowed him to make over $20k every month.

Here are some of his affiliate earning screenshots:

johnathan montoya clickfunnels earning 10k usd
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johnathan montoya earning from affiliate marketing
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So from his experience of earning a ton of money within 6 months from Affiliate marketing, he developed the Freedom Breakthrough Challenge which is helping a lot of others to make money from Affiliate Marketing. He power-packed this course with top-secret strategies to share with others so that others can make good money and live a free lifestyle. 

What Is Inside 3-days Freedom Breakthrough Challenge?

Don’t get confused, The previous name of the 3 Days Freedom Breakthrough Challenge was “3-Days Business Breakthrough Challenge”

The value inside the course is beyond the imagination. Jonathan shared many value nuggets along with Bonuses and Funnels (He even allowed you to copy his exact funnel in a few clicks.)

If you are thinking that Freedom Breakthrough Challenge 2.0 Full course is not right for you then you can enroll in this short 3 Days Freedom Breakthrough Challenge at just $7.

Here are the contents of the 3 Days Challenge:

Day 1: How This 3- Step System Will Allow You Quit Job & Achieve Complete Freedom.

On the first day, Jonathan talks about

  • His journey as an affiliate marketer and how he left 9-5 jobs.
  • Information about affiliate marketing.
  • His advanced Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem to get sales on daily basis.
  • Niche selection, free traffic, paid traffic, and many more valuable things.
  • He Shared his student’s results who are earning $1000+ daily with this challenge.

So all in one on Day 1 is value-packed.

Day 2: Build Business Today in 40 mins. (Follow Jonathan Exact Proven Steps & Copy His 6 Figure Funnel In Few Seconds)

Here are value nuggets you will learn on Day 2:

  • Inside Day 2 Jonathan shared how you can get access to his funnel template so that you can copy-paste and need not have to waste time creating for you. Also, he even builds an entire funnel in front of you and explains how it work.
  • How to find the perfect product to promote.
  • Setting your affiliate marketing funnel with the free and paid tools.
  • Email Marketing Setup& Automation: how to set up an email marketing ecosystem and automation, so that in the backend once you capture customer email addresses, the system will work for you and make money on autopilot, plus you can promote many other supporting offers.

Day 3: How to Get Traffic to Your Affiliate Marketing Funnel

Day 3 is all about a value-packed lesson on getting Traffic. 🚀 Here is an overview of it:

  • Advanced traffic strategies that Jonathan uses to drive traffic to his affiliate marketing funnel.
  • He talks about a partnership with him so that you can promote his course and earn a 50% commission.
  • Traffic lessons on, Facebook organic traffic, YouTube Traffic Strategy, Paid Traffic like Google Ads, Drive traffic, & sales via Tiktok.


  • Access to Facebook community and Support along with many more resources.
  • You can become an affiliate partner of this Freedom Breakthrough Course so that you can promote this course and make a commission as an Affiliate.
  • Get Access to his White Label Funnel and eBook as a Lead Magnet.

The best part about his funnel and eBook is that he allows you to change his Affiliate Link with yours so that you can make money with the Affiliate commission.💓

Watch below to know more.

So all in one this 3 Day Freedom Breakthrough Challenge is value for money and worth around $1000. For now, you can enroll in it at just $7 with a Bonus.

So what are you waiting for? Go and access this 3 Freedom breakthrough challenge to make money online. 👇👇👇👇👇

You can upgrade to the Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 if earlier you enrolled in just 3 Days Freedom Breakthrough Challenge.

Will This Course Helpfull & Can You Make Money From It?

Making money online from any program\course is depends on how much action you take and how powerful that training\course is.

There is no doubt that this course is powerful & changed so many lives so far. Definitely, 3 days challenge can help you make money from affiliate marketing.

So I can say that rest depends on your actions to make money.

Look at the below success stories of those who enrolled in the 3 Days Freedom Breakthrough challenge.

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Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review (Full Course On Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem)

3 days freedom breakthrough review
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Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 course is an advance and detailed course created by Jonathan Montoya.

If you enroll in Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 challenge you will learn and get detailed training in the form of 12 modules (Each module contains around 5-12 videos.) In this full course, Jonathan’s main focus is on How to build Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem, How to create multiple sources of passive income, and escape 9 to 5 jobs.

You can upgrade to the Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 if earlier you enrolled in just 3 Days Freedom Breakthrough Challenge.

So now let’s go through the detailed Freedom Breakthrough Review 👇

Module 1: Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem

Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem is an advanced affiliate marketing strategy by Jonathan where he teaches how to earn high ticket affiliate commissions, build a long-term Affiliate Marketing business, and also promote other supporting offers.

5 videos of this module:

  • 1: How to Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem works
  • 2: In-depth example of Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem
  • 3: How to pick extremely high paying niche
  • 4: Picking the main core offer
  • 5: Finding Support offers For the Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem

Module 2: The Perfect Affiliate Funnel

This is a very important module that focuses on how super affiliate professionals, bloggers are using funnels to get consistent affiliate sales. Moreover, this module covers how to build converting perfect affiliate funnel with a lead magnet that captures leads, and further motivates to purchase affiliate products. Also, Jonathan shows Why to use Lead Magnets and create whole Affiliate Funnel the right way,

9 videos of this module are:

  • 1: What is the perfect affiliate funnel?
  • 2: What is the lead magnet and why do we need it 
  • 3: How to create the lead magnet
  • 4: Which Landing page software to use
  • 5: Create the perfect bridge page
  • 6: Done for you 6 Figure Funnels and Lead Magnets
  • 7: Signing up for ClickFunnels Live
  • 8: Creating Effective Opt-in affiliate funnels fast
  • 9: Creating Extremely high converting funnel pages (50%+ option)

Module 3: Online ATM Machine

Module where you’ll learn from basics to advance ways to make money with email marketing and Jonathan’s 6-figure email sequence that works.

12 Videos inside this module are:

  • Intro: How does email marketing prints money?
  • Email Marketing Definition
  • Signing up for GetResponse 
  • How to Integrate ClickFunnels with GetResponse
  • Setting up a professional domain email address
  • Adding Your Professional Email to GetResponse
  • The Secret Sauce (6 Figure Email Sequence That Works)
  • Get Your Email Written for you
  • How to Automate Emails Live Build and Integration
  • How to Send Broadcast email to your list
  • Staying Out of Spam and Increase Open Rates
  • What Now?

Module 4: YouTube (The no.1 source of Free Traffic)

Inside this module, Jonathan teaches you how to drive highly targeted traffic from YouTube and Shorts, how to set up your YouTube account properly and optimize your videos to rank make more affiliate sales.

Moreover, if you are not comfortable showing your face on Youtube he shows you, how to create content without showing facing that generates tons of sales. ❤️🤑💰

Total 13 videos inside are:

  • YouTube Setup Walkthrough
  • YouTube Ecosystem
  • How to Guarantee Your Growth on YouTube (3 Phases)
  • Growing on YouTube from 0 (This Works Every Time)
  • How to Optimize the Video to Rank at the Top
  • Automate the Optimization Process
  • Key Metrics to Grow on YouTube
  • Watch Time and Perfect YouTube Script
  • Click-Through Rate and The Perfect Thumbnail
  • First 24 Hours Velocity Tricks
  • YouTube Analytics Tricks
  • YouTube Golden Keywords Guaranteed to Rank
  • YouTube Shorts

Module 5: Free Traffic With TikTok

You’ll learn how to use TikTok for FREE traffic and affiliate sales inside this module. With detailed 12 videos, Jonathan will teach you how to use TikTok for FREE, and advanced strategies like creating 12 videos in an hour. This means this module will bring you more sales.

Here are 12 videos inside module:

  • The Big Picture (Really Important)
  • Using TikTok to Blow Up our Business
  • Downloading and Setting up the TikTok app
  • Optimizing Your Bio and Adding Social Media Handles
  • Content Ideas – How to Guarantee Growth on Tiktok
  • How Much Should I Post on Tiktok
  • Editing Videos & Batch Filming
  • TikTok Algorithm Revealed
  • How We Will Use TikTok to Get Leads and Sales
  • Create 12 Videos in An Hour
  • TikTok Live Secrets
  • Stiches, Duets, Comment Replays

Module 6: Get Traffic With Facebook Groups

The Facebook groups are hidden gems of FREE traffic. Don’t worry Jonathan covers that for you. He teaches how you can build authority with Facebook Groups and make money with affiliate marketing.

Module covers 10 videos inside:

  • Intro to Facebook Groups
  • How to Create The Facebook Group (Key Elements)
  • Growing From 0 to 1000 using a Facebook Profile
  • Grow Fast using a Lead Magnet
  • How to Use The Algorithm to Your Advantage
  • How to Write Super Engaging Posts
  • How to Save Time Not Replying Back
  • Use This to Get Social Media Posts Written for You
  • Numbers are KEY
  • Big Vision

Module 7: Daniel Chou’s High Ticket Sales

This module is something like a Hotcake for you. Because inside, you’ll get training from Danel Chou who is famous for making high ticket affiliate sales.

  • Learn “BAIT AND SWITCH” secret strategy to steal traffic and uses 6 killer questions to close high ticket sales.
  • How to get high ticket affiliate sales Lightning Fast

Module 8: Joshua Ong’s – Hick Ticket Sale with Facebook Organic 

Here you will get training from Joshua Ong who is famous for making high ticket affiliate sales using Facebook Organic method. He will teach you how to close affiliate sales on Facebook Messenger.

Below are the 20 Videos inside this module:

  • Introduction to Joshua Ong
  • Introduction
  • Psychology & Mindset of Success with Facebook
  • Success Cycle
  • The Power of Momentum
  • Branding You Inc – Profile Setting & Funnel Set Up
  • Deleting Inactive Friends or not target audience
  • Adding Your Ideal Client
  • Daily Method of Operation
  • Limitless Content Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • The Value Framework
  • Engagements Algorithm
  • Facebook Posting Strategy
  • The Power of Facebook Stories
  • High Intention, Low Attachment
  • Lead Generation with Facebook Groups
  • Outbound strategy
  • Follow up Strategy
  • 5 Pillars to Close High Ticket Sales on FB Messenger

Module 9: Creating Affiliate Website Asset

A website is an important asset to any business so here Jonathan will teach you, how to start an affiliate website\blog from scratch and make money with it.

15 videos inside this Module:

  • Website Asset Introduction
  • Finding Your Domain
  • Start Your Website and Lockdown Your Domain
  • Backend Tour of Your Website
  • Deleting Slow Plugins
  • Installing Essential Plugins
  • Installing WordPress Theme
  • Creating A Blog Post
  • Creating A Category
  • Adding Legal Pages
  • Adding Menus
  • Creating The About Page
  • What Are Widgets
  • Creating Email Forms & Popup Forms
  • Website is Done, Now What?

In order to rank website\blog in the search engines, one should know SEO. Don’t worry super affiliate Nathan Lucus will teach you everything about SEO.

You’ll get 12 videos inside:

  • Intro to Nathan
  • Why Blogging? Stats
  • Understanding Search Results
  • Search Traffic Buyer Intent
  • Search Traffic Informative Intent
  • Find The Best Keywords & Siphon Traffic From Your Competitors
  • Generate Endless Topic Ideas
  • Crafting The Perfect Blog Post
  • SEO Keywords to Include LSI
  • Generate Leads from Your Blog
  • Automate & Outsource Your Blog
  • On-Page SEO

Module 11: Paid Traffic With Google Ads

If you don’t have time and want to crush the Affiliate Marketing game then this module covers a complete guide on paid traffic with Google Ads. He also shares the secrete strategies, custom audience, YouTube Ads to scale the paid ads campaigns.

Here are 11 Videos inside:

  • Intro to Google Ads
  • Installing The Google Ad Pixel
  • Keyword Research (Plan For Success)
  • How to Run A Search Campaign Ad
  • How to Run Retargeting Ads on Google
  • How to Run YouTube Ads
  • YouTube Ad Custom Placements
  • Creating Custom Audience to Retarget
  • Analyzing The Data In Google Ads
  • Scaling Your Google Ads
  • Copy My Exact Ads Safe Landing Page

Module 12: Launch Jacking

You probably heard about Launch Jacking if you have been into the affiliate marketing game. If not then, it means a method to promote the offers that have not been launched yet and it’s one of the easiest ways to get affiliate sales. Here get complete knowledge on Launch Jacking

8 Videos inside this module are:

  • Launch Jacking Intro
  • How It Works & How Much You Can Make
  • Common Questions & Concerns I Get
  • How to Get An Article on Your Website
  • Getting Articles Written For You
  • How to Force Google To Show(Index) Your Site
  • Advanced – Creating Bonuses
  • Launch Jacking With YouTube

Freedom Breakthrugh 2.0 Bonuses By Jonathan

If you enroll in the Freedom breakthrough 2.0 course then along with it Jonathan offering awesome Bonuses worth $10000+ ❤️

🔥 BONUS 1: Get While Label Access to 3 Days Freedom Breakthrough Challenge. Means you can make a 100% commission which is priceless.

🥳BONUS 2: Once you enroll in Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 today, you’ll get free access to his YouTube Ads Breakthrough course.

🤑 BONUS 3: 75% Commissions For Life – This bonus is like a hotcake. If you purchase Freedom Breakthrough 2.0, then for every Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 sell, you’ll get a 75% affiliate commission of $1122.

🔐 BONUS 4: Private Facebook Group Access – Once you enroll in the course you will get access to his private Facebook community where you can connect with like-minded people.

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 course Pros and Cons

Pros of Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 

  • Simple detailed affiliate marketing training with strategies
  • A Training from a total of 5 super affiliates.
  • 75% Affiliate commission for the life (i.e. is $1122 per sale)
  • White label access to 3-days Freedom Breakthrough Challenge
  • Done for Your Funnels and eBooks
  • Weekly Group coaching call from Jonathan Montoya
  • Easy to navigate platform to learn.
  • Get access to tons of resources for marketing like Email Swipes, Videos Scripts, Images for affiliates to promote.

Cons of Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 

  • The course is not affordable to everyone. (But with 3 installment options one can opt for it.)

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Course Pricing

The full price of this course is $1497 once time. Here is what I like about this course is that

  • You can pay full price in 3 installements. ❤️
  • 14 Day money back garuntee if you find this course is not working for you even if you took action as mentioned in the course. You will get a full refund in 14 days.
  • If you are not sure to enroll in full course then you have choise to enroll to this 3 Days Freedom Breakthrough Challenge at just $7, which is insane. 🚀

Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 FAQs

Is Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 worth it?

For sure this course is worth it if you are ready to take action and serious about making money with affiliate marketing. It’s not a typical course, it’s beyond that; a kind of hand-holding course that teaches you how to implement and scale affiliate marketing.

Is Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 a scam or a legit program?

No, Freedom breakthrough is not a scam. You will find Jonathan Montoya is a well-known expert in affiliate marketing. With Freedom Breakthrough 2.0, he has shared excellent strategies to teach you everything to make money that helped him to quit 9-5 Jobs. There is an awesome Facebook community, email support, and network of like-minded folks to help you inside the group once you join this course.

Who is Johnathan Montoya?

Johnathan Montoya is a well-known affiliate marketer, founder of the YouTube channel “Passive Income Lifestyle” and Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Course. He is into affiliate marketing for more than 2 years now.

What is the Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Challenge?

It’s a very well-crafted Affiliate Marketing training program by Jonathan Montoya. This course has two versions a) small 3 Days Freedom Breakthrough Challenge and b) Full course Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 with 12 modules containing around 100 videos.

What’s the pricing of Freedom Breakthrough 2.0?

The base price of Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 is $1497. If you don’t have this much money then there is 3 installment option of $597 each.

Conclusion About Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Breakthrough Course

Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 is an Affiliate Marketing training program by Jonathan Montoya. Inside class, he shared all strategies which he used to quit his 9-5 job and become a full-time affiliate marketer. 

This is a complete fully packaged course with around 100 videos. So, if you want to learn affiliate marketing then this is the best course for you. 

Jonathan tried to help and considered all the scenarios so that everyone can enroll in the course. Hence, you get 14 Days money-back guarantee option if you are not satisfied with it then you can ask for a full refund within 14 days. Also, you can also pay training fees in 3 installments if you want.

So isn’t it an excellent program?

If you have any doubt regarding this course or 3-days Freedom Breakthrough Challenge then let me know via comment below. I tried my best to cover each and everything in this Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review.

Do you like this Freedom Breakthrough Review? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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