12 Steps How to Start Side Hustle (& Earn $1000) Fast

90% of people are not satisfied with their current job but the bigger problem is they never think outside of the job. The reason, they feel starting side hustle needs lots of time, money, skills.

Are you among those, struggling with How to start side hustle?

  • Don’t know how to build side hustle?
  • Don’t know how to find a side hustle idea💡?
  • Have lots of side hustle challenges?

So in this post, I’ll show you How to start a side hustle while working full time🚀. 
In fact, these steps help me to build my side hustle from home.

How to Start Side Hustle While Doing Job

I can see there two ways to start a side hustle

  1. With what you know (Fast, Simple Way).
  2. Learn skills that you can turn into full-time side hustle (Slow, Complex Way)

So before jumping to the core topic, let’s understand the basics of side hustles.

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These Secret Side Hustle Steps Helped Me to Earn $$$$ While Doing Full-time Job.

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What is Side Hustle?

Side hustle means any side work that you do apart from your day job to earn some extra money. To extend it further, Side hustles are the lifetime assets that you create outside of your day job.

Benefits of Side Hustles

  • Full ownership, accountability & more freedom.
  • Money
  • Security
  • Learning curve
  • Self-awareness, confidence, and growth
  • New opportunities, etc.

Remember, everything has some downsides so side hustles to have. So you should refrain from starting illegal side hustles like gambling, using fake side hustle apps.

Starting a side hustle while doing a job needs proper actions in the right direction.

Hence, your side hustle success depends on how you execute.

Start Side Hustle Step By Step

Step 1. Start With What You Know 🧑🏻‍🎓

start side hustle with what you know
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Most of people spend lots of time picking the best side hustle ideas.

You need not have to search for side hustle ideas.

And this will be your unique side hustle.

Here is the simple approach to start side hustle & how to find a side hustle

  • List down your key skills\area of interest\expertise\hobbies on plan paper or any note-keeping software like Trello
  • Sort out at least 3-5 skills\hobbies\area of interest which you like most and most expertise you have. This will help you to keep risk, investment, and time LOW in starting a side hustle.
  • Note down these sorted ideas separately.

Step 2. Find Demand for Your Side Hustle

find demand for side hustle
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At this step, you are going to finalize the side hustle idea.

For any business, it’s important to understand demand & supply.

So you should first find the demand for a side hustle that you are going to start.

Wondering, how you can do this?

Wait, here is how to choose side hustle.

  1. Head over to Quora.com
  2. Now pick up and enter the sorted skills\area of interest\hobbies which you have jotted down separately in Step 1. Start With What You Know
  3. Look for the Q&A around these sorted ideas which people around the globe are looking.
  4. Look at the engagement of these Q&A like Comments, Upvotes, Followers.
  5. Check what kind of problems people are facing and asking for help.
  6. See what kind of recommendations\solution others are offering.

Based on these inputs, you can understand the demand for side hustle ideas.

Similarly, You can check demand on YouTube, Udemy, like this,

  1. Look for videos\courses\training available on your selected side hustle idea.
  2. Again, identify problems which the audience is facing & what the solution others are offering.
  3. Look at the engagement of video\courses.

This is how you can find demand, supply, problems, and potential of your side hustle idea.

Isn’t it easy?

Let’s hover to the next step.

Step 3. Identify Your Available Time


….everyone has some free time but most of the folks are nagging like this,

“Hey, I don’t have time, how I can start side hustle.”

find time for your side hustle
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So it’s important that you should,

1. Determine the amount of free time you have for working on a side hustle.

If you are too busy in your day job then don’t start a side hustle in a hurry else it will burn your energy.

To identify your FREE time, You should learn to steal the time from the day job.

I know it’s difficult but not impossible and you need to master this art with your day job schedule.

This is how you can steal time from your busy schedule

  • First 15-30 mins when you reach the office.
  • Evening time when you are about to leave the office.
  • 10-15 mins. post lunchtime.
  • Steal time from unnecessary gossiping with your colleagues.

2. Allocate consistent time for your Side Hustle.

Based on my 4-5 years of experience, here is something that you should pay attention to.

If you don’t give consistent time for your side hustle then you won’t be able to grow and escape the rat race job.

So be consistent with side hustling.

Keep a habit to track and set focus time and day.

You can take the help of tools like ResueTime (best if you are alone working on a side hustle), TimeDoctor (best to track your & your team time & activities)

Step 4. Make a Plan to Work on Side Hustle

make side hustle plan
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Proper planning leads to good results.

But don’t waste too much time on side hustle planning, You should focus more on side hustle plan execution.

Here is how you can plan and execute side hustle.

  • Note down your bigger goals that you want to achieve with side hustles.
  • Break down these bigger goals into shorter goals. (You can take the help of tools like Plutio to add small tasks\goals, assign time, & manage the entire side hustle project)
side hustle goals
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  • Divide time for the shorter goals and set fixed milestones.
  • Start with small tasks but achieve big.
  • Stick to this plan to achieve the best results.

Step 5. Build Online Presence

build online presence
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Due to recent growth in the Digital marketing field competition has also increased. So don’t ignore the power of online presence. 

You won’t be able to sustain for long with offline side hustles.

So first build your side hustle online presence.

Here is how you can build an online presence,

  1. Start a website. Websites help to build authority and gain the trust of clients. You can refer my this guide to start a website without any technical knowledge.
  2. Along with the Website, you should talk about your side hustle on social media.
  3. Join relevant Social media groups, add value, build trust, and gain customers.

Step 6. Marketing Side Hustle

marketing side hustle
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More you promote side hustle, the more you grow. So put 80% of efforts on a marketing side hustle.

Here are some best ways to market side hustle:

1. Build relationships

  • You should build relationships with like-minded folks, influencers, pro-industry leaders from your Niche to get more exposure and business. My friend Ryan Biddulph (Owner of BloggingFromParadise) know better about the importance of relationship building which helped him to grow rapidly.
  • Add value & talk about them & they will reciprocate the same.

2. Use the power of forums and groups

  • Promote side hustle on forums & groups like Reddit, Quora, Facebook Groups, etc.

3. Use email marketing

  • Grab Free plan of ConvertKit > build Lead capture forms using it > embed forms on your website > Nurture your leads via the weekly newsletter and promote side hustle.

4. Don’t ignore Video Marketing

  • Start posting videos on Facebook, YouTube, etc.

5. Leverage the power of Social Media

Social media is the best place to market your side hustle. Build a consistent flow of social media content to market your hustle.

While doing a full day job it seems difficult to spend 80% of efforts on a marketing side hustle.

Wait, don’t be scared about it.

With Social media marketing automation tools, you can market your side hustle while sleeping.

Here is how I increased Facebook Page likes within 2 months using automation tool PromoRepublic

social media automation with the tools
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The major benefit of PromoRepulic is

  • You can manage Social media profiles.
  • Schedule Social media posts.
  • Build a content calendar and save lots on Social media marketing for your side hustle.
  • Get Content ideas.

Isn’t it cool?

Get PromoRepublic 14-day free trial. (Select Solo Plan for Solopreneurs)

Step 7. Outsource Less Important Work

outsource your side hustle work to freelancer
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Managing and working on side hustles ALONE is daunting.

And it’s even dangerous to health if you are heavily occupied throughout a day.

So don’t burn your own mind, energy on non-relevant things.

So start outsourcing less important work to freelancers. (Thanks to my friend Chayan for connecting me with graphics designer Durgesh)

This is where the biggest freelancing gig economy website Fiverr comes in the picture.

Here are a few more benefits of Fiverr to you.

  • You can build remote teams of freelancers who can work for you.
  • Sell your own micro services and turn side hustle as a full-time business.
  • Save time.
You can outsource and sell any work to freelancers available on Fiverr, starting at a low price of $5.

Isn’t it cool?

Step 8. Ask Feedback & Evolve Your Side Hustle

ask feedback about your side hustle
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You should take regular feedback from the audience and evolve your offering around it.

For side hustlers, it is so important, as in less time you have to achieve more.

You can take feedback via,

  • Social Media, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Google Forms.
  • Via own website by embedding contact forms.

Apply this simple technique, gain audience trust, and sell your side hustle.

Step 9. Build Constant Customers Base Before Quitting Job

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Don’t commit a mistake that I did.

Without scaling my passive side hustles I escaped a high paying job for 9 months back in the year 2015.

You have started hustling it doesn’t mean you should quit your full-time job in a hurry.

Think 100 times before leaving a full-time job.

Ask simple questions:

  • How can I sustain myself from side hustle?
  • What if I meet side hustle failures?
  • How can I recover from the side hustle?
  • Do I have enough skills to grow without a job?

Here is how you can build constant customer flow for a side hustle

  • Convert initial website visitors into subscribers using Push Notifications, ChatBot marketing. (You can do Chatbot marketing with Free version of MobileMonkey)
  • Use the power of relationship building with existing customers. They will refer other customers to you.

Step 10. Maintain Work-Life Balance 

side hustle to work life balance
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Hustling while a full day job is sometimes overwhelming.

  • You should pay close attention to work-life balance.
  • Divide your time between the side hustle and a day job.
  • Create Monthly\Weekly goals and set time for your personal life, side hustle, and a full-time job.
  • Use apps like TimeDoctor, RescueTime to set focus time and avoid distractions so that you can achieve better results.

Step 11. Avoid Losing Your Day Job

avoid losing job
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Don’t be in a hurry. You are doing side hustle that doesn’t mean that you should ignore responsibilities from the current job.

Remember you are to yet quit your job.

At this moment your job is your first source of income to live.

You don’t know when your organization will stop loving you.

So pay close attention to your day job and avoid getting fired from your job.

Step 12. Quit Job

start side hustle to quit job
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This is a very final step in the journey of side hustler.

I have seen many folks who left jobs without any backup, side hustle, and then later frustrated with life.

Don’t do that.


  • your current finances. (You should have some emergency fund as a backup before quitting your job)
  • the dependency on you and your family members.
  • alternatives in case you fail in the side hustle attempt. (Think do you want to return back to job life?)
  • is your side hustle earning enough to fulfill daily needs?

If you get the correct answers to the questions above, then this is the right time to quit your job.

Now you are fully dependent on your side hustle.

But, remember this famous quote

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket- Warren Buffet.

Life is all about uncertainty, so business and side hustle.

Consider alternative Side Hustles to create more backup.

This way you can mitigate the risk of losses, failures, and live without a job for a lifetime.

That’s it.

Once you execute this step you can live a freedom lifestyle the way you want. 🧑🏻‍🚀

FAQ on Starting Side Hustle

What is the most profitable side hustles?

There are many best side hustles ideas for 2020 but here are few sides hustles for millennials Blogging, Selling Info Products, Gig economy (i.e. selling services, skills on Fiverr), YouTube, Consulting, Speaking, etc.

Quick Summary to Start Side Hustle

Here is what you have learned today

  • Step 1. Start With What You Know
  • Step 2. Find Demand for Your Side Hustle
  • Step 3. Identify Your Available Time
  • Step 4. Make a Plan to Work on Side Hustle
  • Step 5. Build Online Presence
  • Step 6. Marketing Side Hustle
  • Step 7. Outsource Less Important Work
  • Step 8. Ask Feedback & Evolve Your Side Hustle
  • Step 9. Build Constant Customers Base Before Quitting Job
  • Step 10. Maintain Work-Life Balance
  • Step 11. Avoid Losing Your Day Job
  • Step 12. Quit Job

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These Secret Side Hustle Steps Helped Me to Earn $$$$ While Doing Full-time Job.

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Conclusion On How To Start Side Hustle

To summarize how to build side hustle in short,

  1. Finding valid profitable demanding side hustle ideas.
  2. Make a plan to take action on starting a side hustle
  3. Take action to execute a side hustle along with your job

I hope you found the above steps on how to side hustle online useful. 😀

  • What are your thoughts on How to start side hustle?
  • What are your passive side hustles?
  • What is your one skill that can be turned into unique side hustles?
  • Are you facing any problem in starting side hustle?

I would love to know your thoughts, so let me know in the comments.

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