How To Start Website From Scratch

You may be thinking that “How to start website from scratch” is very difficult.

I’ve good news for you,

You don’t need technical, programming knowledge, more money to start the Website in India.

In this post, I’ll show you the best way to start a website from scratch, without technical knowledge, with less money.

So let’s dive in & learn How to start website in WordPress.

How to Start a Website from Scratch : 3 Steps in Creating Website

  1. Using programming language.
  2. Using a website builder.
  3. Creating a Website with CMS (Content Management System) e.g WordPress

I don’t recommend to start website design with a programming language as it’s so time-consuming and needs technical knowledge.

And there are so many website builders available in the market e.g WordPress, Wix, Joomla, Drupal, so take benefit from it.

According to recent statistics made by BuiltWith, WordPress CMS captured almost 50% market & the most popular to start website with less money.

WordPress is so handy and popular among all marketers, bloggers, agencies, and any non-technical person.

That’s why most people use WordPress to build a Website from scratch.

Below are the exact steps to create a website & steps for setting up a website in WordPress that followed.

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How to Start Website in WordPress

Setting up a website in WordPress is easy, here is the best way on How to start website from scratch and website in WordPress.

Step 1: Choose a Domain Name and Registrar

The first step to start a website is to choose a domain name. Before choosing a domain name, let’s understand the basics information about a domain name.

What is domain name

Domain Name is a unique website name with a combination of letters and numbers where Internet users can access your website.
In order to use a domain name, it must be registered with Domain name registrar.
e.g GodaddyNamecheap

What is the purpose of domain name system

The purpose is to provide identity similar like your house name.

Why do you need a domain name

A domain name is an identity for your business, you as a personal brand and is used to find computers on the Internet for communication with a web server.

What domain name should I use

You can use any of the various domain name extensions, like .com, .net., .org, .in, .club, .shop, etc

Which domain name is best

A domain name that relates to your brand, industry, keyword and with an extension .com, .net, .org are best

Where to buy domain name

You can buy domain names online from Domain registrars and registered them. e.g Namecheap.

What If I already have a domain name

Don’t worry you can use an existing domain name also to start a websit

Where do I register a domain name

Domain names are registered at registrars, appointed by the registry. (i. e TLD) and they operate under regulations issued by ICANN

Where is the cheapest place to buy a domain name

There are so many Domain name registrar in India out there but I recommend to buy domain from Namecheap.

How to Choose Domain Name

Steps to buying a domain name:

1. Go to

2. Type any unique name under the domain name generator search option.

domain name generator namecheap
  • Save

3. Namecheap search result will populate all the variation of a domain name with an extension like .com, .net, .club, .io, etc. and availability as shown below.

search domain name in namecheap
  • Save

4. Click on the Add to Cart button next to Domain name in order to Buy Domain name or Make an offer.

e.g was my searched Domain name but that is not available so I have clicked on the Add to Cart button next to domain name

5. Click on the View Cart button from the right-hand side.

domain name search in namecheap
  • Save

6. Click on the Confirm Order button and complete payment.

Note: Buy a domain name for more than 1 year in order to save money on yearly renewal charges.

namecheop shopping cart
  • Save

That’s it.

You are done with the first step.

Wait, I’ve a deal for you.

The beauty of buying a domain name with Namecheap is WhoisGuard 1-year FREE subscription (a privacy protection service that prevents people from seeing your name, address, phone number, and email when they do a Whois search on your domain) with excellent service.

And this is the plus point to buy a domain name from Namecheap.

Step 2: Choose Web Hosting Provider

While thinking about How to start website from scratch you need to find a web hosting company and set up your website through the web host.

Web hosts are a kind of warehouse for websites on the Internet. You pay a small fee to keep your website on the Internet, handle all your visitors, back up your website, and so on.

Before buying any web hosting you should aware of the below questions.

How to choose Web hosting service provider

To choose the best web hosting provider for website you need to understand Important factors of Best WordPress Hosting and your needs.

What to look for in a Web Host

You should concentrate on below things:
1. Speed, Price, Performance in terms of load time
2. Know your Web hosting needs
3. Check benefit you are getting in Web hosting packages.

How Web hosting pricing works

I have answer this question in detailed here Best WordPress Hosting Provider and SiteGround Review that you should refer.

Here are the steps to choose a Web hosting plan and configure domain name with Siteground.

1. Choose Hosting Plan

1. Head over to the Siteground and choose WordPress hosting. (If you don’t want to use  Siteground then I recommend to use best Sitground alternative i.e. A2hosting which offers 66%OFF)

start website with siteground web hosting
  • Save

2. Choose hosting plan that would work best for you from StartUp, GrowBig, GoGeek and click on Get Plan.

I recommend starting with the cheapest plan i.e Siteground StartUp plan, as you can move to a higher plan at any time.

Siteground WordPress hosting plans for how to start website from scratch
  • Save


I’ve detailed down “How to choose a web hosting provider” and “Why Siteground is the best hosting provider” in my blog post Best hosting provider in India and Siteground review

Siteground is one of the best WordPress hosting company I have found on Hosting  World.

Not only me but so many people on social media said that SiteGround is Best Hosting company.

If you have made mind to build Website or want to migrate to SiteGround then I have good news for you.

Click below to get Siteground at discounted price and create a Website.

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2. Choose Domain

Once you click on Get Plan as mentioned above, you will navigate to choose domain page.

You can register a new domain or use an existing domain.

1. Select I already have a Domain and enter the domain name which you have bought in the first step.

choose domain name to create website
  • Save

2. Click on the Proceed button.

This will show you an Important message like below.

domain registration to build website
  • Save

Click on No, thank you as you have separately bought Domain name from best domain name provider.

3. Review & Complete

Now enter your Account information, Client information, Payment information, Purchase information.

web hosting account registration to start website
  • Save

enter wordpress hosting purchase information
  • Save



  1. Under purchase information always choose a plan for more than 1 year. This way you can SAVE lots of money on renewal price every year. 
  2. Data Center: Always choose the nearest data center location that is closest to your audience. This helps to load a website very fast and your audience will get good speed performance.

Click on the Pay Now button and complete payment.

That’s it!!

Your account has been created.

This the best way to host a website.

You have completed the second step to start the website from scratch.

Step 3: Choose Platform to Build Website & Configure Website

The next step after purchasing Web hosting (WordPress hosting) is to set up your website on a content management system platform.

As mentioned in the beginning, WordPress is the world’s best CMS to build website from scratch so here I am explaining how to start website in WordPress. 

Steps to Install WordPress and Setting up WordPress Website

1. Click on Login and go to My Account.

2. Click on Go to cPanel.

siteground cpanel area to configure website
  • Save

3. Copy your name servers from right-hand side.

nameservers to build websitein wordpress
  • Save

4. Login to your domain name provider account. In my case, I am Login into Godaddy account.

5. Find the DNS area and click on the Change\Update button.

nameservers to configure website
  • Save

6. Paste the name server copied from Siteground into your domain name DNS.

update nameservers information
  • Save

7. Go to Siteground account >> cPanel. Find a WordPress icon from Autoinstallers and click on it.

wordpress autoinstallers
  • Save

8. Click on the Install button.

install wordpress to configure website
  • Save

9. Now enter software setup details. Always select the latest version to install from the drop-down and choose protocol as: https://wwww

choose protocol to build website
  • Save

10. Under “Choose installation URL” enter your domain name which you have purchased.

11. Enter Site Name: e.g TestNew, Site description: e.g Blog for technology

12. Under Admin Account, enter Admin Username, Admin Password.

13. Choose language.

14. Click on Install.

enter web hosting admin information
  • Save


15. The system will take a few minutes to install WordPress. Post that it will show Installation completion message. Click on the Administrative URL and it will take you inside the WordPress login of your website.

wordpress installtion successfully completed
  • Save


After this WordPress configuration, you have to design a WordPress website and for this, you need a WordPress theme.

So let’s dig into it.

Step 4: Choose & Install WordPress Theme

Let’s see how to select and install best WordPress Theme for your website with below simple FAQs.

How to choose WordPress theme

To choose WordPress theme You must focus on the below factors:
Performance in terms of Speed
SEO optimized
Customization options
Unlimited license
Multipurpose use
Renewal cost

Which WordPress theme should I use

You can use free WordPress themes initially when you start a

But as free WordPress themes doesn’t have full features hence I recommend to use theme like GeneratePress.

And to bet, this where GeneratePress WordPress theme comes in a picture which offers so many editing options, with unlimited license.

Hence, GeneratePress is so popular among bloggers, marketers, and businesses.
You should check my GeneratePress review that will help you to choose the best WordPress theme.

How to find WordPress theme

You will find theme under Appearance >> Themes >> Add New.

How to install your new WordPress theme

To install WordPress theme follow below steps:
1. Login into WordPress dashboard.
2. Go to Appearance >> Themes >> Add New.
3. Select the WordPress theme from a list of available FREE themes and click on Install.
4. Or in case you want to install a premium theme Click on the Upload Theme button and select premium theme .zip files which theme provider has given.

That’s it, you are done with WordPress theme installation.

Now you are ready to start website design customization as you want.

Step 5: Add Content in WordPress Website

The final step to start a website in WordPress is to prepare & add content on the website.

Make a plan for your Website structure and content.

First, decide what content you need for your website then add content on the Website.

To digest you easily, I have explained how to add content in WordPress Website with below questions.

How to add content in Website

For adding content in the website you need to:
1. Add new pages, posts in WordPress website and edit them.
2. Create a category for your blog post.
3. Add menus

How to create a new page in WordPress

1. Login to WordPress dashboard.
2. Navigate to left-hand sidebar panel Pages >> Add New OR
3. Navigate to left-hand sidebar panel Pages >> All Pages >> Add New.
4. Enter the title of your new page and add content (text, images, etc) in the editor area.
5. Click on Publish.
6. Access the Page by clicking on “Preview Changes ” OR “Permalink”

How to create a post in WordPress

1. Login to WordPress dashboard.
2. Navigate to left-hand sidebar panel Posts >> Add New OR
3. Navigate to left-hand sidebar panel Posts >> All Posts >> Add New.
4. Enter the title of your new page and add content (text, images, etc) in the editor area.
5. Click on Publish.
6. Access the Post by clicking on “Preview Changes ” OR “Permalink”

How to add a category in WordPress

1. Login to WordPress dashboard
2. Navigate to left-hand sidebar panel Posts >> Categories.
3. Enter Name, Slug( URL-friendly version of the name), Parent Category
4. Description in respective fields.
5. Click on the Add New Category.

How to add menu in WordPress.

1. Login to the WordPress dashboard.
2. Navigate to left-hand sidebar panel Appearance >> Menus.
3. Select Create a new menu at the top of the page.
4. Enter a name for your new menu in the Menu Name box.
5. Click on Create Menu button.
6. It will show Add menu items from the column on the left. So select Pages from left-hand side and click on Add to Menu.
7. Under Menu Settings select a display location.
8. Click on the Save Button.

That’s it.

You have successfully build website.

Now access your root domain name e.g. and verify the content which you have added.

If everything is working fine and you can view all the added content, then Congratulations for building Website.

Now you understand how easy it is to start website in WordPress

The very next step is to launch your website, publish content and promote, which I will cover in some upcoming posts.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Website from Scratch

It depends on your needs. Typically website builds with WordPress costs around $100. If you are looking for a high end, custom build website then cost goes high up to $1000-$2000.

For a small personal website\blog, you must have to invest only in a domain name, web hosting.

Hence I recommend using affordable but powerful WordPress hosting A2Hosting (alternative to Siteground) and domain name from Namecheap.

How to Start Website from Scratch: Final Words

Now you learned how to create your own website.

To summarize here are 4 steps to start a website from scratch that I have covered

  1. Choose a domain name and registrar.
  2. Choose Web hosting provider.
  3. Choose a platform to build a website
  4. Add content on the WordPress website.

The key steps in creating a website are to configure a website in WordPress, choosing WordPress hosting provider, and best WordPress theme.

So don’t compromise on these things.

And there is no doubt that WordPress is the best platform to start a website.

Hence, You must start a website in WordPress.

  • What are your thoughts on how to start website from scratch?
  • What challenges you are facing to start website design?

Do let me know in the comments and share it with others.

Note: Hey, Siteground has increased prices now, so I moved my website to A2Hosting.


  • If you buy A2Hotsting from the link mentioned in this article and host website with it, then I’ll give you a Licensed copy of the GeneratePress Premium WordPress theme worth $49.95 (Lifetime Copy), FREE of cost.
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