10 Untold Importance of Website You Should Know

You have finally opened up your dream business and came across the need to create your own website.

You’re hesitant as you weigh its importance. Why should you even build one?

The importance of Website  for business  is  crucial in businesses especially those who are just starting their own.

If done correctly, this can be your greatest asset and tool to establish your name, reach for clients & will help in your company’s growth, rake in money or lower down your expenses.

Your website can create a great an impact on how you grow your brand, however, it should not only function as a company’s brochure or business card. It is more than that.

In this post I’ll show you few untold importance of website in today’s world.

Importance of Website in Today’s World

1. Seals the Impression

A customer may have heard your brand from a friend or a colleague, gets interested and want to know more about you. Where do you think he’ll go? He’ll get his phone or open his computer, get on the internet and looks for you. Your website will be the first thing that he’ll check.

A lot of people admit that they make judgment over a company’s credibility based on what they see on their website and its design. A website gives off an impression on how professional are you and your business. Without your own website, you lose a large number of prospects that rely on the internet for reviews before making any transaction or purchases.

2. Expand Brand Awareness

With technology and the internet readily available to anyone anytime they want from any parts of the world, a lot of people may came across your website. Your brand sets you apart from your competitors and your website can be your voice to translate this message to your clients. Your website can showcase your relevance and what makes you unique from other brands.

3. Cost Efficiency

 In this digital age, your website is your greatest asset to reach a large number of people without the massive cost you can incur if done thru traditional advertising like billboards, radio advertisement or TV commercials.

Acting as a company’s brochure, a website can cut down expenses on printing materials and distribution costs. It also makes your company go green by reducing your carbon footprint.

4.  Establish Your Brand

As per statistics, 93% of online experiences and purchase decision begins with a search engine, & 47% of people click on one of the first three listings.

As people go online and type on those search engines, most haven’t made up their mind yet. Your website, especially if it is well-designed, can help a person speed up his decision and choose you over other brands. 

Hence you take a decision to start website today.

A website can help send your message across to your future clientele, showcase what you offer and appeal to his needs. If you are not online and does not own any website for your brand, you are losing this chance and you are giving favor to your competitors.

5. Increase Your Visibility

This is applicable both digitally and locally. A website can be a tool to help and guide people find your brick and mortar store. All you have to do is set your location in your website and link Google Maps to make it easier for customers to look for you.

In this digital age, people have also become dependent on technological advancement like GPS in locating a certain location and having a map feature in your website can be a great boost to drive traffic for your physical store. This also help you gain more trust from customers as they know you and your brand does really exist.

6. Build Customers Loyalty

 As your website sets the first impression in your brand or company, exploring it further builds the trust of your potential client. As they learn more about your company, they turn into your loyal customers.

7. Works for You Even If You Are Asleep

If you want your business to run 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and you plan to do it on your brick and mortar store, you need to prepare a lot of money for it. Your manpower will cost you, your utilities will cost you and your overhead expenses will definitely cost you a fortune. However, running your business on a website gives you this option, cut down your expenses and saves you a huge amount of time that you can utilize to other important things.

Having a website with the purpose not just to inform or educate but to make a sale as well, can give ROI even you’re asleep.

Aside from providing you with online presence, a hard working website can act as your virtual business assistant that functions around the clock 24*7.

You does not only offer accessibility to your customers but convenience as well as they can access your products and make a purchase any time they want.

8. Potential of a Long Term Success

You may want to note that almost 59% of the world’s population is now on the internet.

That is almost 4.5 billion of people and they can come across your website any time. This number have been growing day by day and if you don’t want to start a website for your business, you are losing this chance. To them you do not exist but your competitor does.

9. Website Is Important for Customer Service

You should not neglect importance of website while serving customer. Website cab be a great source to get first impression when your audience visit.

And this will help to boost website traffic and directly boost revenue.

Hence while building website, keep an eye on website navigation, UI & user experience.

10. Source of Additional Income

Who don’t want additional source of income? Especially if you are a blogger, marketer, entrepreneur your website is a gem for you.

Even you can raise a fund via your website and build next startup. You just need a good content, audience, moderate to high website traffic.

You should refer to my blog post on How to start website from scratch with less money and without technical knowledge.

Importance of Website Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a website important?

Website is a pillar of your growth be it personal, career or business. And it cab be a source of passive income, hence importance of websites in our daily life is high.

What is the use of website?

You can use website for personal, professional and business needs. Also it cab be use to build and flaunt your skills.

Why design is important for a website?

Website design is important because first impression is sufficient to hook audience. If your website design is good, your audience would definitely love to visit it again and again.

Final Thoughts

The internet has changed the world a lot and the business landscape.Hence importance of website in today’s world is increasing day by day.

The world without the internet is unimaginable and a business without a website is unfavorable to you.

As websites have become home to most businesses, you need to understand importance of a website to an organization, jump in and start working on your online presence and visibility.

I would love to hear your thoughts on importance of websites for business?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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