9 Influencer Marketing Tools to Find Relevant Influencers (And Supercharge Online Business)

Influencer marketing established one of the best marketing tactics for businesses since social media sites have become part of life & influencer marketing tools playing a vital role in it.

Shout out from Influencers can bring high sales, leads, and brand awareness for your business which is more profitable than running ADs.

You just need to outreach top influencers but the real problem is  “How to Find Influencers that are relevant to your Niche

Don’t worry. In this post, I will show Influencer Marketing Tools to Find Relevant Influencers. And after reading this post you can easily find top influencers, no matter what is your niche.

What Is an Influencer?

An influencer is a person (can also be a team) who established his online authority by gaining high followership. Some Influencers built a high loyal relationship with their followers over the period so they can influence audience interests and opinions based on what they think, uses, and believes.

An influencer could be any person like; Blogger, Youtuber, Thought leader, Lifestyle brand, Celebrity, Industry expert.

Tip: If an influencer is getting an engagement rate over 5% on posts then he/she is considered as a top influencer in his niche. That influencer is good for influencer marketing.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is one of the best marketing methods where a brand or individual can use Influencer’s authority to reach a wider audience to grow sales, brand visibility, and awareness. It not only gives you a better ROI but also establishes a relationship with that particular influencer’s audience.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

There are two types of Influencers

  1. Macro Influencers: Who have a broad audience and huge following.
  2. Micro-Influencers: These types of influencers have a low count of followers, interested in a specific topic or niche but have a high engagement rate.

Whether you decide to select a macro influencer with millions of follower or a micro-influencer with small but highly engaged followers for Influencer marketing, you have various benefits to get from it, like, 

  • Sales
  • Lead generation
  • Business/Brand awareness
  • Trust building
  • Reach to the ideal audience
  • Increasement social following
  • Getting high-quality backlinks
  • Engagement and social shares 
  • Building a relationship with Influencer’s audience

Now let’s jump to the main topic, best influencer marketing tools.

9 Best Influencer Marketing Tools to Find Relevant Influencers

Here are the best influencer marketing tools in the world trusted and used by many brands, agencies, and enterprises.

Please note: All the tools below are offering free trials. In that way, you can check how beneficial that tool will be for you before spending your money on it.

1. Buzzstream

buzzstream influencer marketing tool
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BuzzStream is definitely the top influencer marketing tool that worth the no. 1 spot. BuzzStream is all in one tool that you can use for finding niche relevant influencers to pitch them.

You can start using the BuzzStream with search, where you need to enter niche keywords to find out niche relevant blog influencers. Next, you can even filter, sort out the searches based on the authority and past promotions.

It also offers a browser extension with some research features and using this extension you can research blogs, add that blog to your list to check further information.

Once you find a relevant niche influencer blog that meets your criteria, BuzzStream will show various information related to it in a simple form like,

  • Person details- who is behind that blog
  • Social media data
  • Engagement level
  • Activity level

And like I said above, this tool just not helps you to find top influencers related to your niche but also helps to contact them. BuzzStream makes it very easy to send personalized outreach emails, automated follow-ups to Influencers. Moreover, it also provides data and stats to analyze those outreaches, so you can check which outreach is turned out most effective for you.

BuzzStream influencer marketing service plans start from 24$/month for up to 2 users. And as price goes up you can get more amazing features. At this price point, even small bloggers and brands can use this tool.

Free Trial: BuzzStream offers 14 days free trial. But to avail of the free trial, you have to enter your payment details. Of course, no money will be charged until you cancel the trial before it’s ending date.

Most Useful For: Blogs, Social Media accounts related to those blogs.

2. Awario

Awario is a very beginner-friendly top social media monitoring tool that can be used as an Influencer marketing tool. It also offers features to research influencers from Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Reddit as well as blogs and forums.

To get started with the Awario tool, you have to create a project >> enter brand/business names and main keywords. So whenever someone mentions your brand keywords (or the keywords you entered while setting up the project) on the web, social media, Awario will notify you from its dashboard. This way you can see who are the influencers mentioning you and your brand so you can outreach them and build a relationship.

Moreover, you can filter out the accounts based on the reach and followers of the influencers. For example, I set up a project with some popular brand keywords in Blogging: Shoutmeloud and Backlinko.

awario influencer marketing tool
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So I clicked on Backlinko here, and it is showing me all the social media accounts and web pages that mention Backlinko.

brand mentions influencers research
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And by clicking any account on the list, you can get more data.

influencer Marketing tools data
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By integrating social accounts with Awario you can easily monitor your previous interactions with these influencers and see like, share, reply straight from the dashboard.

This is just the tip of ice from this tool. Isn’t it a cool benefit?

Free Trial: 7 days of free trial on signing up without any payment details and post that 29$/month.

Most Useful For Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Webpages, and forums.

3. Ninja Outreach

influencer research tool
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Ninja Outreach is another great tool for influencer marketing. Like Buzzstream, it offers so many features like influencer research to influencers pitching. In fact, you can find many similarities between these influencer marketing tools but I will try my best to show some differences. 

Ninja Outreach browser extension, which lets you see the website’s information like the owner, email address, and social media accounts. You can also add and tag owners for further watch and research from this extension. Apart from this, Ninja outreach helps you to search influencers related to your niche by entering keywords and use filters to sort out the list.

With Ninja Outreach you can search Instagram influencers, Twitter Influencers & Blogging Influencers.

Ninja Outreach lets you personalized & automate the emails. And with the analysis section, you can monitor the performance of outreach emails.

Here are some differences between Ninja Outreach and Buzzstream.

  • If you are a team, the Buzzstream is more suitable for you as it offers more team-focused features than Ninja Outreach.
  • Buzzstream is mostly focused on finding blogs and websites while Ninja Outreach, let you search Twitter, Blogs & Instagram influencers.
  • For outreaching influencers, Ninja Outreach is the best choice over Buzzstream as it lets you automate email sequences while Buzzstream only lets you automate follow-ups.
  • Ninja Outreach is more expensive than Buzzstream with a starting price as a 69$/month. While Buzzstream offers 24$/month.

Free Trial: Like Buzzstream, Ninja Outreach also offers 14 days free trial.

Most useful for: Blogs, Instagram, and Twitter.

4. Hunter.io

Hunter is not actually an Influencer research tool. With Hunter, you can find the official email address of the influencers.

To make the work easy it also has a browser extension. So whenever you browse a blog, social media account just click on the extension and it will show the official email address of the owner.

find influencer email address
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Pretty amazing, isn’t it!

While other influencer marketing tools offer full-fledged, Hunter tool only provides the service of finding real email addresses.

Hunter offers free 100 email findings every month, plus it also lets you save those emails and monitor the outreach emails.

Most Useful For: Finding emails.

5. GroupHigh

top fluencer Marketing tools
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Grouphigh is an amazing research tool for finding niche relevant Influencers. With this influencer marketing tool, you can search and find Youtube Influencers, Instagram Infleucners, and Twitter influencers but it’s more focused on finding blogging influencers.

Grouphigh has the largest database of blogs counting over 15 million as compared to social media,  Twitter 1.25 million, Instagram & Youtube around 200k

You can find influencers with niche related keywords and then sort out the results by using a filter.

  • Network
  • Location
  • Ad networks used
  • Loyal and Engaged for social media

This tool mainly focuses on finding blog contact details including social media profiles and providing enough data to analyze them. So in the end, you get top niche relevant influencers. You can even build a list of selected influencers to target them with outreach emails.

GroupHigh pricing starts from 179$/month.

Free Trial: it provides a 7 days free trial to try this before buying it.

Most Useful For Blogs (mainly focus), Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

6. Dovetale

Influencer Marketing search Tools
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Dovetale tool provides some really unique features for researching influencers. Basically, it has 2 ways to start the research.

The first one is “Discover”, where you have to enter niche keywords, and then use filters to sort out the results. But the most amazing is the second way, called a “Monitor” where it finds influencers based on your competitor, which influencers they are engaging & check the results that they got from those influencers.

This way you can find top influencers that your competitors are already using & add those influencers to your list for further analysis. 

This is not all of this tool, you can also do Influencers outreach and manage payment details straight from the Dovetale dashboard. Apart from being an influencer marketing tool, it also offers so many analytical features in real-time that can grow your brand/business exponentially.


  • Customizable workflows
  • Live reports for your brand
  • Automated tasks setup social reporting in one place
  • Ecom reporting like tracking, shipping, and ROI metrics.
  • and many more.

Dovetale pricing start at 99$/month.

Dovetale Free Trial: 14 days.

Most Useful For: Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, E-commerce, and reporting.

7. Heepsy

Influencer Marketing search tool
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Heepsy has a large database of 7 million, starting from 5000 followings for every account listed in the database.

Heepsy offers influencer search only for YouTube and Instagram with all important stats and suggestions like,

  • Account details
  • Engagement rate
  • Followers
  • Posting frequency
  • Growth rate chart

With Heepsy you can get the estimated cost per post that Influencers are charging. Moreover, you can also create a list of influencers, export data, and outreach them straight from the Heepsy dashboard.

Free Trial: Heepsy offers few free searches for every month with pricing starts at 49$/month.

Most Useful For: Youtube and Instagram.

8. Follwerwonk

Influencer Marketing analytics Tools
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Followerwank is totally a free tool for searching influencers on twitter. You can start searching by entering keywords and it will show the results related to the query. It also offers some cool filters like, 

  • Locations
  • Followers
  • Tweets
  • Account age
  • Social authority

Plus, it also offers a comparison feature where you can compare influencers with each other to find out which one will be most better for you. Apart from being a basic influencer marketing tool, you can also use it to analyze and monitor your Twitter account.

Most Useful For: Twitter (free tool)

9. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor helps to Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram influencers as well as find fake influencers, followers. In the HypeAuditor Discover section, you can find influencers based on

  • Demographics
  • Reach
  • Audience language
  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Engagement rate
find social media influencers
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influencer marketing measurement tools
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With HypeAuditor you can find whether an influencer has real or fake followers. In this tool, you can create campaigns, a list of influencers from various social media, and even compare them.

HypeAuditor is a freemium tool, meaning you can use some of its features for free, but to get the most out of it you need to buy a 299$ plan. I highly suggest you use this tool as it shows the first 3 results of the list for free every time.

Most Useful For: Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram.

Which Influencer Marketing Tool Is Best for Use

For anyone, telling which is the best influencer marketing tool is really challenging as it totally depends on one’s Influencer marketing requirement, usage, budgets, features, what you need. 

If you want to find Twitter, Instagram influencers then go with Hypsee, Grouphigh, and Awario as it offers services at a low price. But if you are looking for the Tiktok influencers marketing tools then HypeAuditor would be your best choice.

If you’re a blogger and searching for influencers in your niche then Buzzstream is the best one with its low price 24$/month. But if you are able to spend more then go for Ninja Outreach as it offers more features than Buzzstream.

However, Hunter.io is good for finding up to 100 official emails/month for free.

All the above influencer marketing platforms are the best and top in services and features. Before choosing any tool you can use free trials and see if the tool is a good fit for your need or not without actually spending any amount on the first hand.

Now it’s your time to use these influencer marketing tools for searching top influencers.

I believe you found this list of top influencer marketing tools beneficial.

Did I miss any tool? What do you think of these tools?

Do let me know in the comments.

About Guest Author: Basant Kumar is the Founder of Semclouds. His Blog is one stop to get all secret strategies and actionable steps to grow Blog 10X faster.


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