From $0 to $1000/month Side Hustle Story: Interview With Chayan Chakrabarti

After long time another side hustle story is up at Growthfunda Side Hustle Story series.

Today, We are covering interview with Chayan Chakrabarti who escape from full time job and turn side hustle into full time living.

If you’re someone who is looking to learn more about blogging side hustle you should definitely follow Chayan and read below side hustle success story.

So grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started!

Side Hustle Story & Interview With Chayan Chakrabarti

1. Chayan, could you please introduce yourself?

Hello Amol, thank you for inviting me to share my journey with your readers.

I am Chayan Chakrabarti; I was born and raised in Kolkata, WestBengal.

Now I have been living in Delhi NCR for the last 5 years. I am a Blogger and I started blogs as a side hustle with my full-time job. My first blog name is Simplefactsonline.

2. What is your side hustle story? How did you landed into Blogging and Online entrepreneurship?

Interesting question.

I didn’t know side hustle meaning of side hustle when I started my professional career. I was happy with my paychecks, but I was never satisfied. So I tried figuring out ways to earn more.  I ignored businesses as I did not have the proper knowledge to understand it. 

Then in 2015, I came to know about the Digital Marketing industry from my friend, he was working with an eCommerce brand. After that, I started learning digital marketing and also completed a certification.

But after enrolling, I realized that this digital environment welcomes people with practical knowledge. So I started my blog. 

3. Why did you left a full-time job? What were the motivating factors behind it?

In our Indian society, we have been taught that jobs are more secure. And to ensure a job an average student studies for 14 to 15 years.

The biggest flaw in our education system is that we are only making employees, not making an entrepreneur. 

And I have been there; jobs are putting a person in a comfort zone and it’s very tough to get out of that zone.

I started my blogging career when I was 29, and it was a big deal for me back then to work on something that I care about.

4. What is your approximate monthly income from a full-time side hustle now and did you feel it’s better than a full-time job?

I am not a number guy.

I do not keep track of everything, but at present, my earnings are in between $850 to $1200 a month, which includes affiliate, one on one consultation, freelancing.

It certainly feels better because it took me five-plus years to achieve these numbers in my job. I worked on weekends, nights, and even on holidays.

5. What plan did you execute to start a side hustle along with Job? Did you purchase any course, invested in learning?

As mentioned earlier, after knowing the potential of the digital industry, I enrolled for an offline course.

But sooner, I realized that the course is making me jacks of all trades and master of nothing.

And I was pretty serious about making a mark in this industry. So I started to understand my modules, then I realized that blogging is something that I can start with less investment, and I can also manage the same with my job.

6. According to you, why should a full-time employee start a side hustle now?

We are always trying to up your performance, and at the end the kind of return we get in nothing.

A side hustle can differentiate an entrepreneur from an employee.

7. Most of people think that they need lots of money to start an online business so as per your experience what is the first step any full-time employee should take and act now for hustling?

A healthy mindset is very crucial to begin a side-hustle. If you are in a dilemma, then you would not be able to make proper decisions, and eventually, you will fall back.

I will not say those cliche lines “Follow Your Passion And Interest.” A survey says that 65% of the full-time employees do not have any passion or interest left in themselves. All they have is fear.

The least they can do is start their venture right now by starting a blog; it will help them to polish their skills.

8. Most of the folks are struggling to find Side hustle ideas? According to your experience, how can someone find a profitable niche side hustle idea?

Niche selection has been tricky over the years, and people mostly follow the shiny object syndrome while choosing a niche.

If my friend is making money on a particular niche, that does not mean that I will also make it in the same niche.

A long term goal should be there while selecting the niche. Analyze the competition and profitability of the niche. Setting up your own roadmap is crucial.

9. What is the minimum investment needed for blogging?

People can start their blog on free platforms like blogger. But if you are serious and want to create a brand then start with a branded domain name and web hosting and other necessary tools, it will take around $60 to $80.

10. Could you please suggest a few money-making online business ideas that full-time employees should work on Today?

There are many ways to start and make money online, some of them are :

  • Start A Blog
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Adsense
  • Sell Own Product
  • Consultation
  • Sponsor Network

Disclaimer: The process will take its own time to establish the authority, and no one will spoon feed you. So it’s you who will have to understand the potential and work accordingly. 

11. Any tips to grow an online business?

Understand and define your product and services. It is not as easy as it may sound. A lot of research and analysis is required.

A strong social media presence is essential to scale any online business. Make sure you are reaching out to people in the same niche and industry for faster growth. 

12. What’s the future and scope of Online business? (i.e. Blogging, YouTube, Freelancing, etc) Can someone live a FREEDOM job free lifestyle with it?

The online business potential is increasing day by day. One can easily create authority and become an influencer in a particular niche.. It’s still an excellent place to be in 2020.

However, things may change in a couple of years.

An average content marketer can earn a decent amount. Living a job free life does not mean that you should always party. It’s about the time freedom that you can use to establish your brand identity.

13. Any plan to return back to a full-time job?

As of now, no. But I would recommend people to do a job for one to two years. It will help them to understand the values. And they will not take everything for granted.

14. How can the audience connect with you?

I am pretty much active on Facebook and Twitter. Your readers can connect me there.

Also, I run a Facebook group that has many industry experts. From link building to Content Writing, SEO, strategies, it will be beneficial for the readers to get access to everything in one place. Click here to join the Facebook Group

15. Could you please share a few words about Growthfunda as Testimonials?

I am a regular reader of Growthfunda for a few months. The kind of content I see in this blog is highly valuable to anyone. Side Hustle is important to sustain and survive. Keep inspiring.

Final Words on Interview with Chayan Chakrabarti & Side Hustle Success Story

As mentioned by Chayan, we are only making employees, not making an entrepreneur. So you should not limit yourself only for job.

So learn more skills part from your job so that in worst case it will act as backup for you.

For any side hustle, Niche is important and as per Chayan, long term goal should be there while selecting the niche.

Move out of you comfort zone today and start hustling.

I hope you find golden nuggets from this interview with Chayan Chakrabarti.

  • What did you learn from this side hustle story?
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I hope you it will help you.

Do share your thoughts, questions in the comments and read more amazing side hustle success stories.


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  1. Chayan sir is one of my favorite bloggers in this industry he provides the best knowledge about blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO, and many more in his blog Simplefactsonline. And his FB group is one of the best groups in the blogging niche. I respect him a lot because he has abundant knowledge, knows how to build relationships, knows how to manage job and online business at a time, is very helpful, and most important a pure heart. Thanks, Amol brother for sharing his story on your blog. I loved it.


  2. Sai Mithun says:


    Such an inspirational interview with Chayan! Anyways, I could see your blog helping the readers with several side-hustles ideas and resources. Keep sharing, friend!

  3. Hey Amol,

    Amazing interview with Chayan, the best blogger in this industry.
    and thanks for sharing such valuable information.

    Keep sharing such awesome posts.


  4. Vishwajeet Kumar says:

    Hello Amol,

    I know Chayan from the past few months and He is a very passionate blogger. He has Fantastic writing and blogging skills. I love his generous attitude towards other bloggers as he always ready to help others. Great Interview.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

  5. Hi Amol,
    Thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to share my journey so far with your audience. I am a big admire of your content. And it’s a proud moment for me to be featured in growthfunda.

  6. Really inspiring journey of chayan.
    I know chayan personally…he is a very humble and helping guy…
    One thing I like, he consistently grow his networking and putting so much content on a regular basis…thanks for this amazing interview…

  7. Hey Amol,

    That’s an interesting questions to Chayan. Congratulations both of you for this wonderful interview series.

    I am following Chayan Bro from his FB group. His blogging work is awesome. And I am new here to GrowthFunda, you covered too many interesting blog posts. Good Work.

    1. Thanks Yasar. Chayan is very cool dude in blogging world and he is doing great work. I’m glad to be his blogging friend .In this Interview with Chayan, he has nailed real picture of his journey.

      Appreciate brother for my side hustle blog.

  8. Hi Amol

    This is an amazing interview with Chayan Chakrabarti.

    Chayan is doing very well in blogging and I wish him good luck for the future.

    Amit Garg

    1. I do agree Amit. He is crushing blogging these day. Keep up the good work.

  9. Hey Chayan,

    Glad to know that you have finally able to quit your 9-5 job. Wish you best of luck for the journey in the blogging industry.

    This is really an amazing and spring story for many.

    Thanks, Amol brother, for sharing this awesome story of Chayan.

    Sayem Ibn Kashem

    1. Pleasure Sayem. Chayan side hustle story is very inspiring that strick me. I’m glad to have a interview with him.

  10. Hello Amol and Chayan

    what an amazing interview. Chayan is really an inspiration for many newbies. I know him from the starting and he is too good in producing quality content and networking is his one of the strong point.

    He is always ready to help everyone no matters how busy he is. Amazing guy with amazing dedication and passion for blogging. Glad to have a friend like Chayan.


    1. Very true Mangesh,

      His networking skills are a strong point and he producing contents, appreciating & helping others, are the other side of him.

      Since our connection, we have interacted so many times and I found very good blogging buddy in him.

      Your blog also Good Mangesh. Keep up the good work.