Software Engineer to $2000/mo Side Hustle, Interview With Santanu Debnath

I am back with another interview at Growthfunda Side Hustle Sucess Stories. Today we have Santanu Debnath, founder of BloggingJoy. This Interview with Santanu Debnath is totally different than his other interviews as we have focused on the Santanus Side Hustle Story.

Santanu is an excellent example of a Side Hustler who is hustling along with the full time job. In the below Santanu Debnath interview, he shares so many golden nuggets. Like me, he is also a Software professional & Side hustler, so I can relate to his journey.

So without wasting time, let’s read the story in his own words.

Interview With Santanu Debnath, Founder of BloggingJoy

1. Little About You? Could You Please Introduce Yourself to Our Audience?

Thanks a lot for inviting me to your amazing blog.

Hello friends, I am Santanu Debnath, a software consultant by profession, and a blogger by passion. I started blogging in 2008-09 with the purpose of creating a passive income source. 

But after spending more than 10 years in this industry, I have decided to create a blog where I can share all my experiences & knowledge to educate people about blogging and how to become a blogger through my blog

Besides that, I also run a few more websites with my wife Manidipa, among them is my next prior one.

2. What Is Your Side Hustle Success Story & What Were Your Main Obstacles in the Beginning?

I started looking for online money making options back in 2007, as I wanted to have an extra income source. I used to spend more time at home after my regular work, so I used to get some free time. During that phase, I tried various money-making programs, but all were fake.

In that process, I discovered the Google AdSense program and then gradually entered into blogging.

As I was doing this in my free time, I didn’t give much effort to take it to the next level. But in 2012, when my wife got into blogging, then we decided to put some real-efforts and created our first WordPress blog. Gradually we entered into affiliate marketing as well.

But the story is not as rosy as it sounds.

Due to various responsibilities, jobs, and city changes we were not able to focus enough on our blogging career. Later on, in 2017, I decided to start and by 2018 end, have created my Facebook Group, The Blogger’s Team. And from then I found some focus and motive behind continuing my passion for blogging.

Regarding obstacles, I would say it’s very difficult to focus on your passion after a full-time job. Besides that, whatever free time I got I mostly spent that reading different blogs & exploring things, I took fewer actions till 2018.

3. Why Did You Choose Online Entrepreneurship? Why Not Any Other Offline Side Business?

As a person, I am quite an introvert, in fact, my wife too.

My wife and I are best friends and we have created our own world at home. When I started exploring the extra income options, initially various offline things came into my mind as many of my friends were also discussing that.

But when I discovered that we can earn money online, I found that is something I can do and it completely goes with my choice of work.

Although Manidipa and I always discuss doing some offline business in the future, we found this blogging activity amazing as we can manage our free time, family responsibilities and also found a common professional interest to make our bond stronger 🙂

4. How Are You Managing Time for Side Hustling (i.e. Blogging & Youtube) From a Full Time It Job? How Is Your Daily Schedule?

Well, on weekdays it’s very difficult for me to do anything. Although I manage some time as I am an early riser.

But most of my work is done during weekends only. Other than that Manidipa is always with me to take care of various activities. 

e.g. On some weekends when I feel good, I write 3-4 articles or answer a few interview questions or round-up posts. Then later on Manidipa completes the editing and correction part and gets them ready to publish.

As blogging is part of our life, we don’t have to search for time. We love to do this while watching anything or while talking also. 

5. What Do You Find Most Challenging About Side Hustling Along With a Day Job?

I think the biggest challenge is to keep the same mentality & focus.

As a blogger, if I create some plan to execute, it’s difficult to put a timeline to achieve that.

Because due to my main responsibilities I don’t know what kind of stress I am going through each day and what will be the outcome. Other than that, in both cases, I have to sit long hours in front of my laptop and that is a big concern for my health too.

6. What Are the Top Skills That Can Help a Beginner to Start Living a Laptop Lifestyle?

There are various skills that one has to learn to become successful in blogging. Nowadays you can’t take it for granted as competition is very high, people are coming with a lot of new ideas and techniques. 

But above all, I believe the most important skill you need to build is your patience.

At times, Blogging is very boring and it takes a significant time to create a successful blog. Not only that, but there are also many highs and lows that you have to handle from time to time. The curve is always fluctuating.

So, you have to create a blogging mindset and keep doing that whether you get a return or not.

7. Would You Love to Share Your Approximate Monthly Side Hustle Income?

We work on multiple blogs but our efforts are not consistent. But on average we make from $500-$2000/mo, nothing fixed though.

I believe as a side hustle this is a satisfactory amount for us.

8. Is Blogging a Good Side Hustle & Can It Be a Full-Time Career?

Of course, blogging is one of the most popular and ethical ways to make money online. You can build a career in blogging if you know how to do it for making money.

You have to be an expert in some skills like SEO, Marketing, Web designing, etc. It’s not impossible, but if you consider blogging like any other profession in our country (Doctor, Engineer, etc) and give enough time, then why not!

9. Why Did Most of the Side Hustlers Fail? Could You Please Share One Tip for Side Hustlers to Succeed?

As I said, blogging is not a money-making scheme. And, this is the first mistake many beginners make. They think that they will create a blog, some content and that’s it.

But blogging is more than creating a website or doing SEO. People simply look for shortcuts and quick money.

If you can understand how top bloggers grew with time, then you will easily understand the amount of time & effort they put behind their blogs and they are still doing the same. 

In simple words, be passionate about something, have patience, keep learning, and put a consistent effort to become a blogger!

10. Any Time Management Tips for Side Hustlers?

I think time management depends on every individual’s life. If you are single then you have a huge time, as a family member, I may have comparatively less time.

But ultimately how much time I am utilizing to pursue my passion that is all matters. 

One thing I can say here is that as an individual we all know how much time we are getting, how much we are utilizing for our interest, and what kind of return we are expecting.

If we can try to find out the answer to these questions, I am sure everyone will find the time to do things that they love.

11. Any Comments About Our Side Hustle Blog Growthfunda?

Your blog is amazing and I love the way you pick the topics and share your experiences. Keep sharing more such amazing articles and educate people through your blog and that’s the true meaning of blogging.

12. How Growthfunda Readers Can Stay in Touch With You?

They can join my Facebook Group and ask their questions or reach out to me through my Contact Us page.

Thanks a lot for asking these amazing questions and giving me the opportunity to share my inputs.

I hope you enjoyed and learn a lot from this interview with Santanu Debnath.

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