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This is a 7 Days email series course to learn about Side Hustles without leaving JOB. (Even if you don’t have any idea)

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Below Are The Common Problems Most Of You Have, Correct?

  • In a traditional job cycle, you have to compromise on many things. No one knows, when the economy & job market hit recession…
  • You work hard every year to get a good salary hike and fulfill false commitments from your boss.
  • You have bigger dreams but you are living on the paycheck.
  • You have heavy debt, monthly expenses, your family is totally dependent on YOU but… you are dependent only on one source of income from your job.

But many of you are not taking an action to improve the condition and constantly running ONLY in the RAT RACE.

Your Job is ACTUALLY running your life, NOT You.

You are NOT Growing because of: Confusion, Fear, Comfort Zone, Laziness, Lack Of Direction, Not Taking Action, or Proper Knowledge.

typical lifecycle of rat race working 9 to 5
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I faced same situations in the past, but now Side Hustles helping me to Grow

I’m doing multiple Side Hustles like Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Writing, Coaching, etc… Below are a few screenshots that speak about my results and growth.

1. Success with the Affiliate Marketing

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affiliate income
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2. Praise From Others (Feedback about my eBook)

business ideas which makes money ebook review
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feedback of business ideas ebook
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3. New Opportunities

opportunity to write for publication
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This is where”Side Hustles” comes into the picture which will give you

But, HOW should YOU get started achieving all these distance dreams?

  • You can spend time on meaningful work that feels like a JOY.
  • Backup& Security to your primary source of income
  • Freedom & Peace of mind to enjoy time with your family and on the things you love.
  • More Money to enjoy life to the fullest & many other things.

Few Words From My Heart: Your present and future are safe only if you build a backup for your life and your career. No matter what’s your age or your stage in your career, there will never be a better time to start a Side Hustle than NOW.

If I can grow with the Side Hutles then YOU can ALSO…

Presenting Side Hustle Beta

Amol Chavan is the founder of growthfunda
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Course Instructor: Amol Chavan Founder of Growthfunda & this course.

What You Will Learn Inside Course

  • Day 1: Decide side hustles: An introduction to various side hustles, pros & cons.
  • Day 2: Super plan of action: A super powerful side hustle plan that maximizes your efforts, and lowers the risk & dependency on a particular side hustle.
  • Day 3Why to choose This first: A module that speaks about the importance of one side hustle idea that you should first focus, learn, and start. The Side hustle mentioned inside the course will help you to grow fast and lands you many opportunities.
  • Day 4: Power of Dual: Lesson to showcase how to maximize the power of side hustle by dual approach.
  • Day 5: Freelancing: An information and hack about continuously demanding and growing evergreen side hustle opportunity.
  • Day 6: Build digital real estate: Lesson to tell you Why you should build digital real estate.
  • Day 7You are losing: An eye-opener module to showcase what you are actually losing & ignite your inner mind to take any action to start a side hustle journey.

Bonuses Inside Side Hustle Beta Course

  • Bonus 1: Get my free eBook “10 Business Ideas Start and Make More Money” which talks about How To and Pro Tips.
  • Bonus 2: Get access to join Community, where you can connect with other side hustlers, ask queries and learn more.
  • Bonus 3: Get an Email Newsletter where I am sharing exclusive tips, personal experiences, and more info on side hustles.
  • Bonus 4: Future updates of this Course, my guidance to help you grow your Side Hustle Journey.

Course Is Not For You, If…

  • You’re a non-action taker.
  • Don’t have a little time a day or week.

  • You’re looking to make quick, easy money.
  • You are LAZY.

Course Is Perfect For You, If…

  • You have: no side hustle business idea, don’t know where to start, & have some free time every day week.
  • You don’t love: boring job & wanted to move out of it as soon as possible.
  • You are: a beginner, a student, a working employee, stay a home person, worried about your present & future career, thinking about the side, and an action taker.
  • You want: to grow life beyond the job.

Why You Should Get this course

  • It’s an easy-to-read, simple-to-digest course.
  • You can consume course content as per your time.
  • It’s affordable to all.
  • You will get a side hustle plan to maximize your potential.
  • No-fluff action steps inside the course.
  • Amazing bonuses and my guidance.

Don’t Miss Out This Opportunity To Maximize Your Potential

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