11 Best Side Hustle Books For Emerging Entrepreneur & Working Professionals

If you’re looking for the best side hustle books, then you are in the right place.

Internet is full of information so you can learn about side hustle in many different courses, videos, and blogs (like mine). But do you know you can learn about side hustles from the best side hustle books?

There are many prominent Side Hustle books you should read from the internet, but these best books on side hustle cover real experience, broad information on Side Hustles & offers a great deal of value to readers.

Not all side hustle books are the same. Hence, I’ve created a list of the books on side hustle, to help make your side hustle journey smoother.

This Side Hustle book summary covers list of books side hustles related topics. If you are short of time I would recommend you to sign up for Side Hustle Audiobook via Audible 30 days FREE membership here.

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Now Let’s jump into the side hustle books review.

11 Best Side Hustle Books For Hustlers

1. Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days by Chris Guillebeau

Author Chris Guillebeau’s is a well known Side Hustle Influencer, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author of many bestselling books, and founder of SideHustleSchool.

Chris has built many Side Hustles in the past, so he definitely has the experience to teach you. Book Side Hustle: From Idea to income in 27 days summary shows how to select, launch, refine, and make money from your Side Hustle in under a month. Inside Book, Chris has mentioned the common problems like;

  • For some people quitting a day job to pursue an entrepreneurial life, it’s terrifying.
  • A stable job that delivers a regular salary is a blessing & not everyone has the desire to take on the risks of working for themselves.

That’s where the author helps you pointing that: what if one can easily build additional sources of income without quitting a job?

This Side Hustle Book author covers:

  • Build an arsenal of great Side Hustle ideas.
  • Apply logic to pick the best idea at any time.
  • Learn, gather, or create everything you need to launch.
  • Start raking in the money.
  • Master the art of deals, discounts, and special offers.
  • Raise your game: improve, expand, or make more money off your hustle.

Also, the author assures you that, in under one month, one can make the first big step in starting a new and happier life.

So what are you waiting for? Did you enjoy this Side Hustle: from idea to income in 27 days review?

2. The Side Hustle: How to Turn Your Spare Time into $1000 a Month or More by Nick Loper

Book Author Nick Loper is another Side Hustle influencer, blogger, entrepreneur, & founder of top-rated Side Hustle blog SideHustleNation. He has written many Side Hustle Books.

With this side hustle book, Nick shares Real-World Examples of how regular people like us are earning extra money outside of traditional jobs and many of them even turned these part time Side Hustles into full-time businesses.

The Side Hustle book is not for the people who are looking for a get-rich-quick-scheme.

Here is What’s inside Book:

  • Nick shares 3 Side Hustle business models.
  • You will find real world side hustlers who built businesses, challenges they faced but made something happen.
  • Nick has personally interviewed these side hustlers on his Side Hustle podcast The Side Hustle Show to figure out how their businesses work, how they make money, and how you can replicate their success.

So what are you waiting for? The perfect time to start Side Hustle is now, hence pick up this book on side hustle.

3. Startup Opportunities: Know When To Quit Your Day Job by Brad Feld & Dr. Sean Wise

Authors Brad Feld & Dr. Sean Wise has witnessed over 30000 pitches & participated in over 500 startup launches and have been assessing business opportunities via Startups for more than 2 decades. Based on this experience, inside the book they shared which startups will succeed and which will fail.

The Book Startup Opportunities: Know When To Quit Your Day Job is a very practical guide to evaluating business ideas, and I must say every aspiring entrepreneur should read it.

This Side Hustle Book summary covers:

  • When you should not quit your day job and why.
  • How early customer development can transform ideas into a great opportunity.
  • Which opportunities are worth selling everything.

4. Hustle: The power to charge your life with money, meaning and momentum by Neil Patel

A Great Side Hustle book by top-rated influencers and authors, Neil Patel, Patrick Vlaskovits, and Jonas Koffler.

Not all of us are born extraordinary, and for the majority of people hustling is not second nature. Hence with this Book, the Authors break out the monotony of the 9-5 lifestyle & helps you to make your dreams a reality. Book emphasis on the tools you need to realize the work you enjoy and gain confidence, motivation.

The book is divided into 3 parts:

  • ‘The Heart’, teaches you how to follow your own dreams rather than others.
  • ‘The Head’, covers how to get started and prepare for mistakes that can come with risk.
  • ‘The Habits’ shows how to spot opportunities & create your own luck. 

Book explains how realigning these parts will bring more momentum, money, and meaning to your life. Get this Side Hustle book to get more insights.

5. The Side Hustle Path: 10 Proven Ways to Make Money Outside of Your Day Job by Nick Loper

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Another excellent book by Nick Loper. The Side Hustle Path focuses on making extra money outside of the job that helps to pay debt, bills, pay for children’s education, and help to quit a 9-5 job.

Book The Side Hustle Path is about:

  • finding a low-risk way to make more money.
  • 10 real-world examples of how regular people are earning Side Hustle income outside of traditional jobs.

This is a recommended Side Hustle book that you can easily read, digest, and finish.

6. What If It Does Work Out?: How a Side Hustle Can Change Your Life by Sussie Moore

Do you have and love a hobby\passion beyond a 9-5 job? Skills like making crafts, painting, writing, handmade clothes? Then you should pick this best Side Hustle book which focuses on a lucrative Side Hustle.

In the book; What If It Does Work Out? the author Author & Side Hustle Influencer Susie Moore offers expert tips and guidance to help you earn an extra source of income by doing what you love.

Book chapter covers:

  • Planning stages and potential obstacles, showing how to overcome any hesitation or fear, create multiple revenue streams, and more.
  • Inspiring stories of fellow Side Hustle successes.

What If It Does Work Out, book received lots of praise like:

“Launching a Side Hustle is no easy task, but after reading Susie Moore’s book, I found it not only to be manageable but also inspirational. Susie’s positivity shines throughout the entire book, helping side hustlers overcome fear and doubt to help them move forward. Great read for anyone thinking of taking the plunge.” – Andrea Huspeni, Entrepreneur.com

“When you’re starting a Side Hustle, you need emotional support and a confidence boost just as much as you need practical tips and tools for getting started. Susie Moore effortlessly combines both in What If It Does Work Out, making this truly the ultimate guide to getting a side gig off the ground.” -Adrian Granzella Larssen, Editor-in-Chief, The Muse

“This book is the kick-in-the-pants side hustlers need to start living the life they want! An amazing reference for anyone who wants to not be 100% dependent on their ‘day job.” – Molly Beck, host of the Forbes podcast Two Inboxes: Interviews with the Side Hustle Generation

7. 100 Side Hustles: Unexpected Ideas for Making Extra Money Without Quitting Your Day Job by Chris Guillebeau

With so many Side Hustle Books, author Chris Guillebeau written 100 Side Hustles book to cover side hustle stories.

Inside book, 100 Side Hustles book author covers:

  • Startup stories\case studies of common people launching side businesses that almost anyone can do like: urban tour guide, teachers, an artist, a travel site founder, etc.
  • An important step of launching a Side Hustle, from identifying markets to crafting unique products and services that spring from your passions.

After reading this book, you’ll find yourself joining these innovative entrepreneurs, and will take steps to start a Side Hustle, make money on the side while living your best life.

8. Side Hustle: Build a Side Business and Make Extra Money – Without Quitting by Chris Guillebeau

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This book is different from other books by Chris Guillebeau. Here he shows a step-by-step direction to start a hustle with real-life case studies. Books will help you to get up & start a Side Hustle in a short time.

With this recommended Side Hustle book Chris shares below tips on Side Hustle:

  • Everyone should have a Side Hustle, even if you have a good earning job.
  • Starting a Side Hustle is not that hard, you can get started with one by just following lessons in this book.
  • To be successful, you need to learn how to generate profitable ideas and then choose the one which is best. You will learn these skills inside the book.

In the second half of the book, you will learn how to take action to launch your idea before you feel you are totally ready. Along with the Side hustle tips Chris, also emphasis on, What you need & What you don’t in order to start Side Hustle:

  • The right frame of mind Willingness to act.
  • Don’t need much money and time.
  • You don’t need a college degree.
  • Don’t need employees or business partners. And lastly, you don’t even need experience starting a business.

9. SideHustle Millionaire: How To Build a Side Business That Creates Financial Freedom by Tony Whatley

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SideHustle Millionaire by Tony Whatley highlights ways to create financial freedom by building a side business. Author Tony Whatley is a serial entrepreneur, business consultant, and startup mentor. So with SideHustle Millionaire book, Tony throws lights on:

  • The mindset of a person, which is a crucial part.
  • Tips on the money, structure, and marketing sections.

This is the best-recommended book for those who love their careers but looking to make extra money.

10. The Ultimate Side Hustle Book: 450 Money Making Ideas for the Gig Economy by Elana Varon

The Ultimate Side Hustle Book explains what, why, and how of side gigs, with real-life stories. The author Elana Varon is business writer so this perfect package exceptional book divided into two part;

  • Part 1 covers, How to succeed as a side hustler, including identifying skills, defining goals, How to manage your finances, etc.
  • Part 2 contains more than 450 Side Hustles categorized into 12 categories like freelancing, on-demand platforms, classified listings, etc. Moreover, book authors drill down these Side Hustles with what’s involved, where to find leads, what the requirements are, and how much each Side Hustle pays you.

This is a perfect book if;

  • You have secured a regular job, but still, wish to earn a little more money?
  • You want some extra money by investing in your spare time by starting a side business.

11. The Side Hustle Bible: 150+ Side Hustle Ideas and How to Start Making Money by Jacob Wallace

As the name suggests, this is a true Side Hustle Bible. Book chapters not only focus on existing money Side Hustles but showcase how to turn your hobbies into money-making opportunities.

The best part of the Side Hustle Bible is, it contains 150 massive Side Hustle ideas that you can start with zero training & make more money today.

Book summaries Side Hustle idea with details on how to get started, where to look for work, & what your Side Hustle might look like.

Moreover, this Side Hustle Book also comes with everything you need to consider, including:

  • How To Decide Which Side Hustle is Right For You.
  • How To Balance Your Side Hustle With Your Full-time Job and Life.
  • How To Develop A Successful Business And How To Scale Up And Go Pro!

The book contains Side Hustle jobs perfect for; Photographers, Graphics Designers, Other Creative Professionals, Programmers, Web Designers, Engineers, Lawyers, Enforcement Officers, Models, Speakers, Teachers, Animal Lovers & anyone looking to learn new skills and make money.

That means this book is perfect for anyone. So buy now to join the thousands of people succeeding with Side Hustles.

Final Words About Side Hustle Books

I hope you enjoyed the summary of these books about hustling and damn sure this Side Hustle book summary helps you pick the best books on a Side Hustles.

If you are short of time I would suggest downloading these Side Hustle Audiobooks.

From my perspective even if you just read Side Hustle: From Idea To Income in 27 Days Summary you will gain so much insight.

What other Side Hustle books you would love to suggest? Do share & leave comments about this Side Hustle book review. And don’t forget to sign up for FREE to Audiobook from Amazon Audible by clicking below image.

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