Side Hustle Meaning : What Does Side Hustle Mean

Side Hustle Meaning is most common searched term today. Reason, almost everyone is looking for side hustle along with a day job.

So What is the side hustle meaning? How would you define a Side Hustle?

Here is my reply to What is Side a Hustle, and the meaning of side hustle.

Side Hustle is the work a person is more passionate about than a day job and can be done in addition to one’s full time job for supplemental income. If you are still wondering and need deep knowledge that you can refer to my this Side Hustle Guide.

Look at the Google Trend below. Worldwide people are understanding the meaning of side hustle and working on passive side hustles.

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So in this post, I’ll show you everything about Side Hustle Meaning.

Side Hustle Meaning : Meaning Of Side Hustle In Simple Words

Simple Side hustle definition is “your next step to FREEDOM lifestyle.”

Popular influencer Gary Vaynerchuk explains The Definition of “HUSTLE” in his motivational video

If we consider side hustle meaning in English, the best definition of a Side Hustle explain by Chris Guillebeau’s is 

Side hustle is not a part-time job. A side hustle is not the gig economy. It is an asset that works for you.

What Does It Mean To Have a Side Hustle

What does Side Hustle Mean for everyone? Everyone has a different understanding of the side hustle.

For most people, a side hustle is a way to make extra cash, for others it is a method of getting paid to enjoy their passion or hobby.

side hustle meaning to make money
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For me, a part-time job is not a side hustle if it doesn’t brings you happiness.

Because this part-time job may or may not be your passion. You are working extra over the weekend to just fulfill the income stream. Again in a part-time job, you have to wait for fixed salary & salary date.

And the key difference between side hustle and Hobby is, it costs you extra money to pursue a hobby instead of making you money.

Some hobbies can bring you little money as well but you can’t say it as Side Hustle until and unless it directs you towards financial independence and happiness.

How Much Cost & Time Does a Side Hustle Take

Frankly speaking due to the fastest digital world, Side hustle needs ‘zero’ OR very little cost. The biggest investment for a side hustle is TIME. If you don’t have it, you don’t do it.

Side hustles are a kind of experimental effort people are putting in to build new skill-sets, passive income. A side hustle should always be enjoying where you should put your heart and soul. If you feel it is a cumbersome, then don’t do it.

And no matter how busy you are, I’m sure you could steal up an extra hour or two a day if you really want

“Time is more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”  – Jim Rohn

In the beginning, a side hustle may take a longer time as it’s an experiment where you don’t know how much time & money you need.

But keep in mind that TIME is the biggest investment for a side hustle, so use it wisely and try to take some knowledge and leverage it into a full-time Business.

If you are not sure how to start side hustle then check out my below guide

Side Hustle Benefits

Here are a few benefits that I feel to mention here while understanding the meaning of side hustle.

Extra Cash

Obviously, side hustle can bring you extra cash. But remember it’s not a quick-rich scheme, as mentioned earlier you have to invest time.

The best part, a side hustle can be your full-time business if done properly. That means a road to the FREEDOM lifestyle.

New Learning

You are hustling that means you are doing experimental things that help you to learn so many things on an ongoing basis.

Side hustle exposes you to entrepreneurship, money management, time management, speaking, writing, and many other new learning.

And in today’s economy, you should have multiple skills to sustain and grow.

Identifying Your Hidden Talent

Identifying the real meaning of side hustle helps you to identify your hidden talent.

You don’t know what you will identify tomorrow while hustling. Maybe you tried graphic design during college days but never thought that you have a well-hidden talent for it.

You are exposed to that talent while side hustle like Blogging, and understand why it’s so important for every blogger to have good featured images.

Being your own hidden talent of Graphics design it will help you to create a good graphic design for your blog.

Also, you can run it as a freelancing business and provide service to many organizations.

This is how if you understand real side hustle meaning you will lead to FREEDOM lifestyle.

Backup For Your Day Job

Side Hustle Means a backup.

Do you know, back in the year 2009–10 recession badly impacted the world’s economy and many corporate fired employees. Imagine the scene, What if you were part of that?

With high liabilities many high skilled employees, individuals forgot to create a backup of a day Job. Even a little side hustle can be a game-changer for your life.

The best Side Hustle that you can get started is Freelancing.

You can hire a freelancer for any work via world’s largest platform called as a Fiverr.(It’s Free to join)


Side Hustle Means a FREEDOM and who doesn’t want a FREEDOM in life be it Time, Money, Family.

And Only Side Hustle can bring you FREEDOM, not your day job.

Many highly skilled folks are trading their time for money and living a frustrated life in a day Job.

You are begging for a day leave to your BOSS, and you are getting the typical answer “Sorry, this time I won’t be able to give you a leave”

Imagine, you got an urgent emergency at home and still, you have to compromise for your time just because of a day job, and imagine what would be the scenario if you were a full-time side hustler.

That’s the real true side hustle meaning, where you are getting full FREEDOM. You can spend as much time as you want, spare time with family, and live a FREEDOM lifestyle.

Side Hustle Examples

Let’s read to the real Side hustler examples and understand true Side hustle meaning.

1. TrumExcel: This is a blog run by a famous blogger, Sumit Bansal. During an interview with Sumit Bansal, I got to know that Sumit has started the TrumExcel blog while working full time into Job as a part of a side hustle.

He has turned his Microsoft Excel expertise into a side hustle and today this blog has been appreciated by many industry leaders. Even Microsoft has honored Sumit as MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for his work.

2. QuestionCage:  Navin Rao a techie IT engineer running a blog as a side hustle. QuestionCage is a resource on WordPress, Blogging, SEO and Social Media, Affiliate Marketing.

QuestionCage is all about knowledge sharing and creating some awareness on some of the interesting topics like technology and digitization.

3. BloggingJoy: As a Side hustler you should not miss the name of Shantanu Debnath. He is a Software engineer turned blogger.

Shantanu’s efforts got appreciated by many industry leaders, & he has been interviewed by many bloggers.

Despite a busy schedule, he is very active on social media and runs one of the famous Facebook group The Blogger Team. He has been hustling since the year 2010 and now spreading the blogging knowledge through BloggingJoy.

4. GuideBlogging: Umer Qureshi, another name you should not miss while considering side hustle examples. At the time of writing this blog, Umer’s age is just around 20 and he is hustling since age 15.

Being a school\college going boy, Umer never looked back and today his blog GuideBlogging makes $1000+ monthly revenue. Now, Umer has made a name in the blogging industry and has been continuously hustling.

There are so many examples of side hustles ideas, and here are some popular among them:

  • Freelance writing
  • YouTube
  • Pet sitting
  • Cooking
  • Teaching online courses
  • Blogging
  • Photography services
  • Survey taking

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Is a Side Hustle Worth It?

Everything is worth it, be it a day job or side hustle but… you must be an action taker.

Do side hustle only if you meet the below two criteria,

Need Hunger

If you don’t have any hunger for doing something extra beyond your day job then don’t think of Hustling.

If you are a guy who spends the weekend with laziness, then sorry don’t waste time doing some extra work. You are burning a hell lot of energy and time.

Even if you have hunger, you should have patients.

Hence, you must eat, breathe, sleep side hustle, and always think of scaling it towards a freedom lifestyle.

Side Hustle Attitude

Along with hunger, if you have a side hustle attitude, then definitely side hustle is worth it for you.

Side Hustle attitude helps you to keep motivated throughout the day.

Also, during a full-time day job, it will remind you daily that there is something better than a job.

FAQ About Side Hustle Meaning

What is side hustle

Simplest definition of a Side Hustle is: any work that gives you joy, and you are doing it extra apart from your daily work. It is a good way to start on the road to entrepreneurship.

What should I do as a side hustle

You can experiment with the existing skills\hobby a side hustle. Though initially, you will face challenges but its always best to start a side hustle related to your skills. Because hustling on things requires lots of time and money.

What is the best side hustle

There are dozens of best side hustle ideas out there, but the best side hustle is one which you can do easily, scalable, demanding and monetizable.

Should I have a side hustle

Yes everyone should work on at least one side hustle idea because you don’t when your current employer will stop loving you. So a backup to a day job, you should start working on a side hustle.

What is a good side hustle

Good side hustle can be anything that pays you consistently, easy to do, easy to learn.

How a side hustle works

You need to put an extra efforts along with your regular work. Here is a simple flow,

You should pick up an idea which makes you happy -> Put extra efforts consistently -> Monetize your side hustle -> Grow your side hustle and make passive income.

Next Steps

I’m damn sure, now you have got a clear understanding of what side hustle means.

So do let me know,

  • Do you have any side hustle?
  • What are your thoughts on the side hustle meaning?
  • What challenges are you facing in Side hustle?
  • What is your side hustle meaning in English

Let me know your thoughts on Side Hustle Meaning in comments.

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