Simple Social Media Hacks That Can Transform Online Business

What do you mean by online business?

Online business is not just an online product. You can sell your offline product to anyone online.

One decision many people can’t make right together is that there are a lot of gurus sitting around to tell you how to do your business online and use Social media hacks for Online business.

But it’s your own business how they know better than you and what Social media tips you should use?

Digital Marketing is no rocket science, but it’s not like a straight line either. And when we start, we are lost into all the complicated things like search engine algorithms, site structure, designs, and many other things

It’s slowing down the growth.

I am not saying that those things are less important. But, you have to understand one thing here, you have started your business now, and some people are in the same industry for more than a decade.

Don’t get influenced or motivated by their paychecks; understand the efforts they are business for more than a decade. 

The kind of effort they have put in over these years is giving them the results now. So If you are still struggling with your online business, then you have to put 10x more effort. 

Let’s understand how to channelize our efforts and social media hacks when no one knows us as an entrepreneur. 

This guide is for you if you have any form of online business and you know the product and services that you are offering.

Simple Social Media Hacks For Online Business

First listen to this golden advice.

Do Not Depend On One Traffic Source

You have already taken the initial step by starting your blog or business. You have made some investment to start it, and that makes you different from the rest.

You could have done many other things with that money, but you have decided to invest it in your business.

But now what? Why can’t you celebrate your business? Sounds weird?

Not really, it’s all about the thought process.

Each online business owner is trying to get more and more attention. 

Why can’t you do that? 

Let’s discuss some simple yet effective social media hacks that can transform any online business.

Talk About Your Business On Social Media

social media talk
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You must have heard about the phrase “Shameless Marketing”.

I am not telling you to spam here.

But, you have to be talkative about your online business or you can try Influencer marketing. (For finding potential Influencers in your industry, you can try these Influencer marketing tools)

Isn’t it simple social hacks?

Talk To Like Minded People

social media hacks talk to likeminded folks
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This is yet another effective Social media hacks for business.

We often find ourselves alone after we start.

And this is the root cause for not getting enough engagements on social media. It can cause demotivation, and soon we will find ourselves in a position from where we can’t look back.

However, we can use outreach tools and you can get in touch with the top influencer in our niche.

In this image, you can see how you can find the top performing contents against your keyword or niche using Buzzsumo tool.

buzzsumo social media tools for online busienss
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You can also do manual outreach marketing to get in touch with some influencers and share your ideas.

Create A Facebook Group

social media tips create facebook group
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Facebook groups are the best medium to connect with a lot of people at the same time.

When I started my blogging career I followed many Facebook groups and learned a lot from them. I have also started my own Facebook group which is growing with time.

The best part I love about Facebook group is the engagements. It’s beneficial for a new content creator.

It’s motivating to see the likes and comments.

If you want to start and grow your Facebook group, then you should

  1. Be Clear With The Objectives Of The Group
  2. Post Regularly, You Can Also Use The Schedule Option.
  3. Invite Experts From Your Niche.
  4. Use Poll To Get More Engagement
  5. Share Contents Of The Other Creators

This is simple Social media hack to transform online business.

Reshare Your Old Contents On Twitter

You can use twitter as one of your major traffic sources.

It’s been observed that old posts get less attention and less traffic as well, so if you can share at least 3 to 4 old posts on a regular basis, then you would see a spike on your traffic and this can also get you some chance to increase your social media shares.

How cool this Social media tip?

Another step to increase presence is to automate social media management with the help of tools like SocialPilot, Tailwind, SocialBee.

Repurpose Your Content

There are different opinions about repurposing the content. Let’s think about it.

You are in the content marketing business for sometime and you still do not know how to increase traffic, rankings and shares. Does that bother you?

If yes, then you have to prepare yourself for a lot of hard work. We always have to think about the solutions that we can do. 

Here are a few Mediums I use to repurpose my content 

  • Quora
  • Medium
  • Linkedin

Would you love to apply this Social media management hacks?

Start Videos

start video
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We have been hearing that video is the future, but do you know how to create videos on a regular basis?

I don’t think so. This is why I still that people are taking ages to create one video. I am also trying to be consistent with videos and I have identified that there are a few types of video that you can post on YouTube 

  1. Explanatory 
  2. Voiceover 
  3. Face-Cam

So, irrespective of your resources you can create awesome videos and get more attention. You will find a lot of video editors, camera apps and much more tools for free, all you need is a start.

Pinterest Chrome Extension And Automation Tool

social media management hacks pinterest
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We all know Pinterest is a great medium to get a decent number of website traffic, but as a beginner I was lost between the pins and boards.

This amazing free chrome extension can help you to share your image on Pinterest with a single click. Needless to say that it will also share your link. Let’s embrace Pinterest and get more web traffic.

Also you should try Tailwind to automate your Pinterest marketing.

Final Words

Social media management hacks can be beneficial for any brand when there is not much budget and a lot of testing is needed to get the outcome of the final product.

If you are not exploring social media for your business, then you are losing a lot of opportunities.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you are unable to decide a proper social media strategy for your business.

Also do let me know if you know any more Social media hacks for online business.

I would love to hear Social media tips from you.

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  1. Aadarsh as always, your comments are valuable. Thanks for the compliments.

  2. Hey Amol Chavan ,

    Awesome post as usual. Glad to say that you have introduced great social media hacks for transforming an online business. You have described each hacks very nicely that are so clear and easy to understand.

    Yes Promoting the business on social platform boost traffic and also boost the business reach. Social platforms works really great and provides astonishing results & outcome if used correctly and in a proper way. Talking about business on social platforms helps in expanding the business reach. Talking with like-minded-people will helps a lot and also provides better understanding. Creating a Facebook-group will provide good benefits and is also a great way to connect with more people. Creating Facebook-groups also boost audience-engagement. Repurposing the content by making any suitable changes & modification are also good idea.

    Your each hacks are effective and adopting these hacks will undoubtedly helps the business to grow well.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge, ideas and such a fantastic post.

  3. LinkedIn is more suitable for b2b businesses. I am currently doing some experiments with it. Will be sharing my observation soon

  4. Sure Suraj. I will ask LinkedIn expert Tin my circle to share insights on Linkdin Social media management hacks.

  5. Pleasure Chayan for your contribution. I do agree with you. These social media hacks for business can transform any kind of business if use correctly.

  6. Pleasure Siddhit. Keep us posted about your Growth from these Social Media Hacks.

  7. Hey Amol,
    Thanks a lot for the opportunity. I think these social media hacks can make insightful improvement to any business.

  8. Gona taste these hacks soon! Thanks bro for sharing the article

  9. LinkedIn needs to have more eyeballs.

    Would love to hear about linkedin and some tips to grow over there from you.

  10. Pleasure, Lawal. Yes I do agree that Promoting business on social media can boost traffic. And these simple social media hacks can help everyone to grow business.

  11. Lawal Rahman says:

    Hi, thank you for inviting me here through your newsletter to read this piece. It is a nice post. Promoting my business on social media can truly boost my website’s traffic.