The Quick Guide To Understanding The Video Marketing Of Pandemic Times

Pandemic times generally enforce new normal on people and new habits of media consumption at the same time. But have you ever wondered that these new habits could have a major impact on the marketer’s playbook?

Experts are of the view that it takes around 21 days to form a brand new habit. And it can well be said by studying the present times that pandemics do help people in forming habits where they are able to consume digital videos in a more lucid form.

Digital shifts are being tracked across different spheres of society, with consumer sentiments changing throughout the world.

Statistics gained from studies during recent pandemics have shown that there has been this steady growth in the number of people watching online video content.

So, learning video marketing is a real cry among the companies at present. Studies show that around 80% of customers are more into consuming video content than what they did earlier. What’s more, online streaming videos are the type of content they desire.

So, if you are still not making videos to sell the products and the services you are dealing with, it is high time you do it.

Here is a quick guide on what you can do:

Understanding The Video Marketing

1. First Of All: Determine Your Objective

Well, videos indeed have an important role to play when it comes to marketing products and services in pandemic times. But this does not necessarily mean that they will be highly effective all the time. You know why?

It is because not all businesses can set clear and strong objectives. If you want your business to thrive in the difficult times, make sure your video delivers the results you desire. And for this to happen, you must spend time determining your objective before cracking your creative mind.

No matter whether you are looking to create customer engagement, share company information or start conversations, just ensure that any objective of yours gets translated into proper video content.

This is crucial in pandemic times when around 72 of customers like to use the videos to know about new products and services. Take these times as an opportunity that you cannot afford to let go of.

And yes, be realistic with expectations. You know it is the time of a pandemic. So, customer demands are likely to be low throughout the world. So, it is better for you to change your expectations as a business and adapt it to the changing arena.

2. Work on Creating Behind-the-Scenes Videos

For this, it would be a good idea for you to use a top-quality video creator. If you are into selling essential products and services, get the people to know about your presence even in the pandemic times.

This is possible only by creating behind-the-scenes visual content. Get people peeking behind the curtains and understand the way you are doing business.

This will remind them of your service in these challenging times and make them believe in your potential. After all, seeing is believing!

Man! That’s simply awesome to show the audiences that your employees are in their place, serving the customers in a better way. And yes, it’s reassuring too!

3. Do Not Fall Short of Testimonial Videos

Easy and simple, connect with dedicated consumers through email or social media channels, and get their video experiences featured. It’s great fun, indeed! The only thing you need to work on is featuring the videos on the proper platform.

Here, case study videos have an important role to play. Such videos featuring satisfied and loyal customers are highly effective in creating the right impression of the target audience. Go for this big change. Allow your prospects to connect with individuals who are not big names or celebrities.

4. Make the Videos Purposeful

It is quite likely for the customers to get inundated in the pandemic times. Clearly, every brand is dying to tell its customers about the measures they are taking to keep their employees, products, and food safe.

In theory, that is a good practice. Nevertheless, studies bring forth the statistics that approximately 43% of the customers view that they are getting copied assurances from different companies.

You should change this. But how? Simply by ensuring that the video content you are posting is purposeful. Of course, your video should serve your objective, but it must also give back something to the customers.

Customer experience is of prime importance when going digital. If your content proves beneficial to you rather than to the customers, it will be a cause of irritation. It works to come up with a clear way of engaging, uplifting and supporting content.

5. Brand Videos and Animations Will Bring in Great Results

Brand videos are a basic thing- agreed! They bring in great results-disagreed! But why? Of course, they bring in desired results in the pandemic times, provided you use them in the right way. Remember the advertisements you come across on YouTube and television. They are brand videos. These can effectively be used for creating awareness.

Again, presenting the vision and mission of your company in an animated format will get the audiences rolling. Do not lock down your creativity. Give it wings and master animation in your video content.

Create something that delivers a very powerful message and promotes your brand at the same time. Animations have the potential of making hard-to-grab ideas easier to take in. They are the right way of promoting your complex products and services in these more complicated times.

Parting Words

Different pandemic times have left their mark in world history. Here, the main question is dealing with the changing environments and the changed behaviors of the consumers once everything is in place. Marketers need to adjust on a very wide scale.

Of course, they must advocate the use of digital solutions like video content but in a professional manner.

Even during times that feel like downward spirals- some opportunities can well be seized.


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  1. Mark Henry says:


    This COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of changes in everyone’s lifestyle. Especially, in areas like work at home, remote working, e-learning, side-hustles, etc. Hence, video streaming and video marketing gains more popularity. Thanks for your timely tips!

  2. Hey Amol,
    Excellent guide bro. Addding behind the scenes or a short trailor can improve the video performance. Explanatory videos also works well

    1. Thanks, Chayan. I agree that adding a behind the scene in Video marketing works like a gem. Many brands have started using this Video Content Marketing strategy to grow as the video consumption rate has been increased tremendously since last year.