40 Easy Ways for Teens to Make Money Online with No Experience

Are you a teenager and looking ways for teens to make money online? As a teen, you’re starting to get to the age where you want to pick up a job and have side cash to hand out with your friends and just begin saving for a number of reasons.

Don’t worry we have covered easy ways to make money as teens.

40 Ways For Teens To Make Money Online With No Experience

In today’s day and age, it’s never been easier to make some cash on the side. There are multiple ways to make money online. Don’t worry, this guide will feature a list of 40 ways for teenagers to make money online. The best part? You don’t need any extensive experience for any of these opportunities.

1. Paid Online Surveys

Nowadays, companies will pay you to take surveys online in order to understand the market. Sign up for sites like Swagbucks or SurveyMonkey to get started and paid today. 

2. Sell Your Old Stuff

Do you have a bunch of old junk sitting around? Don’t let it go to waste. Hop on eBay or another similar site and sell what you don’t use anymore. After all, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. 

3. Become an Audio Transcriber

Can you sit and listen to audio recordings for hours on end and write out everything that you hear? If so, becoming an audio transcriptionist is a great path for any teenager. Rev is a great site that hires often depending on your area. 

4. Become a Captionaist

Alternatively, would you prefer to watch videos all day and write the caption that is seen when someone turns the closed caption on? Companies don’t enjoy using auto-generated captions as they aren’t as accurate as of the human ear, so this could be a lucrative opportunity for any teen. 

5. Test Applications

The apps on your phone never would have gone to the app store without being tested by users first. Signing up to be an app tester is an exciting job that can give you small sums of money fast. Sites like UserTesting specialize in partnering people with companies looking for testers.

6. Test Websites

On the same line of thought, you can sign up to test websites instead. A failed website is a failed company, so many companies will pay you well to test their site for any bugs or glitches that you may see. 

7. Proofread and Edit Writing

Do you have a knack for writing? If you do, offer to edit and proofread the writing of your friends or family. Better yet, proofread and edit your fellow peer’s work and set a fair price for doing so. Just be sure you aren’t writing their entire paper for them. 

8. Become a Freelance Writer

Along the same lines of thinking, becoming a freelance writer is a great strategy for any teenager. Not many people have the gift of writing, but you can help bring their work to life with your own skills. Sign up today on sites like Fiverr or Upwork. 

9. Build a Social Media Following

Social media influencers can make a large amount of money through sponsored posts once they receive a huge following. Find a brand you enjoy and focus on building organic traffic to your social media page. Oftentimes, brands will seek you out and pay you for sponsored posts. 

10. Become a Virtual Assistant

Busy workers will often be willing to hire virtual assistants to handle their day-to-day tasks such as email sending, phone calls, or appointment scheduling. Take advantage of this and work for someone near you today. 

11. Dive Into Web Design

Are you an aesthetic person who can learn to create a website? If the answer is yes, web design may be a great and lucrative path for you to follow. Building a website isn’t hard and learning how to manipulate software such as WordPress can earn you a quick buck from those who need a webpage.

12. Start a Blog

Similarly, start your own blog! If you have a passion you enjoy writing about then put it on the Internet for all to see. You can monetize your blog with advertisements to pull in some revenue while people read your page.

If you don't know how to start a blog then refer to our guide: How to start a blog\website from scratch

13. Flip Websites

Combining the last two opportunities, consider creating a website, growing it organically, and then selling the domain once it becomes popular. This is a great strategy but be warned that you can lose money if you aren’t successful.

14. Create a Podcast

Rather than starting a blog, are you more of a talkative person? Consider starting up a podcast and discussing whatever niche topics strike your fancy. 

15. Start a YouTube Channel

Better yet, take those podcast recordings and turn them into videos that you can post to your very own YouTube channel. Eventually, with enough views, ad revenue may begin to pile up and you could start to make money on YouTube.

16. Stream Video Games

If you play video games all day, you can easily make money online while streaming to platforms such as Twitch or YouTube. Professional streamers can pull in a nice salary!

17. Create an Online Course

Should you have a topic or specialty you’re proud of, consider creating a course and selling that course online through social media or other means. 

18. Invest in ETFs

Investing can be risky, and you should stay far away from options trading unless you are a professional. However, putting a little bit of money away into ETFs is never a bad idea and can allow your money to grow.

19. Sign up For DoorDash

DoorDash has grown exponentially over the last few years, and signing up as a driver with your own car or a family member’s car can provide a salary that rivals minimum wage. 

20. Join Uber

Alternatively, if you are old enough, sign up to be a driver for Uber and have interesting conversations with people as you drive them to their destinations. 

21. Deliver Groceries

Did you know that there is an app called Instacart where you can shop for and then deliver groceries for people near you? This is a great side gig for anyone of any age to get started with. 

22. Walk Dogs

Walking dogs is a quick way of making money that has been around for years. Did you know, though, that you can sign up to walk dogs virtually? Sign up for the app Wag to find dogs in your neighborhood. 

23. Sell Your Photos

If you are a photographer and love taking photos, consider selling those photos to companies that look for stock photos. Shutterfly is a popular example of such a company. 

24. Become a Tutor

Even though you’re just a teenager, you are in the prime of your academic life. Consider signing up to be an online tutor and passing on the knowledge you have learned.

25. Watch Videos (Seriously)

Certain sites such as Swagbucks, mentioned earlier, will actually pay you to sit down and watch videos put on by advertisers. While these may not be the most interesting, you can leave your phone running in the background while you do other things and earn passive income. 

26. Sell Your Old Electronics

Any old computers or phones lying around your house can be sold or recycled online, and you may receive a profit for donating those items. 

27. Sell Any Textbooks

School textbooks often go to waste when the year ends, but why allow that to happen when you can sell those books and make money? Offer your old textbooks to your friends or use Facebook’s marketplace to sell the items. 

28. Perform in Market Research Studies

Companies are always looking to test their products and services within groups. Sign up to participate in a market research study and get paid completely online. 

29. Teach English

English isn’t the first language of many and offering to tutor people in English online is a great way to make some money on the side. 

30. Become a Product Tester

Sign up on a companies website to test any new products or software they launch and they may compensate you. At the very least, they often allow you to keep the items you test. 

31. Try Social Media Management

As a teenager in the 21st century, social media is all-encompassing. Consider asking local businesses in your area if they would like Instagram to be set up and run by you in order to increase business. 

32. Teach an Online Course

Rather than creating an online course, get certified online in a certain area, and teach courses to people! Whether it’s English, Math, or some other field, there is always somebody eager to learn. 

33. Resell Any Unused Gift Cards

Did you know that you can get a decent amount of money from reselling your unused gift cards online? Simple go to eBay or Facebook Marketplace and list them for sale today. 

34. Sign Up to Be a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers are hired by companies to go to one of their stores, shop around, and then report back on the overall experience. This works best for larger corporations and can be a great side gig for anyone who loves to shop. 

35. Teach Technology to Older People

Older generations can almost seem hopeless when it comes to technology, so market your expertise and offer to teach those who need it!

36. Review Songs

Did you know that some websites, such as Musicxray, will pay you to listen to music and cast your honest review? Sign up today and get listening. 

37. Give Your Review on Something

In the spirit of reviewing, consider reading a book or going to a restaurant and then giving your honest opinion on the experience. 

38. Create and Sell Products on Etsy

If you are a creative person, start making homemade items that people would enjoy and sell them to people on Etsy. This could eventually result in you opening your own official eCommerce store!

39. Write Guest Posts

For those who love writing, reach out to blog owners, and ask whether or not they would accept a guest post written by you. Some sites pay a decent amount of money for a well-written post.

40. Digitize Photos

The process of digitizing photos is simply taking a photo and getting it onto a computer, but you would be surprised how few people claim to have time for that. Take advantage of this opportunity and offer to do it for them for a fee.

Making money as a teen requires innovation, but there is no shortage of jobs available on the Internet. Find a gig that works for you and make that side money.

Conclusion: Ways For Teenagers To Make Money Online

Like above there are tons of fastest ways to make money as a teenager. Pick any one of the ways and get it started rather than trying multiple at the same time. You only need to work in the right direction. I hope it’s now clear to you How can I make money as a teenager online?

Do you have any further questions on these ways for Teens to make money online?

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