Why Youtube As A Side Hustle Still The King Of Hustle?

YouTube as a side hustle can now substitute job quite comfortably, it is still an amazing option for those looking at YouTube as a career. So, if you are thinking, Is YouTube a good side hustle? or Is YouTube a full time career? then you are at the correct place?

YouTube has approximately 2 billion monthly logged-in users. According to statistics from Alexa, YouTube has its largest share of users from the USA, followed by India and then by Japan. Together they make up approximately 28% of the entire viewership.

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This staggering usage also implies that YouTube has become the go-to place for global coverage.

What might surprise the average viewer is that a majority of the current YouTubers have other jobs going on concurrently. Now, which is their main hustle and which is their side-hustle can differ from person to person.

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No doubt, YouTube is still one of the best side hustle ideas, but if you are bothered about making\editing videos then don’t worry. You can simply hire a Freelancer at a very low cost from Fiverr.

Let’s See Why YouTube as a Side Hustle Still the King of Hustle?

1. YouTube Monetization Is Consistent

The monetization of the videos has always been the most lucrative part of YouTube.

Although monetization regulations have had mixed reviews, with recent alarms being raised about how LGBTQ titles get demonetized automatically, for the most part, it has managed to bring in a decent side income.

As long as you’re part of the YouTube Partner Program and are eligible for monetization, you can expect to earn some sort of income from the content you make.

If you are interested in monetizing your videos, here is YouTube Monetization Eligibility: How to get it done?

It highlights everything you need to do as a creator to start making your side hustle income on YouTube.

2. Large Scope for Collaboration

Most of the biggest content creators make it a point to collaborate with other creators for two major reasons.

  1. The main reason being that, by collaborating with other artists, creators get to tap into the fan base of their partners. This could easily mean an extra few million views or subscribers (if you get the right ones).
  2. The second reason why YouTubers are eager to create is that collaboration brings in new content, fresh faces, and hopefully, new perspectives on potentially previously discussed topics. Stats have shown to prove that these boost views significantly.

3. A Platform for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be done on various platforms other than YouTube.

But if you consider the number of people visiting YouTube and the amount of content being watched daily, it won’t come as a surprise that affiliate marketing done through YouTube have higher conversion rates than most platforms.

There’s something about seeing products/services in a video that encourages people to “click on the link in the description”.

This high conversion rate has encouraged most YouTubers to add affiliate marketing to their video features for those few extra dollars.

Although commission per order through the click might just be a few dollars, these tend to add up to quite the sum when a video is getting millions of views.

4. Provision for Sponsorships

Similar to affiliate marketing, sponsorships are another reason why YouTube has managed to remain an amazing source of main and/or side hustle income.

Considering the amount of exposure content gets on YouTube, sponsors/brands are always on the lookout for content creators that are either well established or show huge potential.

Landing a few sponsorships will help fund the videos and hence all the earnings from the video go directly into the creator’s pocket.

The sponsored brand is happy because they’ve gotten new customers, the creator gets to keep all the profit, viewers benefit from genuine products and services that they might have otherwise missed out on. A win-win situation for everyone involved.

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5. Recurring income

This is by far the most important feature of YouTube that attracts more people to take it up as a side hustle (and in some cases, the main hustle).

You can earn money from videos that you created a few years ago.

If you listen to any YouTuber’s story of how they made it big, most of them (if not all) follow a similar storyline. They started making videos many years ago.

The channel wasn’t on anyone’s radar and the views ranged from a few hundred to a few thousand if you got lucky. They kept at it and kept churning out videos consistently. At this point, the earnings from these videos were close to nothing.

After a few years, the consistency started to pay off and they found their videos averaging thousands of views.

This then slowly turns into a few hundreds of thousands. At this point, they find themselves having a decent subscriber count, and from here it is all uphill. The earnings from each video start adding up and before they know it, they’re earning 5 figures every month.

This is the beauty of YouTube and one of the main reasons why it has remained the king of side hustles. 

With all that being said, getting the YouTube ball rolling is easier said than done. Certain services like SocioBlend pride themselves on producing organic traffic for your YouTube channel.

With the hours of content being pushed into the platform every second and the confusing YouTube algorithm, sometimes, a push is all you need to set everything in motion.

You can also take the help of a top video editor like Filmora to create & edit videos or simply you can hire freelancers for editing videos from the world largest freelancing platform Fiverr

FAQ Related to YouTube Side Hustle

Is YouTube a good side job?

Yes, YouTube is an excellent side job and if done consistently then it can turn into a permanent side job. YouTube side hustle idea is best which give you lots of money than  9 to 5 Job.

Is YouTube a good side business?

You can turn YouTube into a good side business. To scale it as a business, your videos should be of excellent quality and you should have a YouTube side business plan. You can even hire freelancers to produce, market YouTube as a business.

Can YouTube as a side hustle turn into full time career?

Yes, it’s possible to turn YouTube into a full-time career. For example, YouTuber Amit Mishra from Tryootech turned YouTube side hustle into full-time career and making living out of it now.

YouTube as a business, How is it?

As mentioned earlier, professional You Tuber now running YouTube channels as a business. They have small teams which help them to run YouTube as a business. Similarly, you can outsource the work and build YouTube as a business.

Can we consider YouTube as a job?

YouTube is not a job but can be done along with a day job. After building authority on YouTube you can turn it into a full-time Job.

How is YouTube as a career?

If you are starting from scratch, even not doing any job, and have lots family\financial dependency, then I would suggest considering YouTube as a side hustle along with a day job. Being a newbie it will take time for you to make living out of YouTube. But yes you can consider YouTube as a career.

How to make money from YouTube?

As mentioned in this article there are so many ways to make money from YouTube like,

1. Advertising
2. Google AdSense
3. Brand partnership
4. Brand sponsored video
5. Affiliate Marketing
6. Paid consultation to subscribers, etc.

YouTube Side Hustle: Final Words

I hope you understood “Why Is YouTube Still the King of the Side Hustle?” and got an answer to Is YouTube a good side hustle.

YouTube becomes popular Side Hustle so to summarize, here is what we have covered to understand YouTube as best side hustles :

  • YouTube Monetization Is Consistent
  • Large Scope for Collaboration
  • A Platform for Affiliate Marketing
  • Provision for Sponsorships
  • Recurring income

What are your thoughts on YouTube as a Side Hustle and King of all Side Hustle?

Did you found this article helpful? Please let me know via comment below and share this article on social media to help others.

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This post has been written by guest Author: Adit Pinheiro is an engineer by profession, content writer at SocioBlend.


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