About Growthfunda And Amol Chavan

Amol Chavan is the founder of growthfunda
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I eat, breathe, drink, & sleep Side Hustle…..

Hey! Amol Chavan here, Chief Founder at Growthfunda. By passion I’m a Digital Entrepreneur, Author, Blogger who has taste the failure & success, other than this I’m Software Engineer.

Prior to Growthfunda I failed in 4 business attempts. But it helped me to learned so many things.

I started this site because I believe only Side Hustles can help anyone to build FREEDOM lifestyle. So with the help my past and current entrepreneur experience I would like to share my knowledge with entire world.

My entrepreneurial journey began at an early age during my full time job. While working I found that only relying on single income source from full time job is risky as you don’t know when your organization will stop loving you.

So I did some offline business but miserably failed & also lost money. I did what you’re “supposed” to do.

After failure my mind again spark to do something new. Meantime I expose to the Digital Marketing World and then got to know who many people are living Laptop Lifestyle with the help of Online Skills.

So I sharpen my skills & launched Growthfunda on Jan 2018 2018 to teach you how to build multiple streams of income with the help of Side Hustles. You can read my whole side hustle journey here: Read My Story

I built my side hustle journey while working on spare time, nights and weekends. So I believe anyone can build freedom lifestyle.

Here are the lists of site where my thoughts, interview has been published. I’m Featured On Here

I believe in you. Whatever your reason, I’m here to help.

This site has excellent guides on side hustle, side hustle ideas, etc. It also showcase step by step approach to start side hustle and Online business with actionable lessons.

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