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Best WordPress Theme for Blog [Business] That Saved My $$$$

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best WordPress theme for blog that save my money

Best WordPress theme for blog [business] plays a vital role in WordPress development. But finding best WordPress blog theme or WordPress business theme which meets all your need & also saves $$$$ of money on WordPress web development is difficult. Did you stumble upon different types of WordPress themes available to buy WordPress theme but, confused with how to choose WordPress best blog themes. So this post is the perfect … Continue Reading

5 Recommended Books to Read That Get into Habit of Reading

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recommended books to read that get into habit of reading

I thought I should answer a question which is appearing in your mind that there are many such recommended books to read but why still I am curating the list of such best selling books? And I know after picking up the below interesting books to read you will get into a habit of books reading. Here are the answers why I am curating the list of such recommended books … Continue Reading

8 Steps to Live Job Free Life and Escape from 9-5 Job Life

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9-5 Job Life_Rat Race

I left my high paying job of Rs 80K/month back in the year 2015 without any fear & worry just in pursuit of my happiness and lived 9-5 job free life. I started a journey towards the entrepreneurship which shaped and changed my outlook to live life to its fullest. You know, how exactly our job is shaping our life? In most of the cases, our life is driven by … Continue Reading

Business Plan: The Definitive Guide

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business plan

I have directly started my previous businesses without much planning and thinking. And I was constantly nagging I am not getting success in business? But sometimes we need to think rationally and apply day to day hacks to find out the root cause of the problem. So I did RCA (Root Cause Analysis)…. What I have discovered, most of the business failed due to lack of planning and direction. The … Continue Reading