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Hey fam, here is the deal.

If you have great content & want to “guest post“, “write for us“, “want to write for“, “guest article“, “contributing writer“, “submit blog post“, “contribute to on site” then you are welcome to our blog Growthfunda.

To talk about Growthfunda, it is a growing online business blog and side hustle blog that helps the reader to learn about online business and motivates them to start a side hustle

The aim of this blog is:

  • to motivate readers to take any action so they can move out from 9-5 jobs and
  • showcase the potential of making money online to live life to the fullest a.k.a FREEDOM lifestyle.

Hence we advocate online businesses like blogging, freelancing, content writing, affiliate marketing, etc.

To give you a reference, go and check out the categories at the secondary menu about what type of articles we publish on our blog Growthfunda.

What Are Requirements of Guest Post on Growthfunda

We need to maintain quality hence we are not accepting all guest posts. You must have to follow the below guidelines to submit a guest post

  • The article must have at least 1000+ words, must be unique, free of grammatical & spelling errors.
  • We love SEO (Search Engine Optimized) centric articles, hence consider basic on-page SEO, headline structure, and keyword research while writing an article.
  • Send a list of the primary keyword, secondary keyword if any & keyword to target in the URL.
  • Only 1 link per article to other websites or your websites is allowed only if relevant either in the Author bio section or within the content. The link should add some extra value to the readers. Spammy, Affiliated links and ugly links which are intended for self-promotion are not allowed.
  • All links should be a NoFollow.
  • Post must have at least one image of high quality. The maximum width of the images should be 700px. Featured Image should be 730px * 300px (Check our Featured Images for reference)
  • Give proper SEO-centric names to image files before sending them.
  • Please understand our website categories mentioned below.
  • Plagiarized, Copied, Stolen contents, and Images are not allowed. Do not submit spun, copyrighted content. Give proper attribution to images if you are referring to other content. You can use the plagiarism checker by Prepostseo.com before sending your content or article.
  • Don’t write irrelevant things that are not adding value or just to complete 1000 words criteria. We reserve the right to deny, edit and modify your Guest post.
  • We love short paragraphs and crispy content that is written briefly.
  • Articles created solely for getting backlinks will be rejected. You have to add value to the content.
  • You cannot publish the post anywhere else once you submit an article and it gets published. It becomes the property of  Growthfunda.com admin as soon as it gets published.
  • For Sponsered post inquiry email at contactgrowthfunda [@] gmail [dot] com. Please note that we accept Advance payment only for Sponsered posts.
  • Along with the guest blog post, send your author bio description to publish.

These are a few guidelines you must follow to submit a guest post on our blog. If we found an article not matching the guidelines, or not adding value to readers then we will reject your article.

I hope you are clear with all the guidelines.

Submit Guest Post on Categories like

  • Side Hustle
  • Be Your Own Boss i.e. Quitting Job\Escaping 9-5 RAT RACE
  • Career
  • Online business e.g. Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Content Writing.
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Make Money Online etc…

We are not SEO, Blogging, Marketing blog

Now here is the deal.

How to Submit a Guest Post

To submit a guest post, please send your article, image with SEO name, and keywords at :

  • Email to: contactgrowthfunda [@] gmail [dot] com

You have to submit a guest post in MS Word or Google docs (with access rights) format.

Based on successful verification, a confirmation email will be sent to your article status: accepted or rejected, and then will be published based on the status.

Publishing of the guest post will not be done immediately as we take time to verify, and modify your article and it may take 24-36 hrs or in some cases takes a week.

If you have any doubts related to the Guest post, then feel free to contact us.