8 Steps to Live Job Free Life and Escape from 9-5 Job Life

I left my high paying job of Rs 80K/month back in the year 2015 without any fear, worry just in pursuit of my happiness and lived 9-5 job free life. I started a journey towards the entrepreneurship which shaped and changed my outlook to live life to its fullest. Everyone can live salary free life as there are many ways to earn money online in India.

You know, how exactly our job is shaping our life, even though it’s easy to live a Happy Life Without a Job in India.

You can live salary free life by earning money online in India and escape the rat race. In most of the cases, our life is driven by our job…

We are running in the RAT RACE of 9-5 job life, paying heavy financial dues and still we are hoping for Financial Freedom.

You will not get any kind of freedom in 9-5 job life, rather you are stuck in the 9-5 job life.

You have to find reasons to leave a job and leave salary free life. Reasons like FREEDOM, Money, etc.

Job Life- the Rat Race

I was also in the same situation which you are currently.

I was trapped in 9-5 job life, and not living the life which I don’t want to live, it was just to and fro.

Most of you also in the same situation which I went through earlier like…

  • It was a terrible recession back in the year 2008-09 and I was caught in the end part of it.
  • I failed in almost 20+ interviews when I was fresher.
  • I got the first job after struggling for 8 months…
  • I used to work late nights and days in the office.
  • More I work more I got overloaded with work.
  • I was hoping that my hard work will give me credits and good salary hike next year…..but it was never…
  • My organization fired top executives…and so on…..

I got started hating corporate life, noise, those politics and appraisal hopes……

My life was driven by my job.

Life Driven by Job
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..that “I” started sucking me up…

After a few years, I finally looked at my inner-self and then asked a few questions like below…which you are also thinking right now but you are not taking any action on it…

  • Are we doing a job for a year or over the year?
  • Are we financially free to achieve success in life.?
  • Where we were before 3-4 years and how much you have achieved to date in a typical 9-5 job.
  • What if the recession hit again in the market and we are part of it.
  • What will happen if an organization started firing again?
  • How to survive if no job?
  • What will happen to our family if we don’t have a job?
  • How to pay the Home loan, Car loan EMI and other huge monthly expenses.?

I discussed with my friend Darshan on my pain, who used to work late nights in the gaming industry and suffocated more than me……

The even same situation was with my manager; even he has more pressure.

Are Darshan and my manager living life?  The answer was NO.

After working for several years in the IT sector, I realized that it’s not the dream job which I was looking for.

But it was the RAT RACE…then I decided to move out of it ASAP, so started looking for some alternatives…

Then I have made a plan to move out of rat race like below 4 quadrants and started working on it.

Quadrants showing path to job free life
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To get out of the Rat Race of 9-5 job, you need to find a way to cover monthly expenses without active income.

When our passive income is greater than our expenses, that’s when we can say that we are out of the Rat Race of 9-5 job. This is what financial freedom is all about.

You don’t know what will happen next in the FUTURE… rather thinking and worried about it, WHY don’t you think to create some backup in the life…..

I have created the backup and Yes, I got the growth and freedom.

Over the years, I have tried and failed on several business ideas, and now I am running my side business without worrying about Promotion, Leaves, and Salary.

Now I am on the path to becoming my own BOSS.

I emphasize that, grow slowly and daily to live Job free life and live like King.

Be your own BOSS.

But how?

The answer is as simple as below but in order to try below solution, you must make it clear that you have to take RISK and action…

Here’s the big secret…

There is a no magical formula to live job free life, salary free life.You have to create backup in the life….

The path to salary free life is also not that much comfortable which you think and to enjoy it. You must ask the below questions before you are planning to escape from a 9-5 job life.

  • How can I make an income without my employer? How to start a side business?
  • Also, you must think about How do I want my life to look next in the future?

Quick Note: Freelancing is one of the best Side Hustle that you can start up front without any cost. The best platform I recommend for both freelancers (to find a job) and business owner (to hire freelancers for any task) is Fiverr

Wait here is some cool Bonus for you.

Grab my FREE eBook

10 Business Ideas to Start Side Hustle & Make More Money

This post is purely focused on how to start a side business, job free life(salary free life) and how to create a financial backup without worrying about job & salary…

I am damn sure you guys will love it.

I don’t believe in late retirement, what is the point in enjoying late if you can enjoy life today by Growing day by day and work on simple Growth Hacks.

Business Side- Job free life

Job Free Life Vs Business Life
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This was the biggest turnaround in my life as I have taken the first step towards Entrepreneurship to getting out of the rat race. Over the years I have failed, learn and SUCCESS in the business.

Everyone has a story either good or bad, and that story will be your key to SUCCESS but you must discover and take corrective action towards GROWTH.

I love to tell you about my life-changing entrepreneurship a story.

I ran multiple businesses like below over the years…

Let me break this down for you…

1) Seller at e-commerce portal Flipkart: Started this online selling business on biggest e-commerce portal Flipkart while working at Infosys.

It was a bit difficult for me to manage it while working.

After exploring and underwent training from Flipkart, I started looking for the photoshoot of my products.

I reached several Flipkart tied-up photo studio but the catch here is the product images which they are coating are costlier than the product itself.

I got the rejection of product photo shoots from Flipkart. After spending money on Printer, Flipkart Packing Bags and Products, I decided to drop the idea as I am not getting the success.

Learning -Learned about a business plan, e-commerce  & logistics market, dealing with the manufacturer and different vendors, negotiation, etc.

Suggestion – Ideal for a nonworking and working person(if you have human resources) and ready to build an online store.


Money Lost – Approx Rs 9000.[/su_box]

2) Export-Import (EXIM)  –

After failing in the previous attempt I have taken professional training on Export-Import(EXIM) of worth Rs 7000 for one full day.

I started exploring further and decided to export KOLHAPURI Chappal (Footwear) to US and Dubai markets.

I called the Manufacturer and Customs house agent(CHA) for the quotation, I got an unexpected quotation.

Custom House Agent Quotation for Export Import
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After calculating money, timing and risk I realized that it’s not a single person business because of the lots of documentation, international rules, procedure & policies.

Its time-consuming business and that was the main constraint for me while working.

I dropped the business idea.

Learning –Export-Import, International trade, Forex, Dealings with the manufacturer and different vendors, Negotiation, etc.

Suggestion -Do it if you have sufficient TIME, MONEY AND BACKUP and RISK taking capability.

Result Shut down before starting.

Money Lost – Approx Rs 7000.

3) Franchisee of Indiaonline.in(Digital marketing and directory services)

My previous failures never hold me. I kept exploring new opportunities and never look back. This opportunity came to me through the Internet.

It’s an online franchise of digital marketing and website builder for the small entrepreneur.

I did the agreement of worth RS25000 with Indiaonline.in and also built a website(Bought hosting and website builder at around Rs2000 for a year)

After training, I used to chase small shopkeepers to build a website for the digital presence and to register on the portal.

I lost interest as small shopkeepers are not keen on the concept. They are illiterate to handle the internet and happy with the offline market.

I stop spending time and money on it.

Learning – How to identify the market, Local business mindset, Selling skills, Website builder and Web hosting, Dealing with local shopkeepers, etc.

Suggestion – Analyze the customer’s area and market before starting a business. You must have strong selling, negotiation, and people dealing skills.

Result – Lost MONEY and TIME.

Money LostApprox Rs 30000

4) Real Estate Franchise(RedCoupon)

It’s a real estate franchise(Channel Partner) selling flats on the behalf of builders.

I left high paying 9-5 job blindly without thinking much,I have taken biggest RISK in the life without thinking much.

I was serious this time as I have time and I am living job-free life.

I have done the agreement of Rs 1.5 Lakhs with the company Franchiser.

I used to do cold calling and pitching customers for a site visit. I realized that real estate is a very dynamic field and its bit difficult to convince someone to buy a house from you even though you have solid USP(Unique Selling Proposition).

I got success in this business, got appreciation from RedCoupon for maximum site visits and 1 sale closure for the month.

Appreciation Certificate By RedCoupon
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I was about to sell 5 more flats but suddenly Govt. Of India announced Note Denomination. The real estate market badly hampered due to it.

Within a single day, my 5 deals got canceled. I tried hard but end customers are not ready to buy flats until the next 6 months.

I spent 9 months in this business and live job free life.

Finally, I decided to move out of this business.

Learnings – Real estate, cold calling & selling, Dealing with the end consumer behavior and persona, Negotiation, etc.

Suggestion – Ideal if you have solid convincing power, selling skills, lots of TIME and MONEY.

Take a risk and don’t quit a job until and unless you have sufficient backup.

Result- Partial Success and Failure. Lost too much TIME, MONEY and Effort.

Money Lost\ Earn

  • Lost Approx Rs 1.65 Lakhs
  • Earn – Commission of 1 deal closure Rs 30000

5) GrowthFunda

While working with real estate franchisee I also joined the Certified Digital Marketing Course to strengthen my skills and learn new things. It helped me.

It was Jan-2017, I was planning to start a new online business after gaining knowledge in Digital Marketing and that’s how the idea of Growthfunda evolve.

I bought Web Hosting from SiteGround, WordPress Theme from GeneratePress and started building my business blogging website.

And a new baby born called as Growthfunda – Growth hacking blog on Business, Technology, Money, Digital Marketing & Hacks.

Due to my previous failures, financial losses, my mom serious illness and the gap of around 9 months I decided to move back to my core IT field. I grab the job offer. Now I am successfully running this side online business while working.

Learnings – Yes, finally I got SUCCESS, but it’s due to FAILURES in my previous attempts.

Other learnings – Digital Marketing, WordPress, Blogging, Online Business, Reading\Writing Skills, Make Money Online, Save Money Online.

Suggestion – Internet is big Ocean, grab as much as a skill you can, Develop reading skills

ResultSUCCESS. Growing Day by Day…

The Solution to Job Free Life- Escape the Rat Race

Now you know what the Rat Race is, and some of the forces that cause us to stay in it. Now let’s move forward and begin discussing how to get out of the rat race

Escaping the Rat Race requires us to buy assets that produce passive income. 

This is some extra money coming to us as cash flow from our investments(in terms of efforts, money).

The main asset class helping us to reach out to that goal of getting out of the Rat Race is – Business.

Build side business\income and live job-free life -this is the main solution.

Job free life to leave 9-5 job rat race
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It took me almost 2 years to start my successful online business because. I have started, failed, learned in previous attempts…

You must read my failures and think from today for side business ideas, side income ideas, make money ideas which will give you the job free life(salary free life) and it will be your lifetime backup.

I am here to help you to at every step whatever possible from my side.

You can think of this as the biggest opportunity of the Digital world.

Start with small and grow it later. You can start a blog, sell on e-commerce, run consultancy service, write a book, freelance there are n numbers of side business idea.

People will gladly pay you if your business is value added to them.

How to Live a Happy Life Without a Job in India

My Step by Step Approach to Job Free Life

Step 1- Find you backup

Don’t overthink first identify your business idea by doing some quick research and if suitable go ahead. It may be your hobby, story, passion that can you can turn into business..

Most of the people spending time on overthinking without taking any serious action.

They have fear of losing MONEY, fear of RISK and fear of SOCIETY (What others will think if you start a business and that…blah blah blah….)

Step 2- Identify your niche

It could be your hobby, interest, technical skills or any other things on which you can write and interested.

If you have multiple niches, then sort it out based on demand.

Read some influencers post and try to understand the market

  • What kind of niche influencers recommend?
  • How much engaging?
  • Will it be feasible for you to do?
  • Read some review sites?
  • TipTake the help of Social Media to research on your niche and to identify influencers.
Step 3- Create a business plan

Once you identify a niche move to the next important step of business planning. At the initial level, you may create a draft of the business plan until and unless you finalize it with the niche.

As mentioned in my previous blog post, a business plan is key to the success and footprint of your business. In order to succeed, you have to create both Traditional and Lean business plan.

Step 4- Build Website

To create awareness and brand building, you must start a website.

I suggest you build a website on WordPress as its most useful and popular platform worldwide. If you can learn WordPress by own, then it would be great else take help from a professional website development firm.

To help you out I have written below best guide to start a website by own:

TipInitially use good best WordPress Theme for Blog to build a website so that you can build it on a budget. I recommend using WordPress Theme GeneratePress (Discounted link) and super fast hosting from A2Hosting (Discounted link) as I’m using both here on Growthfunda.

Step 5- Learn Content Marketing and Digital Marketing

This is a DIGITAL era, and to succeed in the business, you must know either of Content Marketing or Digital Marketing.

Content Marketing\Digital Marketing is important whether you run a blog or any service\product company. You can learn all these things on your weekend as well. As there is hell lots of stuff available online to learn.

  • TipEngage with digital marketing, social media influencers, and guru. See how marketing guru Neil Patel and Social media expert, keynote speaker Dev Gadhvi generated multistream and millionaire business.
Step 6- Write Catchy Content, Engage and Promote Your Online Business

Yes, Content is KING…

Write long SEO centric blog post articles, a viral article regularly in order to grab the audience.

Engage on social media, ask feedback on your blog post, product, and grab your first reader\customer. This is key to success as you can always learn from customers’ suggestions and ideas as Customer is GOD.

  • TipInteract with your readers, engage with them, reply to their questions regularly to build transparency.

Here are some tools that will help you Automate and manage your content marketing efforts Publer (Social Media Autoamtion), Plutio(Manage Your Team & Freelancing Work), ActiveCampaign (Email Marketing Tool)

Step 7- Monetize Your Website

If you’re looking at your website as a serious online business and source of income, then you must monetize your website.

Don’t expect fruits early. Money can be built in a single click later while sleeping as well once you have the huge readers and interaction on the website.

  • TipDon’t talk much about money during the initial days, first you must focus on the content,services\product, and customer.
Step 8- Leave Job

Your wait is Over, leave Rat race of 9-5 job once you start earning some money online from your business which fulfills your need. You will move towards 9-5 job free life and Financial freedom life definitely.

  • TipDon’t hurry to leave the job, until you have a solid backup and you are satisfied with it.

FAQ About How to Live Without a Job in India and Get rid of 9 to 5 job

Let’s see some of the FAQ that people like you and me asking about how to escape 9-5 job and How to live life without a job. and this post is the answer to all the below questions

The FAQ on living without a job

  1. How to live without a job in India?
  2. How to survive without money in India?
  3. How to live without money or a job?
  4. How to live life without a job?
  5. Is it possible to live without a job?
  6. How can I live without a job or money  \ How to survive without a job and no money \ How to survive without a job?
  7. Is it possible to earn a living without a job?
  8. How to make a living without a job?
  9. Is it possible surviving without a job \ how to survive without a job?
  10. How to survive without a job and no money?
  11. Can I live without a job?
  12. How to survive without a salary?

The FAQ on escaping the 9-5 job

  1. How do I quit my job and live?
  2. How do you escape the rat race?
  3. How to get rid of a 9 to 5 job?
  4. How to escape the 9-5 job?
  5. How to get out of the 9-5 rat race?
  6. freedom from 9 to 5?
  7. How is life after the job?
  8. How anyone can escape the 9 to 5 life?
  9. How to live well without a job?
  10. How to get out of the 9-5 rat race?
  11. How I can escape 9 to 5 job?
  12. How to escape the 9-5 trap?
  13. How to get out of the 9-5 job?
  14. How to escape corporate life?
  15. How to leave the rat race?

The FAQ related to life without a job and how to earn money without a job

  1. What are Passive Income Ideas in India?
  2. What is the alternative to a 9-5 job?
  3. How to earn a living without a job?
  4. Which is the most convincing reason for quitting your 9–5 job?
  5. Can you get rich working 9-5?
  6. Job is not everything in life?
  7. Which is better – Job life vs business life?

Key Note to Job Free Life

Here is the best part that you should not miss.

I gained exposure and learned that there are five basic ways to quit the rat race of 9-5 job and enjoy job-free life(salary free life) –

  • Build a backup.
  • Build intensive saving and side business.
  • Set up a side business.
  • Passive income and automate finance.
  • Unjobbing…

But in order to achieve this you must have identified the Why, What and Where of the LIFE.

You must be an action taker than the only thinker and must identify your inner skills, potential, and change in the attitude.

Keep learning and gaining new knowledge.

You can try for the meditation, read motivational books, watch motivational videos, attend influencers workshops which will really boost and provide you zest.

Still not sure and confused about where to start?


Check out Side Hustle Beta; a course that will help you out to kick start Side Hustle Journey along with your current job\work. Side hustle helping me to move towards the FREEDOM lifestyle journey and make money online while working full time in the Job and that what I want to show you exactly how you can do the same.

Curious to know what is it?

side hustle beta side hustle course
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You need to master only ONE Side Hustle to live a FREEDOM lifestyle.

This is where my Side Hustle Beta; 7 Days email series course will help you.

Click here to learn more


What are you waiting for? If I can build side business then you can too.

You don’t have to continue working at a job you hate for the rest of your life. You don’t have to be trapped in a situation that doesn’t inspire you. The most important thing to escape RAT RACE Of 9-5 job is to create a passive income that is greater than your total monthly bills.

“You just need to take an actions towards Growth rather worryuing about the failures; because failures are the key to success, learning and growth.”

That’s it.

I’d like to hear from guys who have taken the plunge into self-employment or planning to take action.

  • What is your approach, business plan, an idea to job-free life? Have you taken any step to freedom?
  • Do let me know if you need any query, I will try my level best level to give you direction and help.
  • What do you think of generating side business ideas?

Or maybe you have a question about the steps in the process. Let me know in the comments if you got some motivation and burning desire to take action.

Also, if you have the same desire to move out from 9-5 job life, I would love to hear your story and would love to help you, just drop your story in the comments or check my course Side Hustle Beta.

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  1. Venkat Randa says:

    Very interesting post.

    It is very challenging to leave the full time job and take the online works as a fulltime.

    There is a lot of pressure from the surrounding. we are not able explain the community what we are doing online. if we try to explain them they didn’t understand these online works.

    You nailed it very well.

    Thank you for this post.

    Keep come up with this awesome stuff.

    1. Thanks Venkat for your kind words. I’m totally agree on what you have mentioned. Yes, its difficult to explain community about this online stuff. That’s where we blogger can help them to learn and educate. Nowadays it easy to escape 9-5 job because of boom in Digital and Online space.

  2. Very inspiring Information . Keep it up.

    1. Amol Chavan says:


  3. dhananjay says:

    Hi Amol,
    Very courageous, informative rather your own life experience sharing is a great way of explaining the concept. Keep going and share such articles. best wishes…

    1. Amol Chavan says:

      Thanks, a lot Dhananjay.

    2. Prateek Bhasin says:

      Great content learned alot new things and bad failures. I am about to start my cycling website and sports event services with digital products is it a great idea to begin with keeping the persona in mind??

      1. Amol Chavan says:

        Thanks and glad that you got some value out of my content.
        Yes, you are on the right track. Starting your own business with keeling persona in mind is the best way to start & you can easily scale such business to 10X profit. And that’s great that you are about to start services with the digital product. Go ahead with it and share your progress, feel free to ask if you face any problem in digital products and in growing your you business. Let’s connect with our facebook group here: online business group Growthfunda so that you can directly ask queries in the community of like-minded people.

    1. Amol Chavan says:

      Thanks a lot.

  4. Very deep and thoughtful insights on the entire job life of an individual. Very well captured. I believe and agree on the fact that a regular desk job with its regulated time isn’t that good of an opinion in terms of building an effective and efficient workforce, but rather implement strategies that are implemented in foreign countries by reducing the no of working days in a week and hiring more workforce simultaneously.
    For more insights on these, take a peek:

  5. Dear Mr. Amol,
    Very inspiring to read all this! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Amol Chavan says:

      Pleasure Ravi. Feeling great that my stuff motivating and inspiring someone to take next step.After reading this hope you will think of taking next step of growth.
      I would love to hear from your side.Do revert your story and if you are facing any problem.

  6. Vivek Patil says:

    Hello sir up articles are really inspiration for us, keep it up and continue forward for the needy people regards Drvivek patil

    1. Amol Chavan says:

      Thanks, Doctor Ji.I am glad that you liking my articles.
      Yes, I am sharing it across all the platforms helping readers to take further actions even I have been personally replying to all the queries thro’ mail.

  7. Dear Amol!

    I am android developer and doing programming from the past 2 years also I have some experience with google play store. I want to start playstore app business and I am pretty confident to make it successful but i am doing a job in a software company but really hate it there because of toxic working environment. I have backup for 5 months expense. But still I am confused and feel fear to leave my job. Please advice me what to do.
    P.S: I can’t working any more in that company.

    1. Amol Chavan says:

      Thanks for reaching out and commenting. I like that my efforts are transforming lives and readers like you are taking and thinking to create some identity.
      I can understand your concerns and feel the toxic environment as I have been through that phase.

      Here I would like to suggest you two approaches –
      Frist approach

      First don’t leave job immediately as mentioned in above article.
      You must praise yourself that you know programming and you have google play store experience as its one of the niche and good booming segment.
      If the environment is toxic to your current organization, then I suggest trying to switch to another company. Here you will have two benefits. First, you will feel refresh and your inner mind will start thinking more.
      Second, you will have some time for the personal task at the new company to create your own backup. Start working on it from the first day on your own app development if you have access to do.

      Second Approach

      Stick to the same company and ask for the project change if you want. if not then build some app which is very demanding and solves the problem.
      Also, build a website using tools mentioned above in the article- GeneratePress WordPress Theme and SiteGround Hosting. This way you will be laying the foundation for your app and you have your own app promoting the platform. Add your app there and track the progress of your marketing while working at Job.
      Try to manage most of the things through mobile as per my knowledge some Social site are blocked by IT companies. Try to utilize your office work free time which you are spending on some unnecessary things to your own app and business development.
      Don’t be harry to leave a job, until you make your first penny which will pay your monthly expenses.
      I suggest during free time at home start reading books like The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich which will show you how to have a work done effectively within time and automate it.

      Also, check out my answers to some similar questions here

      I would also suggest learning high demanding skills like Digital marketing, Content marketing which will help you to grow fast.
      Feel free to revert if still, you need some direction. Keep me posted about your help.

  8. Jaspal Singh says:

    Hi Amol, In your post you have said that first try to have some passive income which should be more than your present 9-6 job salary , if it was so Easy to have some passive income more than salary, than every will quit his job instantly. I have same problem, If I have salary income of 50000 pm then passive income will be maximum 15 to 20000 pm. Now the problem is how to increase this passive income to 50000 plus for fulfilment of your existing expenses.

    1. Amol Chavan says:

      Dear Jaspal ji,
      Thanks for reaching out and commenting.
      This is a good question that you have raised and I would love to solve your problem.
      Yes, it’s too easy to have some passive income more than your salary by mastering some skill and change in the mindset.
      The money will flow to you only when you add value to others…

      Some of the sources of passive income –
      • Blogging (Very effective as it will create your identity and you have your own platform to showcase your services) You can add below service on it and generate money while sleeping
      • Publish your own eBook, Promote and sell it on e-commerce site
      • Paid Workshops\Seminar on your skills, hobby over the weekend if you are currently working
      • Paid Webinar.
      • One on One Coaching
      • Freelancing
      • Domain Trading
      • eCommerce Website (will take time to grow as there are already branded business like Amazon, Flipkart there)
      • Speaking
      • App development

      I would also suggest learning high demanding skills like Digital marketing, Content marketing which will help you to grow fast.

      Feel free to revert and Keep me posted on your growth.

  9. kago rika says:

    Hello Amok.. presently I am working at game zone as cashier..i am 24 ys old, I want to start online business but don’t know where to start.. I am confused with lot of option out there. Do you have any suggestion for me?

    1. Amol Chavan says:

      Thanks for reaching out
      This is a very generic question I am getting.
      After reading your query I would suggest don’t do too much research.
      Every person has some likes\dislike i.e. hobby, passion, skills, knowledge
      You can turn those into business if you can.
      As currently, you are a cashier at the game zone, you can take advantage of it..
      Starting Point:-
      Two business niche you should go as Accounting and Gaming. As you know about it..
      You can run a website or YouTube channel on Accounting and Gaming. Which give info about it how to start, tips tricks related to Accounting and Gaming. You can sell your own service
      1) Build a website on gaming and info on gadgets related to gaming devices, joysticks, game info, review etc
      Build a website on accounting– I guess you have accounting knowledge so share that info on your blog website and run the business.
      2) Post few blog posts, videos
      Then later
      3) Add e-commerce section to purchase the services through amazon.. if you plan to run gaming blog then sell Gaming CD through Amazon. Also, you can promote games
      4) Reach out to gaming companies for posting their game review etc. And earn money.

      Take the first step as online business require less money and effort to set up…Also, check out my Quora answer http://qr.ae/TU80BY
      I think this address out your query.

  10. Vishwas Mule says:

    Purely transparent concepts… Great start Amol,keep it up whatever you are doing !

    1. Amol Chavan says:

      Thanks Vishwas. You should also think of trying something new.I suggest go with your passion of Guitar playing and transform your life… 🙂

  11. Hi , Amol I just read your latest blog of GrowthFunda .It will help to grow carrier in business .I always wait & welcome to your new blog which gives inspiration for job free life .

    1. Amol Chavan says:

      Thanks Ashvini. Its will give you that confidence to take some action and achieve something better than 9-6 job life.

  12. Mahesh Ghadge says:

    Simply great Amol..

    1. Amol Chavan says:

      Thanks Mahesh..

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